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Inner Society

It is the year 2047…Thankfully, there has not been a World War III.  No aliens have come to invade the earth as the sci-fi movies of the twentieth century portrayed.  My mother says, that if you look on the Bible web pages it says that “God did not allow anything to be created that He Himself did not create”, and mother feels that that applies also to things happening.

True love – ability to sacrifice for another’s benefit, willingness to put another person ahead of our own needs and desires, ability to forgive, willingness to heal past hurts

Twelve - female
I’m twelve years old and a female but…I had heard stories.  It’s not like in grandma’s time, with men beating up their wives anymore.  Now it’s where anyone can lay with anyone.  The women have their own society where they raise the children in a communal setting.  There are many men there, those who really do like children.  But then there are the men who the women say “do their own thing”… suffering from all kinds of addictions, who live in the outer society.  There are many women with these men too, but they either have not had children or have done the unspeakable sin of having an abortion, or they are what mother calls “the lost ones”, those women who prefer to be treated as the men in the outer society treat them, mostly because they have convinced themselves that there is nothing better that exists.
The men in the inner society with us are all very nice.  They like children and are our fathers.  Some of them share our genes and thus have become much more attached to a few of us, as our Advocates (mothers) are much more attached to them as well.  But our Advocates warn us not to get so attached to our fathers that we feel overly saddened if they should leave to go to the outer society.  Sometimes, it just calls them, they say. 
The unspeakable sin of abortion was “legal”—a term that is not used any more-- back in the 1970’s until 2020, before the societal shift.  It’s interesting that the date is 2020, since it really fits to the 20/20 vision that people have when they see clearly.  FIFTY YEARS of killing infants before they were born!!!  No wonder it is an unspeakable sin now.  More children died in “abortion mills” than in all of the recorded wars, combined!  What an atrocity!  I do not understand how even a mother who does not want the child can murder it.  Thankfully, now, life is treated like the miracle gift that it truly is.  In this respect, society as a whole has gotten closer to God, I think.
Actually, it is pretty surprising that abortion was understood to be a sin in the outer society.  The Advocates in the inner society are still working on getting it understood that child prostitution is a sin.  The problem is that the mothers in the outer society (few though they are) are usually addicted to drugs or sex themselves, and since they see themselves as an object, my mother says, “It just naturally follows that they see their child as an object also, even though they and their child are not objects in any way.”
In the inner society, all children are seen as the hope of the next generation—as those who will make the decisions in the future, and so they are respected much more than they were in the past.  I love my history classes, so I remember that they said back in the 1800s, that children were used as cheap labor for industry and laws had to be passed before children were even allowed to attend school before they became eighteen years of age.
The Advocates will go out occasionally to the outer society to ensure that no children which have been birthed by the outer society women are being used for the disgusting perversions that exist there.  Sadly, there have been some children found.  The mothers of these children have had some battles with the inner society Advocates over their children, but these were resolved because it was in the child’s best interest to be in the inner society.  Even with the sadness that pervades the outer society, these mothers have wanted what was best for their children, even if they-as mothers-could not choose it.
The Covenant House, a place for these children, which has Advocates who are dedicated only to rescuing and bringing these children into the acceptance of real love that the inner society offers, has been doing this exact thing since even before the societal shift.  I’m sure the people who worked in The Covenant House at its inception must have also seen the societal shift coming.  There were just so many signs of it.
One of these signs that I speak of is the decreasing number of people who stood up for what is right.  From the time of Roe vs. Wade in 1972--a sad, but obvious show that people were no longer standing up for what is right.  Unfortunately, this court decision caused the deaths of three generations (albeit not in their entirety).  I even learned in history class that abortion was first started by Margaret Sanger to be another way to exterminate black people.  Sadly, it not only did decrease the black population by nearly 80% by the 2000’s, it also took other races with it.  The abortion beast was one that once released from its cage grew to be too massive to be shoved back in without first having pieces sliced off. 
