Abdelbasset Lehouimel

Voice from the womb of my mother

First order to be respectful to the self-evening tea, I tell you,to become a sugar taste,As for my part I did not like the shade because it does not reflect the truth Aubacher,I hope one day that he met on-awareness me for a simple reason, because they do not deserve one of the search because we raise whatever we show concrete facts ... ( I hope that the third eye open so I understand the meaning of words).The Athmatne currency and Aida estimated that it ... So let these heroes Shen ...The first important.I am not critical writer who does not take a lot of divinity rights of the promenade from wrong ... But I am of my endeavors in the field of writing and Bashir allegedly writing and I broadest sense blogging time and the place for me and, in some blogging humanitarian paper,I find writing, which means man of such term comprehensive very difficult,There was no book in this distance empty except for the fingers resembling Rata of people. and surprised when I see part of a human being and makes him a writer (fictional,critics,, a journalist,the media, and so forth.) or believed that the well ... because the writing point in the Sea of rights volatile,The mysterious ...And I repeat that I am innocent of Athmatne To clarify the charge is not a criticism but name calling anyone Monetary are nothing more than he has the experience simple.The second important ...The respect that I do not appreciate the criticism is sadness in income merry,How could I do? and how do? the answer to the second question ...What kind of subject that requires the reader to simple criticized by topic or rejoices,I wrote you on the subject of "political crime" - between parentheses-free of any material scientific or literary or philosophical,are the words for the news of the death - and-such events may Tribute to Dead whatever ...The answer to the first question ...Can any transboundary in this forum to write you a response on any subject,he wants a positive response might be - and the inability of men from the eastern front body. bach! elor of dreams or bed-cold cash or as some like to give attributes to everything, even if the answer is, nothing. short, and the importance of my time Tom, Dick and Harry can say that in any response whatever he wants to you or to others ... for you are not a writer Aida and they are not readers ...At the conclusion of this explanatory text say I am afraid that nothing preventing Jerrt had to be accused by another critic,I frankly do not give attention to the write-drain, which I still do in the process of nutrition ... I Athertth reply to autonomy as not to be confused between me and the like to be your friend, through provocation.In only the best line of this text """ I felt that he had taken me a lot of writing ...but the voice from the womb of my mother mumbled. So do not hear what mumbled


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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/26/2006.


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