Harry Schlo▀macher

- A damn racy woman! //PART--3

...Sometime later in Düren:

Many people in the cafe, sitting with cake and coffee. My friends and I want to go, now go - when I finally see Bea again - look into her enchanting face again.
And I said: Do you remember, Bea, that time on the train. We couldn't get enough of each other.
trade the days of my life; forget the sun and the light - for a night with this charming woman. For a beautiful night of love. And she feels it exactly, this outrageously classy woman!

Words of friends are now inaudible far away. Say to her: Hey pretties, I really like you. Believe me, I'd love to.
We talk and we laugh, want to do 1000 more things - on this wonderful day... ...and still only think about the night.

Alex and Bea started seeing each other more often - became a remarkably active couple. Enjoyed life and passion. He finally handed over the Cologne catch-up gift that made Bea particularly happy: His description of the little story of her now great love...

But one day Alex was left with only memories and dreams:
It was nice, so nice with the two of us. The world around us sank into monotony. We experienced days and nights full of happiness.
Then you went away with the wishes of the night. Just walked away without a word. And I hated, yes I hated this place. My feelings for you, they blew away in the wind.

Today I can not help it: In my dreams you are with me again. Then you are so close to me - and everything is still as it was. Think of days and nights full of happiness - oh if that time would come back again. ...

And again hope for a new start, Bea's letter:
Please forgive me. It was so nice with you back then. But today I am free again. I could never forget our happiness. If you want, I'll be happy to come back to you.

PS: Whatever you decide, I will always think of you. Your Bea...



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