The first of these slices was the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 2007, when people again began to see the fetus as a stage in human development, just like geriatric, or adolescence.  From the early 1980’s, the public began to become aware of new medical technology that exposed the main lie that abortion supporters used--that that a fetus was “just a blob of tissue”.  After 2007, the focus became to expose abortion supporters as  murders and murder accomplices.  The truth was beginning to be told again, based upon facts that the medical community provided to all.
The final blow to the abortion beast was in 2020 with Jamison vs. Tagiera, where the first of many abortionists was sent to prison to serve a sentence for murder of over 200,000 infants.  It was stated at this time that an embryo, a fetus, a newborn, a toddler, a child, an adolescent, an adult, and a geriatric are all merely words to describe parts of the life cycle, and all stages could be used in the charge of murder.  Even those in the outer society understand that murder is a sin.
Sin in the inner society is punishable with the matching death.  To explain, if the sin of murder is discovered, the person is sent to die in the outer society.  They are no longer allowed in the inner society where love exists.  In the outer society, only cheap imitations of love like lust and a strong liking exist.  True love involves sacrifice for others, and there is no sacrifice for others in the outer society.  Everyone that lives there lives only for themselves.  If the sin of rape is discovered within the inner society, the genitals are removed, whether the rape is done by a male or a female.  If the person then is not found to be capable of true love, the person is cast out of the inner society. 
As the inner society is a society where everyone shares all they have with one another, there is no need for stealing, which had been a sin before the societal shift.  Stealing does exist in the outer society, and from what I have heard, it results very often in death.  The outer society works mainly on revenge in that aspect.  Also, because any person can lay with any one they choose, there is no longer the sin of adultery.  This resulted in large part from the decreasing number of men who, once divorced, wanted to be a part of their family and raise their children.  Thus, the Advocates began to create the inner society, where all children were raised by the women, and if men were interested in a family life, they were accepted, but there was no longer an expectation that the men would do so.  This left the men free to pursue their addictions in the outer society, and many men felt it was a long overdue shift.  The 2000s and 2010s increasingly drew both sexes to addictions such as pornography, drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and even shopping.  Though the shopping addiction was the least damaging to the body of any of the addictions, it was damaging to the family’s assets, and some children even would go without essentials like food and shelter because their mother (usually it was the mother) was addicted to shopping for clothes, or jewelry, or other items like shoes.
One of the most difficult to understand things of the inner society is its economy.  My mother explains it like this:  “Those who hold the purse strings control the society.”  I guess what she means is that because only those who live in the inner society vote (it was found that the voting booths placed in the outer society would not get many to vote, anyway—the people living in the outer society only ever care for themselves). 
            Although the inner society initially began as just that, a society inside a larger society, now it is the outer society that is decreasing in numbers, and the inner society is growing larger.  It seems that the Advocates idea which began the inner society has brought most of the population into agreement that this is the best way to handle things.  Instead of punishing those who gave in to temptation, they were just excluded from the “upper classes”, which in large part, they were already doing to themselves.  But not having the support except in a very minimal material way, through the “living cards,” has caused most in the inner society to appreciate that support more, and to increase the true love that is provided here alone.
It has been twenty years since this “experiment” began, according to my mother, and she feels that eventually there will only be small areas of the outer society left within the next twenty years.  From the time when my mother joined in support of the inner society idea until now, she has seen a great many changes—mostly for the better, she says.  She has been one of the Advocates to go into the outer society to rescue the children there and bring them back to the Covenant House, and see these children begin to grow and become secure in themselves.  The “experiment” began as a response to the increasing prison population of the 2000s, when only a small (albeit growing) percentage of those who were rehabilitated actually stayed out of prison.  The Advocates who began the “experiment” saw punishment as a reward of its own, and wanted to encourage those who were acting properly in the community.
