Benjamin Saul


I am so proud of myself.

Yet another day where I accomplished mission success. I watch the young man who is 20 years old at most slowly but steadily closing in
to my small chunk of land in the midst of the vastness of the seas.

Seduced by my sheer will to make him obey he is willingly sacrificing his life. For me.

I am flattered. I feel so adorable. Another lover for eternity, collected inside of my beating heart.
Hell yeah, I will get them all! As I keep dwelling in these thoughts of pure ecstasis,
the sailor has now reached the bottom of the cliff. He desperately looks for a way to get up to me,
his new godess of love, his new haven of safety.
And safety he will get.
The certainity that he will be a part of myself for eternity.

I am amused as I see the desperation in his eyes giving way to determination.
This is what my song I am singing right now is doing to him. Taking away his free will. Making him MINE!

I sing him the most beautiful song of desire and freedom.
My words are shifting his reality into a mere illusion of the thought of a better world, which I create for him with every beat of my heart.

Just a couple seconds left.

There we go....

I am getting ready....

"You finally made it, honey."

"Ma'am, I am sorry to disturb you, but would you please shut your mouth already? This is a public place and the people are getting annoyed by the sheer madness you are inducing onto them."



The illusion is gone.

I am sitting in my cell. Alone.

The walls are made of rubber.

The jacket that's keeping me warm at day and night is putting a squeeze on me.

Tears start pouring down my face.

"Who.. and what... am I?"

My senses sharpen. I can feel my heart beating inside my chest, filling my entire body with the energy needed to stay alive.

My lungs are expanding ever so slightly as my breath is calming down.

My nose is tickling by the fluctuation of air pouring into my body.

My eyes.. oh boy. My eyes.

The colors are made of dancing matter. They swing around like there are no boundaries restricting them to the physical world.

I look behind the veil. The fog that is the stimulus processing of my calcified brain.

The answer to this question has never been easier.

"I. Am. My. Self."

I feel kind of sorry for shattering the very heart of the young man lying down to my feet, sobbing like an infant.

His desire is gone. He is an empty hull. Freed of his own limiting beliefs regarding "reality".

I tend to shatter those poor souls who willingly follow the call of my voice. A voice promising them the only thing every human truly desires.

Experiencing love and peace for eternity.

I lay down next to the man who is slowly starting to realize what happened. I catch his eyes. He delves deep into mine. He meets my invitation without hesitation.

"You are free of your desire now, my friend."

He nods. Looks back to the ship he came from.

Lifts his head. Looks up to the night sky which is brighter than anything he has had ever seen before.

"The darkness is gone. There is light everywhere.", I whisper to myself, as the soul of the young man and mine start merging.

"We will be one. Forever."

Without the slightest tension in his body, he accepts and embraces the light of our souls touching each other.

We are One again.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Benjamin Saul.
Published on on 12/01/2022.


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