Benjamin Saul


At one point in history
there had been a girl alive.
For everything was misery
the hatred in her heart...
it thrived.

She once has been all light,
blinding friend and foe alike.
But Earth - like hell -
could not let her connive.

Born into a hive -
adhering all her sides -
she put up a fight -
for which one day -

She died.

Battling the insanity,
accused of profanity.
Battling the profanity,
burning for "insanity".

The pyre is ready.
Desire so shady.
A Witch, so messy,
A Witch, no lady.

The Flames Are Licking On Her Skin.
Burning Flesh And Bones.
The Flames Are Tickling In Her Soul.
Turning Her Away From All Her Kin.

Combat awaits.
Look at her! HATE!
Bloody encounter.
Cozy, just louder.

The men will follow
her into abyss.
The men - with sorrow -
finally dismissed.

Burning for eternity.
Hell awaits, my darling.
Learning of fraternities.
Heaven waits, my darling.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Benjamin Saul.
Published on on 12/01/2022.


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