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Dream of a woman (5)

“Can you let go me please sometimes? I must discuss this with my doctor.” “With your doctors, as I see, why you need 2?” Because it made no sense to explain to him her meaning for the cardboard town, she reached again to a white lie: ”Both with specialisations blest men, but do not need to impress you.” If it did good, however.

She also talked to both doctors from whom one was her personal personal physician. “I urgently need a drug for him that he himself must take, because I can imagine that this fever can come over and over again.” “Unfortunately, there are right boss, why this is just with him in such a way, we also do not know. These tablets must be enough for first if he notices - but only! - that he has a fever again, he should take one and the time in which he has hard time can be reduced.” “He needs what to be absolutely free of fever.” The doctors regretted, however, said: ”If he works during the day and also early in the evening, can be tried to shift the feverish time to the night, then, however, he possibly does not take the tablet on time.” “Then they say me how one can co-ordinate this time in such a way that a work makes sense, we cannot break off repeatedly because of illness or interrupt.”

“We have noted in the time where he lay that he had eaten very insufficiently and had drunk, he must do this, however, of course more regularly, so that he can oppose what to the fever, then the time is adjustable.” “I will help him in it, support him and if it must be, I am like a nanny to him.” “This want Highness.-.äh. Boss undertake?” She had got very well the small slip of the tongue, it was.

History of her rise

She - Marianne - knew of course who her parents were: he a policeman, they a nurse. Besides, an odd aristocrat with a lot of money and even more sense for nasty humor - he disinherited own children and grandchildren because of mental cruelty was so intolerable he himself that him nobody wanted to visit. - looked very intensely for other members. Before he withdrew on the floor on which he wanted to die, he had found the parents of Marianne. And because the nurse was related not only to him, but looked after him also nicely, he left to this woman and with it the descendants the proud sum of 80 million dollars. With the edition to build up a going well cardboard town. In the testament the orders and instructions were fixed in addition.

The odd old person had been an admirer of starlet and theatrical starlet and what read like a joke, was a testament hardly to be executed: 3 gigantic towns should prove once the huge town "cardboard town".

And in this construction time Marianne grew up, learnt early that except her wishes, instructions, to orders nothing would be important in her life: yes, she grew up with very little love, because it was delivered constantly to the nannies, those left behind them in complete silence on a play floor, also surround from all things which she ate with pleasure, drank, she nibbled as long as, until her of the stomachs hurt. And also the nannies and responsible persons might forbid nothing to her, unless, she endangered with it her own health. Thus her world of 1 city first also seemed to be in order, she did not fall in love.

It was very amusing for them if the father the carriages drove up own-handed, however, them foreign carriages noted constantly, behind, beside themselves and people who only walked apparently idly in the area, wheel drove. Then she looked at these people more exactly and recognised small transmitters with which they confided that the imperious family is on the move and every inhabitant of the town had thus his location. She also played about of the more often between the feet of the working film people, then joined in also sometimes, but the orders give prepared her more fun and then thus there remained.

When she managed the cardboard town just 5 months, somebody reminded the employees again: she is the member of a very old German nobility gender. All the same how old this gender was real now, whether in German or not: one wants to hold mysterious stories with pleasure for truth. The clever person who pointed out to the fact that it would have to be an honour to serve this family also anticipated that people lighter can be steered and led if they have the impression: the boss knows exactly what she does, because she has to lose an aristocratic call, this got a security which seldom bosses have. And then this security also got the population...

 And she smiled leniently. “Yes, I become and must take on myself, nothing has, however, against it if my employees also look a little.” It did not need other arrangements: they and the man were supplied with the best food what there was in the kitchen of the élite troop regularly. She also passed to the man the drugs. And asked him, around itself for the sake of to let out none. “And if I it forget to take what happens then? Possibly again.?” She nodded. “And one does not know which is why and how long the fever pushes stop. So does us both the fallen and does not affect the works which we plan.” “You would want really with me.?” “Again properly because I could imagine, particularly the roles of your parents, your brothers and sisters and the people who should show you when to her became small: could develop difficultly. Gives there things which only you know and which I would not like to know, there I can select the people in such a way that you will have nothing against it. But I need of course photos, resemblance should not be accidental.” “You get them as fast as possible.”

