Joseph Trance

No Accident

We had gotten lost
turned down a street,
didn't know where we
were going,
but realized later
God had a plan without
us even knowing.

We stopped at a red light
that afternoon
at a 4 lane street that crossed,
then the SUV came tumbling
at us, as though it had been
Over and over, tumbling
as people stopped and looked,
my wife and I sat frozen there,
like two fishes on a hook.

It finally stopped
in front of us, turned over
on one side, the driver
looked like a pretzel,
and we assumed that she had died.
But we still rushed over, moving
fast,   praying in heavenly tounges,
and I grabbed my cell phone on the way,
the air bursting in my lungs.
My wife got there before me,
and she began to pray,
I still have no idea what she prayed,
as I think about that day.

The driver was still conscious
but she couldn't move one bit,
we knew not to move her,
so we decided to just sit.

We stretched our hands over her
as she lay there silently,
we prayed and reached out
to the Father and then decided to

"Father, you are the God
who Heals, you hold us in
Your hand, touch her now,
mightily, so she may understand,
that her life is not her own,
and it truly is in your hand."

We called her husband then and waited
for the ambulance, and then watched
them carry her, she looked dead,
not just in a trance.

We called the hospital
the next day to see if she
died.."oh her," they said,
"she went last night," and my wife
began to cry.
"" they said, "She walked
away and not a scratch
was on her,
It must have been that
the hand of God was
truly there upon her.

It was no mistake
that we had gotten lost
on that summer's day,
but God had had a plan
for us:
to pray her
accident away.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 03/13/2009.


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