Mauro Montacchiesi

My suave Muse

You are a unique part of my life,
my suave Muse.
Everything I wanted you to be is you,
the aurora that blooms each time I see you.
You are my June Zephyr 
that sails over the ocean waves 
and brings me the sea fragrance.
A blissful fate brought you into my path,
and ever since with me, 
you have been happy when I have been happy, 
and you have been sad when I have been sad.
With such sincere words,
your heart has painted my life brightly.
I touch your hand, 
and it tells me you still long for me each time.
You are more than just clear spring water; 
you are my love and everything to me; 
you bring me a happy smile every day.
You are a delicate part of my life; 
I hear music when the raindrops come down and you're close by.
With the speeches you whisper to me,
your way, in your way,
you make my soul fly between the sun's rays.
My suave Muse.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mauro Montacchiesi.
Published on on 06/06/2023.


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