She had taken down without his knowledge the time of the first fever attack to find out whether came in very regular distances or not. And she asked him to inform of her please, when he should have hard time. “You should not only be in the time, in spite of the medicine, how that does not work white I myself. I do not hope that there too violent side effects appear. Then would be - is sorry me to say this - the endurance of the fever pushes still the lower evil. For you unpleasantly, but forever on drug?” He pocketed carelessly the tablets and they consulted during the next hours what should be done first.

The locations were not difficult to fix, then one still discussed the first casting communications of the press: Television, broadcasting company and newspaper, because he signed with pleasure, he sat down come on and outlined just thus some places for shots. In this film he wanted to bring to bear so much as possible his own talents, she wrote meanwhile instructions to her people, when one wants to eat and when could take from each of her group his free days. She stayed in the same space like he and thus passed 8 hours. She was surprised, why they got by without a lot of words with each other, then she heard how rushed he spoke and scrutinised him carefully. When she noted like it to him hard fell the eyes on to keep, she touched after his hand and felt for the tablets in his Trouser pocket and wanted to give to him one, he energetically shook the head. “Where from I should know that, nevertheless, the stuff does not make worse my state.” She just still created it to bring him in his bed. There he had decided to stand rather the fever than to take uncertain drugs.

The sufferer knew them from somewhere, the bad was: this time his expression was real, she released him from his clothes, made envelopes to him and asked for something from the orderlies what would be hardly injurious: somebody had got from a chemist's shop located at the place some usual means which were not announced in cardboard town thus. Under it also means which would calm him. He could also fall asleep with it certainly. Just 9 hours between the current one and the fever before it. But whether there now always 9 hours dazwischenlagen or not who could maintain this with certainty? “I must also lie down,” she said and lay down beside the man whose fever in fading away was. She knew, somebody would always watch of her team.

8 other hours passed and so much them also observed: it went well to him furthermore. He had resolved to find her too careful kind only irritating and although he looked after substantial doubts in the effect, he took at an unobserved moment the first tablet. Yes, it went for him only insignificantly worse, but, nevertheless, doctors had developed the stuff or were the charlatans?

When he had a look in the mirror, he already had shade round the eyes, it disturbed him very well and he could hardly endure his own effigy. What the last days from him had made? The uncertain let him doubt, uncertain moved him into restlessness.

Yes, she had found people who resembled his parents very much, so much that he avoided dealing further with this casting, until she asked him, he may say himself these actors what they like should do. “I am not able, yet, I do not know not, whether generally.” She nodded and she sounded his opinion to the achievements of the people who should show his family in former times and just informed of this opinion the actors or instructed with it her assistant.

If they gave to each other in the morning the hand, he never knew whether she did not want to know whether he possibly had a fever. With an appeasing smile he wiped her worry away or tried it.

Yes, he ate and drank enough because they put together so much. She had preferred to wear her glasses because of the sun and because she did not want that he saw her eyes, his look was more intensive than she had ever fancied him. The longer the day continued, the more work came up to them both and the film crew, all the more he wore himself out, went in the evening earlier and earlier to bed, until she appealed to him to it. ”I have no more tablets.” “And why do you say nothing?” “I did not want to disturb you.” She called one of the doctors to herself, asked, he may bring medicine against his fever. “How long have you not taken the tablets any more?” “4 days possibly.”

When the doctor found out this, he shook uneasy the head. “Then his values must be ascertained anew, can be, he needs other tablets because possibly his blood looks differently etc.” “Why his blood should look different?” “If boss want to look here.” He showed her the picture on which was to be seen, like the blood of the people who lived in the cardboard town changed if they took just exactly this medicine: it accepted peculiar colours, the illness was over, became the blood again only red.

In the test time it came with him to fever, so he resigned himself to everything recumbent. Yes, his blood had easily changed: it gleamed bluish. The doctor did not miss his surprise and said: ”If I did not see it, I would not believe it: one could think, he would be born in the cardboard town.” “By the fever.?” “Yes, by the fever and the drugs he will endure in future without problems not only the smell and the fog, but can also stay in cardboard town.” “Can he stand then drugs of all kind?” “Yes, and also beyond the cardboard town, all the same which illness he has he will grow old neither as fast as normal people, it can be even, that he externally rejuvenated.” The man perceived all that, it did not believe rather, sounded like a fairy tale. The fever put out to him less, he slept and on the following days he felt not only more freshly, he looked also younger, folds had partially disappeared, his eyes had retrieved the youthful shine and full brown of his hair grew rampant only so around....