As can be expected, the “upper classes” were the first to jump on board.  But even some of their own people decided after getting in the inner society to leave for the outer society’s addictions.  Then there were those few who were placed in the outer society as a response to a sin they committed, such as stealing or rape.  Even a few who it was not expected that they were batterers were brought forward by the mother to be sent to the outer society.  The mothers in these situations said they just could not understand continuing in an unsafe home when the surrounding community had so much support available to them.  Even some women who were not mothers did this with their mate.  They said you don’t have to be married to be battered.  For that matter, you don’t have to be female to be battered, as several men also brought forward their spouse to have her sent to the outer society.  But within three years, the inner society no longer had any cases of battered persons or children.
The law enforcement officers at first had patrolled the inner society as heavily as the outer society, but in the past twenty years, it has been found that the inner society needs fewer officers, and that the outer society mostly needs officers near the gates between the two societies.  Much beyond that area, and the officers either get into the addictions themselves and end up leaving the force, or end up getting killed and do not return.  Searches for those officers lost in the outer society ceased about 12 years ago.  It was found that just not enough was gained to take the risk.



Twenty-one - male
I’m twenty-one years old and male….The outer society has anything you can imagine.  It was discovered back in 2025 that there was no way to restrict people from choosing addictions.  All that is available is to hope they will learn a lesson needed from the addiction, and then return to the inner society where they have treatment options available.  It was found that even having treatment options available in the outer society did no good, because the addicts that would go would then coax those who were in the treatment center to come back out into the outer society again.
So, those who want treatment options for their addictions have to request entrance to the inner society, and –I’ve heard—have to sign a contract that they will attempt all means necessary to defeat their addiction.  It is easier to defeat an addiction in the inner society, because there are not the same temptations available.  The inner society is really seen as a “rich person’s paradise”, as no lower-class citizens are allowed to enter unless they sign a contract to participate fully in the society, which few lower-class citizens are willing to do, as they often use addictions in life just to feel better in some way.
            The economy here is an interesting thing—those who care to support their addiction through working at a store or keeping a store stocked do just that, but those who do not care to work are given “living cards”, which are charged with numbers of food that can be consumed and numbers of living lodges that can be slept in.  Surprisingly, you still see people living in boxes on the street as had been seen since the Depression, just because these addicts have chosen to take their “living cards” and exchange the food and lodging with a working person who then trades money with the addict so the addict can support the addiction.  It’s a very sad cycle.  But those who have gone to these extremes are much fewer now.  I guess that is the only bright side to the outer society.  One of the working people who I know that supports a “box addict” in this way said he does so because the addict then comes in his store and uses all the money he had been given to purchase items in his store.  “A pretty good exchange, when you think about it,” he said, “It keeps me working.”
            Of course, there are those who do this for “stores” that have no items, only services.  An example of this is the Love Shack on

23rd Street, one of the many along

23rd Street, and every street within the outer society.  You can take your pick of what you prefer—there are prostitutes that are black, white, asian, fat, skinny, older, or “fresh out”—a term used to describe those who have just left the inner society to feed their own addiction, in this case, a sexual addiction.  Also, you can choose between men and women.  There are prostitutes who will take either sex, and those who confine themselves to one or the other.  It doesn’t matter what sex they are themselves—men and men, men and women, women and women, you see it all in the outer society.  There are even those who use animals and do a show for others to watch or participate in themselves.
            The Advocates from the inner society have made it their most important priority to keep children under the age of 18 from being in the outer society.  They feel that with all the perversions that are available, they would never be safe.  The Advocates feel that every child has a right to be raised in a safe, stable environment that is provided by the inner society.  In the inner society, also, the child would learn what true love is.
            Despite the “fresh out” people, both male and female, who enter the outer society mostly to “see what it is like,” like myself, few of the children who have been raised from birth in the inner society have left it.  Those who were brought from the outer society to the inner society by the Advocates have never left the inner society.  I guess they know first-hand what the outer society can be like, and now that they have experienced what true love is like, they want nothing to do with the outer society.  Surprisingly enough, no children taken into the inner society to be raised there have returned to the outer society to look for their mothers.  I guess that is understandable, when you think of what their mothers did to these children in the first place.
