The forbidden yawn

The forbidden yawn

Slithering like a river quick and regal
A calm creeps up upon you now a calm that knows no equal
Your jaws they part your teeth so cruel 
They say their last farewells 
And from the depth of nothingness 
the voice that there so dwells 
It groans and mutters, screams, demands 
From down there in the deep 
Enough with all the pleasantries 
You fool we need to sleep! 

You don't give in so easlily 
You do put up a fight 
Those forces sent by up above they don't give into flight 
It is too late the cozy warmth of silent hypnos breath 
It overwhelms your body fast
8 hours now of death

You drift away reaching for the everchanging lights
Hoping that somehow you would find aid in this lonliest of nights
Noone is coming and it might just be a good thing it is so 
For the warm embrace of sleep is a way we all must sometimes go

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Arpton.
Published on on 11/18/2022.


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