Jens Schriwer

Just warmth...

Time is passing by and I am staring holes into the air,
thinking about life, swaring when it ain´t fair.
So many thoughts, so little life.
And the only answer to my questions is myself.
Who could give advice? What´s wrong?
What could be done? I should know, but I don´t.
I could get up and change, but I won´t.
It´s not that I am blind, that makes me see nothing.
All that´s left is my past, which I´ll be drowning in.
No ways to a future, no pathes to go,
no place to arrive, if I´d leave.
Failed all tests and missed all decisions,
that´s what I feel like.
But there´s allways an answer, it has to be,
because what hope is there, if not.
Standing still, not even dying – dead already.
There´s nothing I´d like to do,
no desire, that could be stilled;
no aim, that could be fulfilled.
But yet I can feel the pain, the tears
running down, though neverending.
Still there are wishes and fears,
so basic they are killing me -
the wishes more than anything else.
Just warmth...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Schriwer.
Published on on 09/01/2006.


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