            The inner society is seen as a place of support of all kinds—emotional, verbal, educational, economic—and the outer society is seen as the rebellious ones, the addicts.  Those who cannot control their urges or learn to defeat their temptations.

Thirty-six – female prostitute
I am a female, 36, living in the outer society.  I never decided to enter the inner society.  I felt completely happy in the outer society from the beginning.  After all, when the “experiment” began, I was already living on the streets as a successful call girl, and I had my pimp wrapped around my little finger, giving me every new drug that came on the market.  I don’t care what it is like in the inner society, not at all.  I know it is just full of “do gooders” who think they are better than everyone else.  I could never live up to the standards set by snobs like that.  Why try?
            I had seven abortions before they became illegal.  At that time, I knew I was killing a baby—it didn’t matter—I couldn’t live like I wanted to with one, and who cared anyway?  Everyone knows that a baby conceived by a call girl who is addicted to drugs will have deformities.  That was proven when I had my last three babies, who I left at the gates of the inner society.  They wanted us to give birth, they can care for them—that’s how I feel.  No, I won’t put them through what I grew up going through, but I’m not the loving mother type, you know?  It’s just not me.  But my call girl days have been severely affected by those babies.  My whole body has changed shape.  The callers have noticed.  My pimp has only the “fresh out” fathers to sell me out to now.  They’re the only ones who like this kind of body.  They say it reminds them of their spouse.  Like I want to hear that!
            The abortions affected my body in other ways.  One of them--I think it was the fourth or fifth--the damned abortionist cut through my uterus and my bowels emptied into it.  It was so gross and it made me incredibly sick.  So at 26, I had a uteran transplant.  They should have just given me a hysterectomy.  Then I wouldn’t have had to worry about more pregnancies.  But my pimp said that if I had my uterus taken out, I wouldn’t be able to be a call girl much longer, either.  I wanted to request that they coterize the uterus, but my pimp said he wanted to be my next father, said he was turning a “new leaf.”  Yeah, like that was true!  The last two pregnancies, I just haven’t had the money afterwards to get my uterus coterized.  My pimp has controlled all of the money from the beginning, but after I gave “his” baby to the inner society, he has not even given me any of it.  Like he would have raised the kid. 
            There is no health care in the outer society, much, anyway.  All of the medical personnel who cared went to the inner society, and the outer society only had the addicted medical providers left.  You can guess how that goes…go in and you may never come out.  We take our chances.  About the only ones who go in to a medic’s office in the outer society are those who need stitches from a knife fight.  I never cared much for “medical personnel” anyway.  I think before the abortions, I only had seen a doctor one time, when my first pimp slashed my shoulder open with a hanger.  But I’m not going there now.  That’s a discussion from another time and place.
                        I wonder if maybe my pimp does not allow me to have money just to get an infant for one of his perverted callers.  I’m the only one of his call girls who has not gotten my uterus coterized.  Even though I’ve had two more pregnancies since “his” baby, I will not allow an infant of mine to be killed like that!  When I was eighteen, I saw what these perverts did to an infant.  They took a baby and raped it and you couldn’t even tell if it was a boy or a girl when they were done.  There was just blood everywhere.  And then they threw it in the dumpster.  They never care, they just want a “fresh hole,” one that has never been used before.  That is why I side with the Advocates whenever I see them out here.  I never, ever, want to see that horrible scene again as long as I live!

Fifty – male judge
I’m 50 years old and male.  I am a judge in the inner society.  Actually, I reside over both societies.  When something terrible happens in the outer society, the person responsible is usually turned in to officers at the gates.  I don’t even know why they call it “the gates,” it really is a series of cement canals, almost like a labyrinth.  The walls are tilted outwards, so that no one is supposed to be able to climb over them.  Not that that is necessary.  There is about a mile inside of the outer walls where you are just running into dead ends.  And there are officers in each of those dead ends, constantly interrogating.  What is their intention?  Do they really want help, or do they just want items to steal and pawn back in the outer society? 
