Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez

The Divan of love 03

Is it perhaps this life instinct, our soul fire, that moves us and causes us to search for this promising shadow? The excising, at the same time non-existent paradisiacal feeling of happiness, which roams again and again as a surprising guest through our emotional world. The love?

09. Ghasala

I cannot grasp your words

I cannot read Your words

I cannot see Your light

I cannot feel Your light

Ears, were you born deaf?

Eyes, have you become blind?


His voice speaks in my heart

His thought nurtures my reason

His non-existence is my presence

No need for ears, no need for eyes

The heart burns,

Floating in a sea of foaming emotions.

10. Ghasala

Do not leave me, dream, when the day breaks

I fear the truth of the light

Continue to live in me as dreams

Grant me your fruits of happiness

Do not fly away, little bird of love

Continue singing his poem to me

Joy from your feathers

Hope as life dawns


Shell at the bottom of the sea
Guard the pearls of love

So their brilliance is not extinguished by the salt of life

Souls rise up to the sky
Like ivy reaching for the light around the elm

Nestled in the earth by the gardener of love
Every leaf greens until the storm breaks it from the root

In the song of playful winds
I swayed in the arms of your love

And I knew, I did not deserve it

11. Ghasala

Wisdom, what fruit gave thee birth?

Dying, what death gave thee birth?

Lie, what tongue gave thee birth?

Dream, what hope gave you birth?

Thief, what hand gave you birth?

Jealousy, what hatred gave thee birth?

Deceit, what trick gave birth to you?

Lust, what feeling gave you birth?

Envy, what lust gave thee birth?

Child, what love gave you birth?

Soul, which person gave birth to you?

The power of love, it gave birth to us

The light of love, it gave birth to us

Sweet love has given birth to forgiveness






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Emotionale Welten von Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez

In den Gedichten hat der Autor das lyrische "Ich" durch ein vorwiegendes lyrisches "Du" bzw. "Wir" ersetzt, was eine kollektive Nähe zum Geschehenen hervorruft.
Die sehr eindrücklichen Beschreibungen leben von den vielen Metaphern und Vergleichen.
Eine klare und leicht verständliche Sprache sowie wohlgeformte Reime ermöglichen dem Leser einen guten Zugang zu den Gedichten.
Etwas für Lyrik-Liebhaber und jene, die gerne über das Leben philosophieren. Eine kleine poetische Reise, die den Leser zum Verweilen und zum Nachdenken über den Sinn des Lebens einlädt.

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