Klaus Lutz


Years without talking.
Cancer with pain
A sick heart.
And no thought that saves
And a life without anything.
And every day silly people
With torturing lies.
With idiotic cheaters
With dumb claims
Only words that still speak softly
Only songs without any sound
Only sentences that say nothing
And ill broke and lonely
This breaks all the words.
And close the mouth like a prison.
Even if you see an angel
Even if you see a treasure.
Even if you see a paradise
Even if i See you!

Language without any will.
Knowledge without help.
Thoughts without a goal.
And the dreams only in silence.
And only words without a paradise.
And just a thought where tears speak
Only the angels who have an smile.
Only the clocks that give an speech 
Only the beggars who still have love.
A room with a table.
A window to the garden.
A dwarf on the shelf.
And the stars that say: "Life!"
And the beaches that say: "Dance!"
And the ways that say: "Dream!"
Now the theater opens.
And the eyes play.
You knock on the door.
You are sitting on the chair.
You awaken love 

Ti'mes without health
Weeks only in bed.
Days like poison.
And only some good memories.
And no answer to every word.
And no love anywhere.
Only pills that keep me alive.
Only hope to instead of life.
Only silence as that aid.
And pain without any peace
And weird people every day.
With silly sayings.
With boring thoughts.
With poor jokes.
And weeks without a word.
And without strenght and help.
And this is my end.
Just when i sit in the cafe with you.
Just when i am in the garden with you.
Just when i walk through the park with you
just when I know there's only you

Let's meet there.
In the theater of the eyes.
And let's talk.
And see the new days.
And the world that is waiting.
And the festivals that give.
Days that write your name.
Days that only show you light.
Days that only find pearls.
And then live the dreams.
And see fairy tales come true.
And let us live on the stars.
To find a smile with every step.
To be an angel every second.
To see a treasure with every thought.
Just come with me:
To hours with wings.
To words of stars.
To steps with freedom.
In beds of light.
With the love that stays!

(C)Klaus Lutz

All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Klaus Lutz.
Published on e-Stories.org on 04/29/2023.


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