Mauro Montacchiesi

Life is wonderful

The brook is flowing in front of me
and the pale, yellow primroses are accompanying it!
Just delight in them, you too!
The cool and clear water is flowing
and new primrose buds are blooming for me
and for you, as well...
and in my heart, quietly,
I keep on repeating that life is wonderful!
Even tonight
the firmament is turning an azure evening twilight
and golden stars are waking up
to start twinkling again!
The bright light of a blessed day is growing weaker...
of a blessed day,
which slowly surrenders to the mystic darkness
of a holy night.
The freedom of seagulls talking in the sky
is being reflected on the faces of people passing by.
I can see no enemies fighting each other,
but only hugging friends
who ask each other:
-How are you?
And who say to each other:
-I do love you!
I can hear from afar
shouting children!
I saw them growing up!
They will learn more,
I'm sure,
muche more,
than I've ever learnt...
and in my heart, quietly,
I keep on repeating
that life is wonderful!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mauro Montacchiesi.
Published on on 06/17/2008.


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