            I started as a judge before the societal shift doing divorce law.  This is quite different, but I have seen a lot of changes for the good.  I was told that the inner society began as an experiment to solve the problem of prison overcrowding, with prisoners returning more often than not.  This experiment has grown into a whole new world.  The societal shift was a reflection of that.  Once people jumped on board with the inner society and outer society, there has been no turning back.  I do not reside over divorces anymore.  Divorce ended with the societal shift.  Then things changed to mother and father, spouse, but you hear of marriage no more.  In a way, it is sad that the nuclear family has been a casualty of the societal shift, but it has in many ways made people better.     
            For instance, the inner society has encouraged people to do the right thing, to share, to care, and to love in more than a physical way.  Before the societal shift, I had heard so many couples coming for divorces because “he had slept with another woman” or “she was caught cheating on me.”  Now, that no longer matters.  If you feel drawn to someone, you can be with them.  If you have a child together, that child is supported emotionally and economically by the inner society.  The Advocates make sure of that.  No stingyness exists when it comes to children.  Children are now seen as the next generation of decision-makers, those who will decide the future, no longer as objects to be argued over for visitation or custody.
            Even from some of the worst divorces I had promulgated I have seen the persons come to an agreement in the inner society, because both parents have an equal opportunity to be a part of their child’s life.  But the opposite side to this coin has been that parents who did not want to participate in their child’s upbringing have just abandoned them.  It’s no longer expected that a parent will raise his or her child, only the lucky ones have both in the inner society.  But the society tries as much as possible to provide good mentors for the children so that the loss of one or both parents will not be so difficult.  The child is allowed to mourn the loss of one or both parents as a death. 
            Sometimes, the parent has been to the outer society and has learned what lessons in life that were needed from their addictions, and then has found their child again and has been inseparable from that child.  There has been such joy for those children.  Others who were abandoned always hold a hope that their parent will be one of those who come to the inner society to find them. 
Each child is afforded an opportunity to pursue all education available: art, history, language, foreign language, science, mathematics, industry, mechanics, woodworking, music, computer science.  All materials available are available to the children-- in music, for example, a child can have access to all the drums, all the woodwinds, all the stringed instruments, piano, synthesizer…whatever suits their fancy.  A “loaning library” of sorts has been established in the schools so that all children may use what resources are available.
            There is no more stealing in the inner society, as all people inside “the gates” share their resources.  All people do not receive the same income, but a tax has been placed so that those who make more pay more and those who make less pay less.  It is not looked upon as a tax, but more of as a kind of forced giving plan. 
            As a judge in the inner society, now most of what I promulgate is whether a person is sent to the outer society or if their sin needs it’s just punishment—usually death.  A murder constitutes a murder in the inner society.  This has greatly eliminated the number of those who saw murder as an acceptable action in society before the societal shift.  Murderers now, if they have done so in the outer society, are brought by others in the outer society to the gates to be killed in the inner society.  Of course, witnesses are required, if available, and DNA testing is done on any evidence in order to keep the innocent free.  There was a gene found in 2016 which identified a murderer as such.  This gene has been found without fail in each of the 10,000 or so killed after the societal shift for this sin.  Until a modification or destruction of this gene can be found, the punishment shall remain the same.
            For all other crimes, the punishment is usually banishment to the outer society.  The convicted is given a “living card” and sent out through “the gates.”  There is only one exception to the above.  That is in the case of rape.  If a rapist, male or female, is discovered, his or her genitalia are removed.  For many, this has been enough of a punishment.  Often at this point, the person has become an Advocate or child “father,” who helps with the education of and provision for the needs of the children.  But in a few cases, the convicted is still not capable of true love, and is often bitter, and thus is banished to the outer society.
            Mind you, the outer society does nothing to “cure” or “treat” these convicted persons.  The outer society usually only provides more of a diversion for them, a way to “feel better about themselves” through an addiction.  Even the addict knows that the addiction is no real way to feel better, but it provides this illusion.
