Joseph Trance


I await, sitting still by my favorite lake.
Ducks float by silently, a cloudless sky above.
In the basking sunshine, I close my eyes
Shutting out the negative noise of voices
Of condemnation, anger and frustration.

I have come to this place of Peace,
To sit and be silent.
I shut my mind off to
all things sad and dreary
and sail into the inner light behind
My closed eyes.

I inhale slowly and hold for five,
then exhale, and revive and come alive.

And in that breath out from me
here are things I can clearly see:

I am not the excrement you have called me
I am quite the opposite you can't see.

I am worthy of love, created from the Joyful
Heart of a Loving God, high above.

I am made in the image of a King,
and to His Holiness I do sing.

He in me is Love and Light
And through all your attacks
I will continue to fight.

So take your negativity and go.
I refuse to get caught in the fiction 
You continue to sow.

​​​​​I will take the time to sit, be still
and will continue through an act of Will,
To shout out the Glory from which I'm made,
and Love and Truth that will never fade.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/29/2022.


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