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Frequencycommunication- NOT the secret of state agencies

(Some of the content of the following article are from my book about "Healing behind the scenes." I am working on for several years already. )

These days I really get angry about all those hipocrite state services and politicians who are whining and howling I would share their "biggest secrets"..

even more because it is not THEIR secrets in the first place...

This regards the telomere rejuvenation, the existence of clones,

But the most arrogant muttering is the one about the frequencycommunication.

It is NOT their secret.
They did steal knowledge, tried to destroy the capacity of others and declared it to be their secret.

What is frequency communication?
Fiest of all it is based on the quantum laws.
No limit in distance nor in time.

To explain it lets repeat the chapter on everything is frequency. (I did hold a short speech about it several times dueing the last 20 years and you can find as well a lot of books scientific ones that give you this info with proof and in scientific terms).
Colours, emotions, music (already john lennon knew it and wanted to share the knowledge about it with everyone), the solfeggio frequencies have scientifically proven effects on emotions and health and even on dna (already Mozart knew this), each organ has a specific frequency,
even geometeic figures (yiu can find a lot of more and additional knowledge on frequencies and energy in the book "the subtle body" a huge encyclopedy on the emergetic bodysystem scientifically and textbook written (not sharlatanic bullshit as you often find in esoterics), each mineral has a specific frequency and as well each gemstone , prewcious stone or semi prewcious stone (you can read scie tifically in the stone encyclopedy written by Michael Gienger, he was scientist and researcher and approwched the healing with crystals in a pure scientific manner), 

THOUGHTS have a frequency...

and here now what secret services do not know and the inquisition and the roman catholic church do not want to admit.

ALL native populations and nature uses quantum frequency eversince for communication..
Universe as well... Time and distance independent.

All native populations were capable of this communication.
It is a genetical heritage.

Then came the roman catholic church and declared it as schizophrenia and did a cut of the pons that connects both brain hemispheres and in addition they started to prescribe steong drugs that wouls desteoy the neurons in the brain responsible for it and at the same time lower the natural frequency that native populations and or their descendents would not perceive anymore... The flanagan nazis then as well developed strong magnets that would interrupt and damage the biomagnetic neuronal connections that are involved as well in the process.
the roman catholic church had for several gemerations successfully forbidden that culture and knowledge would be forwarded ro the next generations.
All over the world for 6000 years by now the white men and church people desteoyed native cultures and put native populations in concentrationcamps taking them away from their homelands (the reservations they put the native americans in was nothing different than the concentration camps of the nazis, to relocate the african populations to america and europe as slaves was nothing else then relocating into a different form of concentration and labour camps to prevent them from regaini g their own native knowledge and skills. And the list is long.)
shizophrenie is a term invented by the nazis.before was the same defined as blasphemie by the roman catholics .they claimed wven jesus as blasphemic when he said he would talk to god and god to him and he would be speaking as well to the earth and to the plants.
in the persecution of the socalled witches by the inquisition they persecuted people whontalked with nature and perceived nature communicating...
YOU thi k nature does not speak because it has no mouth and does not shout vulgaric bullshit around like 2legged drunk idiots in bars?

Nature is a little bit more evolved than 2 legs.
Remember that nature was there before us..everyrhing evolves constantly...(except some stupid 2legs ) . so does nature with its own consciousness...
i teach about it for many years...

And THEN happened the huge crime of the roman catholic vatican and the state afencies and governments to whom they sold the STOLEN knowledge.

From murdered persons who have that heritage naturally they stole genetic material , applied crispr to the secret services and told them it wouls be a new technology...and they just wouls need to take always a cwrtain drug in a cwrtain frequency to xommunicate wirhout words among each other.

Native populations fo not need any specific drug to communicate in frequency and quantum communication...
it is natural and evolves and developes natural in the years of life... 
However the vatican and statr agencies did find a way to desteoy this some places this happens during the communion amd the cresima in others with a diffetent excuse whenever they become aware of a descensent feom.native background who still has this natural capacity.

It is a natural capacity to adjust ones own frequency.
as well in frequencyhealing such as shiatsu we learn and train to adjust our own quantum frequency and to sensitize our perception amd sending to be able to differentiate all frequencies on the finest level and being able to differentiate the typical frequency of the organs of our body system to see qhere there is a blockage in the energy and frequencyflow because when the frequenvyflow of our organs gets blocked the organ and everyrhing connected ro it becomes sick and out of balance.
we need the frequencyflow the same as we need the flow and circulation of blood in all our organs.
If this flow is interrupted e.g. theough trauma and the caused blockage not removed onongterm the person becomes sick. This is why those who aply the traumatreatment technique that I learned wirh newenergywork and clifford andrews and in thr scie tific basis of shiatsu do apply as well timescans and whole body scans to analyze in which aspect of time the trauma did cause the blockage to help dissolve the wnrgetical blockage such as we dissolve the accumulation of garbage in a riverstream to let the river flow freely again.
as well therefor we adjust our own frequency and go into resonance and empathy with the person we give a treatment to.
Going in empathy and resonance means to feel what the other person feels i side ourselves.there are different forms of energy perception within the provess of empathy and resonance  (i think the course was given by juergen westhoff or wilfried rappenecker on this part, i am sure they can explain it in a way that even the most stupid and doubting people are capable to believe them).

returning to frequencycommunication this means that NO specific drug is needed to adjust ones own frequency.
and further than that native populations and very anscien . and old popularions such as nature had a natural capacity of this frequency quantum communication.

maybe because we are OLDER than others and therefor much mkre evoluted than modern men. Who knows.

So.. To all fuxked up state agencies who these days whine so much anout me telling the truth..
i am NOT publishing your secret.

I am sharing my natural heritage that YOU tried to destroy and inhibit..

Which means that apart from sharing knowledge about ME and what i rediscovered...I am exposing your crimes of K oWLEDGE and wisdom theft, of unjustified sick declarations because there are people who dont need your drug to perceive frequency communication and for sure not only one and your murder of those who wanted to share this knowledge with the woeld for free instead of exploiting it and selling it to by you chosen people.

EVERYTHING is frequency... When we adjust our frequency to the same level as the other living i dividual we can communicate theough our thoughts and energy and empathy with and without words.
I as well about this gave several little speeches theoughout the last years.

If you stole aftet all MY knowledge seen your neuro-rape-surveillance that you applied illigally and unjustified many years ago..
Well..then this is just another crime and explains why you try so hard to see me dead in prison or in a psychiatry.

I demand urgent investigation on this wisdom and knowledge theft and violent humilarion of chikdren and native population theoughout the entire world which is still going on (the criminals: church institutions and some state institutions humilating and destroying natural skills to connect to mature and each other.)!!!

I demand immideate stop of whining and howling state agemcies and politicians who claim i would have stolen top secret socuments or would have talked to former state agents.

I did not.all my knowledge is NO secret and for sure NOT stolen...



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saskia Charlotte Junker.
Published on on 11/13/2022.


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