Tim Cee

The Pizza's

Once apon a time also known as yesterday an evil EVIL monkey attacked a local citizen and ripped of his fingers, but thats not what this story is about, this story  is about a school camp which is going to a haunted mansion in a haunted forrest in the middle of Germany. A kid we like to call Billy has a fear of heights so he went by boat, but the main character is Fred and when Fred arrived in Germanywith the rest of his classmates, they all put on an extra ten kilo's for eating to many pizza's, and after they had finished spending thier life savings on pizza's they headed towards the haunted forrest where they saw a flying bunny rabbit wearing underwear, and next to the next to the rapidly producing rabbit poo the rabbit was producing was a sleeping man with NO UNDERWEAR!, but a very hairy crouch. Suddenly all the kids ran to a potty or thats what they would have done if they hadn't wet thier pants, so what they actually did was burn down the pizza store but before they burnt down the pizza store the evil monkey and the evil bunny rabbit engaged in combat and then slipped into bed with Billy who was a animal friend.
And everyone lived happily ever after except Fred who was constipated for the rest of his life.


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Published on e-Stories.org on 05/10/2007.


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