Mikayla Powell

A War that makes no sence almost



A canon ball hits the ground; the Lieutenant yells orders out to the men on the left side of the battle field to shot at the men behind of the canons. The men start to shot.

The day turns into night and the enemy starts to back away.


The Lt. comes out of his tent, and stands in front of the captain, who looks very angry with the Lt.

“Yes captain”

“We’ve lost 100 men today and 64 injured! What are you going to do about that Lieutenant Farceta?”Yells the captain

“Umm.We can go to the closets town, and get ummm some more men. Plus the injured men should be alright by next week or tomorrow.”

“That’s an ok idea. But what are we going to do about the men that won’t be fight we need to replace about 164 men Lieutenant. And how are you possibly going to do that.”

“Some men and I can go to the town and ask for volunteers.”


“Tonight captain”

“Alright then be on your way. You can take Burges, Campbell, and Richardson

The Lieutenant nodes and walks away. Farceta wlaks towards the tents to were the men are sleeping . The men realize who has just walked in and stand in position and solute.

"Campbell, Burges, and Richardson. Follow me." Demands the Lt.

"Men we have lost 100 men today in battle, and 64 are in pain. The captain has told me to take you three men and help me go to the nearest town and find more soldiers."

The men just walk with the Lieutentant like any other marching. After about three hours of silentce the men finally come to the nearest town "Wanchester". The town is bare with only a few houses, but hopefully there is men in this town.

"Campbell and Burges you search the houses for men and information. Richardson you come with me and help find the chef or mayor of this town.

The men go to their positions. The two men going to the houses started talking to each other while they strolled away from the Lt.
 "What do you think of this war?"Asks Burges

"Well i feel that we should do something about making are stragey better at defending the British. We keep losing men like we do on beer. There's barley any left."answers Campbell

"You know back home, my wife is going to have a baby soon, I wrote to her to stay strong and stay alive, and that I wish I was there to help her through it."said Burges

As the men got closer to there first house they could here sound coming from the house in front of them. The men aimed there guns at the door and around them making sure nothing was going to come after them.

Burges kicks open the door to find five people inside the home covered in dirt and all skin and bone. There was only two men, a boy about four-teen and a man most likely in his thirty's.

"Excuse me sir but we need you and your son to come with us, your going to help us against British in the war. Can you get all of the men and boys out here."asks Campbell

The man nodded and went outside to get the mena from the other houses, about fifteen men and boy ranking thirteen to eight-teen.

"Stay here well get the Lieutenant to explain the situiton."

Campbell goes off in surch for the Lt. He finds him in an abanded church kneeling at a pew in prayer.

"Sir.We have fifteen men, i came to get you so you could explain to them why we came out here."

the Lt.'s head rose from his folded hands, he puts back on his cap and walks out of the building with tears streaming down his eyes. Once there back in the middle of the village where the men stand.

"Hello. Me and my men are here to enroll you into the battle. We have lost Tromendus amount of men and we have many injured men as well. You have no opinoin, but if you are in bad conditions now leave. I promise you that we will try to provide you and your family with protection, food, water, medicne and warmth.Now MARCH."

Campbell, Richardson, Burges and the Lt. march ahead of them as they march behind. 




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Published on e-Stories.org on 01/26/2009.


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