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Techn.Civilizations only to be found in EarthEQUAl ExoPlanets

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LargeTelescope Techn.Civilizations only to be found in EarthEqual- and NOT Earthlike EXOplanets and BigMoons!

One must search for earth-level exo-planets where mass + size differ at most by 10% with TERRA. So I'm not thinking of the "super earths" that have been found and praised more often lately, which are 2/3 times as big or massive as our earth!
Because the strong gravitational forces there form too clumsy gripping systems (if at all) in creatures and thus thwart tool manufacture and device operation. There is also no trace of the upright gait that is so important here in the case of extremely compact - even 6/8-legged - "reptiles". Everything that doesn't resemble our great apes has a hard time forming adequate arms + hands (I've already explained this in more detail in other articles)! However, these are the most important prerequisites for the formation/evolution of intelligence.

It may be that on significantly smaller earths there will be animal-like ones whose longer + narrower limbs have better cards there. Upright gait is also possibly dominant here, because bipeds are sufficient with significantly less attraction. But what use is it if a planet that is too small cannot form an atmosphere - at least it cannot hold it in the long term. The best example of this is our Mars. The relevant protection from magnetic fields is also hardly given here.

 It stays that way: If you are looking for technical civilizations, the foreign earth should only be a little larger or smaller than our earth! Equal to earth and not earth-like! ! Unfortunately, "sun scanner" Keppler discovered only one earth-level planet out of several thousand discovered. It remains to be hoped that successor TESS will achieve more. TESS scans an area several times larger and it is also much closer. This makes it easier to locate relatively small earth-level planets. But even then it's not all that easy - let's look for the proverbial pins this time in the gigantic cluster of stars...


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