Rolph David

A Different Kind Of Merry X'mas!

'Twas the night before Christmas, a tale to be spun,
In the Humpelfuss' household, chaos begun.
The goose in the oven, its fate quite unkind,
Burning and crackling, a mishap designed.

The tree stood so proud, tinsel shimmering wide,
Adorned with X'mas baubles, on every side.
But the cat, in its frolic, with a swift, wicked pounce,
Sent "tannenbaum" tumbling, a festive renounce.

Crash! Bang! It toppled, with a deafening roar,
Tableware shattered, spread on the floor.
The Christmas feast, once a sight so divine,
Now a mosaic of red cabbage and mashed spud line.

As Humpelfuss hustled to tidy the mess,
Unwelcome kinfolk arrived, causing distress!
Through the door, they stumbled, loud and unasked,
Their presence more grating than carols off-task.

Aunt Gertrude with scowls, Uncle Lou with a snore,
Nephew Eugene, snooping 'round the door.
With hugs colder than winter's cruel grip,
They settled in, causing the Humpelfuss to slip.

But the chaos continued, a plot unforeseen,
The Advent wreath catching fire, a scene quite obscene.
In flames it erupted, a fiery dance,
A spectacle grand, not left to chance.

Snowflakes outside, relentless in flight,
Cutting off the Humpelfuss from the world in the night.
Trapped in their home, in a cold disarray,
A Christmas disaster, both festive and grey.

Yet through the mayhem, joy found its way,
Laughter echoing in the midst of dismay.
For in messiness and mirth, in mishaps untold,
Lies the spirit of Christmas, a tale to be extolled!

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 12/24/2023.


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