Sometime the breath must also falter to the most daring surrealist sometimes and how she read so and wrote, she knew that he - Ralf - neither would understand that she felt inspired, nor why by him. His life ran in almost comfortable roads if one refrained sometimes from the press conferences where always sometimes irritating inquiries about his private life came. He did not understand the cheerfulness of other colleagues and colleagues if these explained with some  joke: yes, they would have separated or no, one would be interested in no private connection at the moment. Since he had covered his new home, he made to himself the habit to surf in the worldwide net. And sometime he thought inquiries in a forum whether he had already remembered then of letting film his confidential private life in such a way as it stood where written. Hä? Only he could not get himself at all before nothing but laughter, but then he admitted himself that his private life - the real - no foreign person what would concern and which he would rather see in the future, than to work on old dung. Who came then on the senseless idea to deal so with him?! The not always satisfying criticism of absolutely frustrated editors bored him up to a certain degree, he also put to himself the question, why the author of that confidential life of R.F. not rather long reports on him wrote about his film roles or just only the films generally if she felt close - or he herself - the explaining art in this manner. Under a pitching name, because his right names he could not use of course if he surfed, he involved itself in the strange discussion about him. He ascertained sometimes: ”Even if this man has a private life - what would be limited then already very much - there should remain private for him, possibly there are the experiences in his life which also he wants to keep secret.” As a result it was written a lot. Went from the discussion: ”if one is famous, the public is also entitled to find out everything about him” up to the statement: ”Yes. This protection-worth private life of a creature similar to God must remain of course confidential and the described in the “confidential private life of a R.F.” dealt neither with just Ralf, still it would correspond in any kind really to the facts.” When he threw whether it is exaggerated not quite to call a living quite normal man similar to God, he got the reply:” Now, then he is sure so of full complexes loaded that he is able not at all differently, than to keep secret just everything in his life, very much to the annoyance that to harmless fans, would not waylay and did not want to get everybody a child of him.” Headword Complexes annoyed him now again very much and he investigated which real people put behind the remarks with similarly to God and complexes if this there only went off so.?! He had to put into action these researches about different corners: he asked an old friend to announce herself in this forum under other data, she should write, she would be 25 years old etc. about 2 weeks probably lasted when his friend informed him, it would not be written in just this quite private besides fictive life, therefore, further, because she would have seen: one cannot write about a still living man in such a way as if stood beside one, he would be too famous, too splendidly in his roles and also the colleagues sank almost into the ground if he looked at them like, besides. She would be also sorry the inquiries, but she wants to begin first of all an another story, as enigmatically, also with true backgrounds, also love which is not simply to be managed. And what surprised him very much: her friend would already pull them high, after she would have procured all his films for herself, a gigantic poster from his younger time would hang over a book shelve, now she has left to hang up other posters, she is not also any more 25. When she would have asked how old, she got no answer, now this is really insignificant. She feels embarrassed really to admit: yes, she would feel a lot of sympathy for just this actor, but love? The word love one may rise for the person who got really the stars of the sky to every day and currently she would have there a very nice man who is as funny like they. Nevertheless, with the word Fun she hopefully circumscribed not the project “confidential private lives”?

He tried, different texts of her to let close when he found out, however, that is not possible because just these texts neither insulting are written nor the rights of living people injures, he tried other ways. Yes, it his rights were neither injured, nor somebody was hurt, however, for him indications were already enough, he had himself there very picky. And he wanted to get out whether his sister saw this just. What he did not know, she delightfully had a good time about the written supposition, was stirred anyhow and already wanted to give tips in which kind the story can go on more full of suspense. “However, I am no adventurer and the women on the left and on the right and in the middle I have never also taken.” “These are not also you, the type has tearful trains in itself, I would be ashamed of finding great thus.” “Why tearful?” “If you had properly read, you would know what she has meant: he puts down for quite certain reason thus you must live the discontented face over which one already wrote, indeed, not very fairly, but with it just.” “I would show to the writer with pleasure that I can be anything but tearful as a fictive figure.” “Am curious as you would like to do this.” “In addition I just need your help and also those of some friends who could understand what I want: she must stop, I - yes, I know, I am not it, but I could be it, one should fancy just my face to explain thus. - than the mysterious strangers, I want to have only my rest.” “You also, however, grant nothing at all to your fans.” “My slushy years are over where my face was even softer. Should have given women and girls who have to itself for the people who looked so similar killed, does not hope that I had once the same effect.” The sister knew about a case  . Just happened when one had to bury the mother. The grief of the oldest son who played so endowed that nobody can hold a candle to him would have brought them to take the life, it stood in the kept secret resignation letter. How she had approached there: an employee at the police had slipped her the copy of that letter and had said: ”It is dreadful, nevertheless, the young thing has really rushed from a floor of a high rise, before she had still pointlessly got drunk......!” Courage start drinking before a deadly fall, this was more or less the most tragic what she knew and possibly was the point of the iceberg. After this death she kept out around the star bustle around her brother so well it went, it amused them only moderately what went off there on occasion. She had never given him this copy to the reading, he dealt enough with himself and should have the head freely for the work.

