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Galactice Intelligence Report

“I am Drom the Watcher. My task is total evolutionary observation of all planetary bodies in area titled ZX209k, a minor collection titled Solar System in Galaxy 2KB1.
Period of observation Cenozoic Era.
Intelligent mammals recent. Homo sapiens.

Following previous reports regarding Solar System.
I confirm extinction of life on 4th planet Mars with complete loss of atmosphere.

Planetary systems on hold. Planet Earth plus one satellite.

The observation of the planet Earth herewith described and assessed.

This planet has gone through the various phases and the assessment is based on the evolutionary progress of the recent one million years.
Since the advent of man, its survival is on critical Homo sapiens stage 4.
This is not good news.
Considering this creature evolved as normal, progress appeared positive in the early stages of development but, in the last 4000 years, distinct changes have occurred, this going critical in year 1800, Earth calendar.

Like most planets, they had at this stage achieved industrial development, which spread throughout the world; this entailed the use of fossil fuels, which on a minor scale, would be of little consequence. Sadly, I must report that this method of power has spread worldwide, depleting their natural protection of the Ozone Layer.

This hole, sited over the polar region has expanded almost to the point of non-reclamation. We should have expected this with our knowledge of the evolutionary progress and what happened to similar planets in the Orion system.
To make the case even more impossible, I must point out the following disadvantages that have occurred in the current century, 2000, their calendar.

Vast worldwide activity involving Arial Machines, they call them aeroplanes, all of which use fossil fuels, further depleting their protective layer.
Surface vehicles, called cars and trucks are incalculable covering most of the major land areas of the planet… this race does not believe in walking.
At one stage with the advent of nuclear power, it was envisaged they were moving in the right direct to solve their current problem but no! It caused competition across the planet to see who could accumulate the most missiles of war. This race, the most aggressive in the galaxy, has enough nuclear weaponry to obliterate the whole of the Solar System

In addition to this, their seas and oceans covering three quarters of the planets surface have reached irrecoverable proportions of pollution. This, along with over fishing, has resulted in the extinction of many aquatic species and is already affecting the food chain in many parts of the planet. This in turn has reduced the oxygen quality of the planet; half of them are on inhalants already. What more could they expect, they cut down vast swaths of forest as fast as they can grow them. Why can’t these creatures realise that life is dependent on the cohabitation of plant and animal life.

Also, after the pleasing progress of civilisation in recent centuries, improving their standard of life and their advances in medicine, they have become complacent.
Diseases, which were rampant in previous centuries, were identified and neutralised.
These same diseases are returning with a far stronger resistance.
Starvation and disease has spread rapidly across the poorer nations of the planet
They are also messing around with genetics, infecting food sources and contaminating all surrounding land areas, In fact, they are trying to play God by experimenting genetically with humans; even trying to clone… you know what happened when they tried that on Puron 9 in the Andromeda galaxy.
The entire global system is affected by greed; this, and of course the multitude of religions which are responsible for the numerous wars that take place between nations.
I have considered intervention in their favour but then, ask myself why?
After all, these inhabitants are the descendents of the survivors from the Jurassic period when Asteroid 7523B collided with Earth some sixty million years ago.
Then, it was Dinosaurs that were phased out…what’s the difference?

Their sister planet Venus had reached stage 4 of evolution, just like here on Earth.
Now, Venus is devoid of her seas and the temperature on the surface is that of boiling lead. I am at a loss of what to do.
Sadly, in view of all this unfavourable activity, I am inclined to ignore the future threat to the planet which I reported in the sixteenth century, their time.
As you are aware, in the beginning this system had ten planets but unfortunately, the fifth, exploded and caused the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
For the past two billion years, an asteroid of doomsday size has consistently orbited their star.
One hundred and five earth years ago, this object was nudged off course by a passing comet and is now scheduled to collide with Earth in the year 2236, their time. It will not change its trajectory without massive intervention on our part and I was seriously considering this action.
This will positively be the ending for planet earth, as with the dinosaurs, but under the circumstances, if they are so intent on self-destruction, I think that it would be a waste of our interplanetary expenses to intervene.
In view of these facts, we could put our expenditure to far better use if we consider re-introducing an atmosphere to the 4th planet, Mars, which, being a smaller planet, would quickly evolve to the position it was in before loss of its atmosphere.
Please advise.


Of course, we know this is fiction, it couldn't happen to us! Nothing wrong with the ozone layer as I can see, what's that about depleted fish stocks and the polar regions beginning to melt! Rubbish!
Well, man himself is creating the problems and it doesn't need a fictitious creature named Drom to take action; Sadly it is our descendants who will pay the penalty for our misgivings.
Sorry if I sound like a miserable old fool
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Published on e-Stories.org on 11/03/2004.


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