            On a personal note, I think the societal shift has been a wonderful thing.  My spouse and I no longer have to be burdened with raising our children, although we can see them whenever we want, and whenever our children want us to visit as well.  We no longer worry about how our children would feel about either of us seeing or being with another person in a sexual relationship.  These kinds of things can be hidden from the children until they are of age to understand.  Therefore, there is not as much stress on our relationship, and our relationship has become better in some ways.  It is hard for me as a man to get away from the jealousy factor, but all I have to do is remind myself that I can do the same whenever I feel the urge. 
            My spouse and I are still of the “old school” of being committed partners.  She stays monogamous for me and I for her.  But I do feel jealous when she speaks to or jokes with another man.  I guess that existed before the societal shift also, but now I know there is nothing keeping her from laying with that man if she so chose.  We have had to trust each other more.  And there is no real way to tell, anyway.  
            I do suppose that the societal shift provided a way for couples who were just “living together” to not feel obliged to get married.  Marriage itself does not exist anymore, but commitment still does.  Before the societal shift, a marriage took commitment, and now there is just the lack of a paper and legal status to it.  There are still many couples who are just as committed to each other as there were before the societal shift.  It is just more of an undercurrent, and staying together “for the sake of the children” no longer is a reason.  Two people really have to be committed to making their relationship last.  That requires true love.
            With no restriction from our children (and grandchildren), we are able as a couple to enjoy more of what life has to offer—we have become art buffs, and often visit the art museums.  We also did not have to worry about paying a babysitter when our children were younger, and we were able to go as far as we wanted to go with our careers.  Thus, my spouse became a doctor (many years ago her position was called a midwife), and she delivers babies for both the inner society and the outer society mothers. 

Thirty-five – female Advocate
I am 35 and an Advocate.  I have chosen to have no spouse, but I have had three children.  It has been wonderful to see my children grow up in the inner society.  As an Advocate, I get to spend much of my day with them and the other children in the community.  Out of necessity, a tax had been placed on everyone in the inner society.  Each individual is encouraged and supported for participating in the tax.  Since all children now have dormitories for school, they no longer live in their parents’ homes, and their needs had to be provided for.  All food, shelter, and education for the children is provided by the societal tax.  Those who make more, pay more and those who make less, pay less.  But all individuals with children benefit from the societal tax.  Those who do not yet have children are not required to pay it, but are greatly encouraged to do so.  Those whose children are over the age of eighteen still pay the tax, as they know all that it provides to their children and grand-children.
            Home-cooked food has largely become a “thing of the past,” but we have some mothers who bring food for all the children each week.  They are not obliged to do this in any way--they say they just like to cook--and doing so for the children brings them joy.  They are reimbursed for their food costs from the societal tax, and so they are not out any money.  The children love the home-cooked meals, and as many of the mothers who do this for the children are elderly, they also gain much in return.  Many of the children have “adopted” these mothers as a kind of grandmother, and the mother’s love has grown to all the children in the community.  From these efforts and many like them in the inner society, all have come to benefit from true love.
            Being a parent has become much more of a community thing, with all of society sharing the burden.  In turn, the children have benefitted.  They no longer have the pain of dealing with divorce—all children in the inner society are not with their parents.  Some know both parents, some know neither parent, but all have mentors and Advocates who look after them, wish the best for them, and do all that they can for their benefit. 
            Some of the Advocates have been trained to care for the children who are dropped off at the gates, who are abandoned by their addicted mothers and who probably will never know their fathers.  These children are often disfigured or poor in mental abilities.  They are more of a burden on the inner society, and thus are allotted more of the societal tax.  But many of these children too have given back to the inner society in so many ways.  One of these children is a wonderful painter and artist, and his paintings are now featured in several museums of art.             
            If the child is poor in mental abilities, the child--once schooling is completed or they are of age—is encouraged to participate in the working force, but is not taxed.  Even so, I have seen quite a few of these older children contribute donations to the societal tax.  It is a way for them to give back, I suppose—but it is never required.


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