“How do you fancy help?” “Speak with her, it is absolutely a woman who is bored enough and cannot imagine that interests me in any manner.” “Admit, nevertheless, it also does not interest you, flatter it also does not act to you.” “In hymns of praise I also find nothing at all exciting.” “How would you write then even about your life?” “Nevertheless, it is about it not only, you hang there everybody with inside and what would be even worse, the parents also, goes really too far.” “Then you should not want to make them write further, because it is this what you really want, or?” He answered nothing, but she anticipated that she was right. “I travel there where she apparently lives, maybe it is as a holiday area completely in order?” “Make what you wants, however does to me the favour: do not try to read in my thought.” She declined and already during the following days it visited that person who wrote there.

The following dialogue between the so different women who were almost same from the age already said something about the character of the author: a little bit cracked, wilfully and: the conflict was just right to her. Their outfit? The writer carried some Hyppy-clothes, garish colours so in a mess, a coloured hair splendour, long hair still and the smell which she radiated: meddlesome-mawkishly, so that one could detain it ordinarily no 5 minutes in her nearness. Exactly this was also the sense of her selfrepresentation: unpleasantly strike to deter other people. No one would take from her sentimental stories a la the “prince and the assistant” and similar nonsense stories. No miracle if it pronounced the sister of the artist only after her:

“He will not be able to make me, write to stop or start. I write when I want where I want and want how much I.” “The abbreviation R.F. disturbs him, he imagines, they have him before eyes with the writing.” “And if it was so one could also not prescribe to me my images.” Defiantly the still young woman leant back in the armchair. “If they do to me, nevertheless, only the favour and say me what they find in him great.” “I have known many years nothing about him, then the first film and then later films with the uncanny sadness which seemed to me real. And: sexily face, softly, good-natured.” “Yes, during his younger years it was, actually, the type of the Prince Charming whom he rejected, unfortunately, just because him nobody should fix.” “I have faded out this with the younger years in which I just wrote: by means of this drug one would succeed to make him not only for good young separate virtually immortally.” “This story with the immortality I could almost imagine, will not like him.” “Would not like every artist to be immortal?” “Certainly what concerns his work, however, for good live?” “For it it is an imagination, cannot introduce to me that must itch him in any manner.” “The abbreviation.” “They say him, I do not let myself prescribe the faces and abbreviations for my central figures how nobody prescribes to him which role he has to play.” When she saw the helpless face of the woman, she added: ”I do not think sometimes that an abbreviation for which I will bring many interpretations interests a court, if he.” “He does not remember of suing them. This would be a sensation what would be so pointless and it would be of use to nobody. In certain manner - it accepts thus - the continuation of the history would interest him, but he is too restrained, around to ask even.” “Well charmingly, and there he sends them to me?” “You may lay out now again in such a way as they want, I think, he would find it not wrong if I brought them.” “To London or New York? Both places shyly me now one.” “This would be London.” “I can free myself in one week.” “This is enough for me, then I can take them immediately and they discuss it with him privately.” “This can become what.” “I hope very much, then he gets to himself one again, his supposition is crazy nearly.” “So badly? Then I must write quite wide.” “It could just be this, he probably does not know himself whether he wants this or not, they make a living legend from him. Can already be that he wants to write a part of the legends and again.” “Now they do not say please that a part of the imagination weaves is real?!” The sister nodded sorrowfully.

