Rolph David

Germany’s Fateful Day: 9 November

A Nation's Fate Unwinds

On the ninth of November, through the pages of time,
Germans marked a date with fate, in rhythm and rhyme.
A day of hope and heartache, a twist of destiny's hand,
In Germany's bold history, a tale to understand.

In eighteen forty-eight, the March Revolution's blaze,
A quest for freedom and equality, in their hopeful phase.
But the dream of one true nation, swiftly fell apart,
Crushing hopeful spirits, breaking many a heart.

Then came nineteen eighteen, the November Revolution's call,
The monarchy's demise, a republic's rise and fall.
A struggle for a new beginning, a world in disarray,
But the challenges were many, as they faced a brand new day.

In nineteen twenty-three, the Hitler’s Putsch ensued,
A dark and dangerous moment, extremism’s brewed-
Adolf Hitler's coup d'état, an attempt to seize control,
Though it failed, it foreshadowed a darker, haunting toll.

Nineteen thirty-eight, a night of terror and dread,
The Reich Pogrom Night's violence, a nation's conscience bled.
A night of broken glass and fear, where hatred reigned supreme,
A prelude to the Holocaust, the nation's darkest dream.

In nineteen eighty-nine, a sight so brave and bold,
The fall of Berlin’s Wall, a tale to be extolled.
A symbol of division, now crumbled to the ground,
East and West united, in harmony they’re bound.

On the sombre ninth of November, a canvas comes in sight
Germany's horrid history, a portrait with shadows and light.
From dreams to disillusion, from strides to inner strife,
A reminder that the past still shapes the course of life.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 11/09/2023.


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