Rolph David

A Soul's Quest!

In ancient tales, the mythic lore,
Zeus' decree, a fateful chore.
Humans, once whole, now torn in two,
Seeking what's lost, hearts yearn and rue.

Through winding paths and starlit skies,
Each soul seeks where its other lies.
In Plato's words, the ancient rhyme,
The quest for love endures all time.

With every step, a hopeful quest,
In search of kin, a heart's unrest.
Yet time unfurls its silent scroll,
And still, the yearning takes its toll.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
The search persists, beneath the sky.
But like the wind, elusive, fleet,
The soulmate's touch remains discreet.

In whispered dreams and silent pleas,
One hopes to find, to finally seize,
The missing piece, the cherished whole,
To mend the rift, to soothe the soul.

As time's relentless currents flow,
The search persists, its fervour aglow.
For some, the journey's end is nigh,
While others still, their fate defy.

And so we wander, souls adrift,
In search of love, our spirits lift.
But in the echo of our sigh,
Hope blooms eternal, never to die.

Before the final breath we take,
Before we yield, life's journey forsake,
We wish, perhaps, our soul to find,
Our kindred spirit, heart aligned.

Though Zeus may decree, and Plato say,
The search for love endures each day.
For in the echo of our sigh,
Hope blooms eternal, soaring high.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 02/11/2024.


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