Hannah Hansen


waving the knife in her Hand.
I tried not to watched her and to go my way.
I slowly tried to walk faster, wondering myself why Im trying to hide or walk away from her.
After all it wasnt my fault that I took her book, it was lying under my desk were she had put it.
So I thought it was mine and I took it, its her own responsibility if she doesnt know how to care of her own things.
But then to shouted at me and accuse me of stealing it, even though i have returned it to her, was one of the worse things that ever happened to me.
I, Madeline Conner never ever stole anything from anyone even from those who I dont like or who hates me.
I gave her, her book back and at the moment she took the book with one hand she slapped me with her other hand right in my face, and Laughed about me and the way I stared at her.
I ripped the book out of her Hands because I thought maybe she would punch me next with the book in my face.
I throw it on the floor an used the noise that she concentrated on to punch her with my fist in her stomach first with my right one than with my left one.
And at last in to her face, but that one I mead light because Im not a girl like her.
She slowly stood up as the pain went away, and looked me in to the eyes.
She said ,, Girl, this was the first and last time that anyone had punched me. What are you thinking?
,,Well I think that the things that you are doing arent right. You arent the queen of this school. Or?
With out answering me she turned around and starts to walk down the hallway, and headed out for the doors.
At the moment the doors closed behind her, the other pupils started to clap there hands and some of them started to whistle.
At that moment I realized that most of the pupils of school saw everything what I have done.
Than, out of the crowed came the cutest boy in the whole school, too and smiled at me.
He said,, That was really cool and brave what you have done. My sister is little bit to high nosed. She doesnt listen to me or my dad.
I didnt know what to say but I noticed that I like to hear him speaking.
But than the words that he said started to come in to my brain.
,, She is your sister?! Well Im really sorry
,,Stop, you dont have to be sorry. If I were you, I would have done the same thing. Its O.k.
,, Oh O.k. but I never had thought that you and Sandra would be brother and sister.
I said with out knowing really what I am saying.
,, Well I thought so. Im looking more like our dad and she is looking more like Mom.
At the moment he said that the school bell started to ring, what means that the lessons are beginning again.
,,Well I gotta get going. Bye hope well see each other again.
He said.
I just could say,, Yes, Bye.
,, Oh hi Didnt hear your name. What was it again? He said with a smile at his face that made him look much more handsome than he already was.
,, Ah, Yes it was probably too loud. Im Madeline. Madeline Conner. Nice meeting
I said and slowly blushing.
,, Yes nice meeting you Im Jordan Brown. Sorry but I really need to go now. Bye
,, Yes Bye.
I winked until he vanished into his classroom.

That was a couple of days ago.
And now she is standing in front of me and waving the knife in her Hands.
,, Well sweetheart, here I am again. She said.
,, Ah, Yes Im seeing you. I answered back to her.
She slowly came forward to me, the knife still in her hands.
The crowed of girls that first stood behind her, came fast in front and surrounded me.
They started to push me around, than Sandra took my hair and pushed my head to the ground.
,, Now my Revenge is coming. You fool. She said to me.
My heart beets got faster and faster, but still I wasnt afraid because I know that if she does something to me, she wouldnt go away with out any punishment and her friends also.
Than she raised her hand with the knife in to the air and than it faster came down to me.
AT the moment I thought I would feel the pain, nothing happened, I just heard something fall on the ground.
Than suddenly the girl who held me let me go.
I tried to stand up. But my knees were like pudding and I feel down again.
Kneeing on the floor I felt someone came behind me again.
I tried to stand op fast again but the person behind me said,, Wait Ill help you.
There I recognized the voice of Jordan Brown.
He helped me to get op again.
,, Are you O.k.? he asked me.
,, Ah, yes Im fine thanks.
I slowly turned to him. He took my face in to his hands.
,, Are you sure? Youre looking like you will collapse soon. Let me take you Home
,, Oh yes Im really sure Im fine. No you dont need to walk me home. Im leaving like 10 minutes from here away.
,, No I will walk you Home. Im afraid my stupid sister would follow you if I let you go now alone. He said.
So we slowly started to walk down the school yard to the gates.
He put his arms around my hips to support me while Im walking.
Like that he walked me till my house where you suddenly said.
,, Im really sorry for that what my sister did do and what she intend to do.
,,Oh my Gosh you dont need to be sorry. Nothing did happen to me or? Im fine.
I will change school and so everything will be all raid. I said.
He looked at me with a shocked face,, You will go to another school? No you cant, my sister will go anyways to my family in
Europe, so you can stay here in the school.
He said to me.
I wanted to say something but I couldnt.
But than I made a effort to my self.
,,But why do you like me to stay? You dont even know me. I Said.
He blushed to extreme that I was surprised as he started to speak he stutter so much that I didnt under stand what he said.
,, What did you say? I Asked him.
,, I said that I like you and that why you should not go. He almost screamed into my
,,Are you sure? I asked him.
,,Yes I really like.
I felt so happy that I didnt noticed that my dad opened the door, and that he watched Jordan so shocked that Jordan started to speak.
,, Nice meeting you sir. Im Jordan Brown a friend of your daughter.
I was just on my way to go home. Nice meeting you Sir. Bye Madi.
,, Bye

Jordan. I Said.
,, Would you please come in. Your mother is already finished with cooking. We are just waiting for you. My dad said.
I Followed him in to the house and closed the door behind me.



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Published on e-Stories.org on 05/01/2008.


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