 With this look there remained and both women said goodbye for level the remaining time.
No, she had, actually, no fear of him who was famous only moderately although he just just it looked like his model R.F. Fear? Why also. It was only this face which it did not get out of her thoughts. The more she brooded before herself, all the more seemed to her that in her one voice she wants to discuss. “No, this is no 2nd voice, you forget that you must live in a false world. You have not known Oh this at all?” And the voice in her laughed malicious. “Then now you know it. Attempts sometimes whether you can injure yourself: if I do not admit this, you can tear off to you the arm and you will feel no pain.” “I do not want to try it.” She cut out herself only with the knife in the hand, it let drip blue blood. “Why blue?” “I make the laws in this world, consider this every day. If I want, you will not grow old if you listen to me, you will come out without damage of the thing.” And the imperious voice said her what it would deal...

False world? She had noticed up to now nothing of it, possibly how in the film “The 13th hall?” “Yes, it immobilises to you in such a way before, this makes easier the contact with you to me very much.” She had resolved to talk less with his sister, because she got the fear: if she what said from the false world, it would be explained for moved. In the airplane she still ate and drank, slept also a little, before she visited the toilet and did there everything what said the internal voice her. She strolled at another level of this false world than the stewardesses tried to wake her body, but she was in a world from dream and new imagination: as in a coma she appeared, then was accompanied by the sister. One accommodated them first in a hospital where one carried out all kinds of tests and tests with her. “She must have before somebody or something a mortal fear, she has released herself.” “I will bring my brother, maybe he knows an advice.”
There was some astonishment again when level Ralf appeared and repeatedly he said: ”No, I am not that for which one holds me, but if they must already mistake me, I ask also for protection of my private sphere like the big master.” He knew exactly that just his double liked neither to be entitled as a star, nor as a big master, but here it heard only the doctor who looked at him aghast and led him in the room of the young woman.

“Your bodily functions are complete in order. But she has released herself spiritually, one has tried to wake up she, this does not go at all.” “And if one hypnotised them?” “A consideration would be worth.” Because the other internal voice had, however, no interest at the fact which pulled the false world from erschriebenen and invented stories, unreal people and not existing animals frights of the people on itself, an unreal figure opened mouth of the quiescent up to now and a toneless voice said: ”I want here out and I also need no hypnosis.” “Where from did this come?” “Here only we are 2 and they, so her voice must probably have been.” “You seem to react only if you speak with her, why also always.” One discussed this with the leading doctor and he asked them only, one may bring back them if her state should get worse.“ Our family can allow to any time bring doctors in her nearness, this relieves them of this worry.” “Then they sign for them!” This was done also easily and one could take her like lifeless body, meanwhile her soul above all floated and could not decide.

“You must know, how much you want to admit.” “Both people know nothing about the false world?” “Just as little like you have known. He keeps for an endowed artist, was created according to his model and all people who mean what to him were also created according to models of living people.” “, But why?” “In this false world there needs to be no grief, no pain and no death, the writer had decided long ago that there should be this parallel world around to let dream other people.” “How important are you then these dreams?” “There are people, for them dreams are important to survival, because to everybody it is not granted to make the best from his life.”

The voice continued lurking: “And what would like you to have for dreams? I can fulfil to your soul and only your soul every wish, so: how it is.” “What happens meanwhile with my body?” “He remains in care of these two good beings which also pretend to be right people, to him nothing will attack of negative.” “An excursion to an even nicer world, so that I can forget?” “If this is your most ardent wish to forget grief: I select another world of 1001 stories and unwritten fairy tales and there it are an immortal being.” “Very well, then now I am surprised!” The voice laughed strangely and kidnapped them in an even enchanting world in which there was a king, his spouse and a dear-lovely princess Mea.

The strange fairy tale
Fairy tale beings also do not know in the fairy tale that they were only thought up to give pleasure and these immortal beings behaved almost like quite normal people. However, would a king wallpaper the walls of his castle, his roof on occasion anew cover? Because he had a lot of boredom, the subjects made little stress, there were wars also to lead none, he did unusual and this meanwhile rather substantially, she loves a little bit corpulent wife helped him in it. King and queen both were rather stately, this did not hinder them both, however to do playful things.
Princess Mea did not incline to become thick. This might be due to the fact that she romped around a lot with the children of the subjects. With the fairy tales which the nurse still gave to the best passed to her e nibbling, because this sounded thus:
“Somewhere in our world there is a parallel world with very peculiar beings: they have 4 legs and 6 arms, are present so elegantly that already a light wind is enough to puff them.” The nurse did not interrupt the laughing children, she thought up these fairy tales everybody themselves, still better, than to tell about the things which happened day by day for which there was no explanation.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 09/16/2009.


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