Harry Schlo▀macher

Potentate bashing: From bad to worse


1) Instead of playing the permanent moralist with potentates, they should first observe and enforce human dignity everywhere in their own country, e.g. in the numerous "AktärsReibach old people's homes + hospitals". It is still trampled on all too often, as is well known. But what we learn from there should only be the tip of the iceberg; because there are still no real controls with the power to punish - in what is probably the last taboo/grey/secret zone in the republic. What we hear from their former employees and behind closed doors are pure horror stories. Unfortunately, to this day, covering up + flirting is still very important. And if it were up to me, there would be cameras everywhere, so that the evil is recognized at the root and only finds an end as quickly as possible. I already described it thoroughly years ago in this article:



2) The great bashing of potentates began with the "Arab Spring", which among other things also found its offshoot in the Ukraine. And what did it bring? Nothing ! On the contrary ! Conditions there have mostly gotten much worse. In Syria alone more than 600,000 dead and millions injured! ! Today the country is a huge field of rubble and a playground for many powers, interests and groups. Through all this, there are also endless refugees, who then become a problem elsewhere - at least in large numbers. In the turmoil, no one really knows how to continue. A huge mistake and a loss, then, to want to remove Assad. He's definitely not a saint, but it was never that bad for him!

 And with all the other countries of the "Arab Spring" + offshoots, it looks similar. If the dictators had stayed there, we would have much more control, stability, predictability and no refugee caravans + certain terrorist problems today.


3) Our current Ukraine war (2023) is at least a covert potentate/PUTIN BASHING for the West. EU-US and NATO circles are even risking a third world war for this. The fanatical warmongers there play poker until it really bangs around the world. And then nobody wants it to have been... The dam blast is already a highly questionable escalation level. It could signal to the West: up to here and no further! You drive me (Putin) further into a corner, then you will no longer be surprised at anything.

Yes wonderful, that's what I call a deal! ;-). Great prospects! And should we end up back in the Stone Age as a result, the totally unnerved and shocked survivors will shake their heads: We're starting from scratch again. The whole inferno of war just for a few pieces of land Ukraine and PUTIN-bashing!!


And nobody believes that intelligences once lived on earth...





Putting away sole rulers - for whatever reason - is nowadays at most a zero-sum game, but mostly a gigantic loss-making business in many respects. Putsch models with the aim of "Arab AUTUMN/WINTER" - the world doesn't need anything like that anymore. She has enough problems as it is. . .



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