Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (2)


scene                                                        where - exactly where - time of day

7                                                                   INSIDE - HALL - evening

                       R. looks around, does not feel quite probably in his skin, when he pictures from 
                       older people sees hanging on the wall beside the mirror.

                      "Ralf cannot know that R. feels always unpleasantly touched, if he 
                       at photos looks which apparently show the parents of the person concerned."

                       Ralf looks around to R. to which for several minutes the photo clarify very much 
                       at dark-haired woman looks, steps to him.

                       R. steps in the twilight, it avoids Ralfs look to meet, drives itself nervously  
                       around version struggling through the short brown hair. Like lightning dives before Ralfs to     
                       internal eye  any scene on in which R. just had to do this just: not knowingly what he think or 
                       the face hiding, the hair should feel, half and half 
                       mixing up - thus or similarly. And near the tears.

                                (in a flat voice)
                      "I have of course photos of your mother seen, however, as of course this is 
                       woman on the photo my mother and them still lives. How I should know 
                       are able, that you...."

                       Ralf the seen is tremendously disagreeable, he has almost panic if he remembers, his
                       colleague  could lose the version completely, cry even. He anticipates that this has hardly got 
                       over the death of the mother if the grief can one day vanish generally.

                                (apparently tiredly)
                      "You always apologise for some secondary things, you are able 
                        in your own house of photo of people completely hang up just as one likes. 
                        I do not know what I just thought when I saw this photo..."

                      "And here lies Ralph. Ralph knows it and he anticipates that it also knows Ralf, this 
                       dark-haired woman looks like the twin sister of Ralph `see mother, 
                       this did not have as can be proved."

                       Ralf knows more than he anticipates, this photo was the last, what Ralph in his 
                       tired state should have seen.

                                (irritated, affected) 
                      "We should not stop here, come please with to the sitting room."

                        A track goes to him for Ralph too slowly from the hall, reels, Ralf is able to do him just 
                        still catch.

                                                                     Ralf `see voice off-screen
                      “Do not wilt to me now, now old boy, we both are not able 
                        need, not necessarily now.”

 8                                                                  INSIDE - room - evening

                        RALPH seems to have caught himself with entrance of the sitting room immediately again, 
                        sits down on the Coatch

                        RALF dams up the garish light a little bit and to cover up his embarrassment, 
                        if he goes to the kitchen, cooks to them to both one not strong coffees.

                      "The photo of the other mother had a frightening effect on Ralph."

                        R. must lean, he tries the head in a more being relaxing situation to 
                        bring, but now the eyes of the mother living still at that time leave him  
                        not more loose, all the same whether he closes the eyes or not: sometimes they glitter 
                        beaming with delight, perky, sometimes they look him punitive in around, when he as 
                        small boy innocently with torn trousers before her stands, him so affectionately in 
                        her arms takes that this can only be called: she never becomes bad to him a little bit 
                        can take. He crosses nervously the hands to hide, that they 
                        start to tremble. He tries big mental pain with it to 
                        neutralise in which he maltreats for several minutes his lower lip, to them 
                        hurts. And to be able to enjoy his own kind of pain, also saves him 
                        now this time then the pictures from his long dating back childhood have to go 
                        still do not burst out and: Yes, tiredly he is also, but he wants around 
                        every price sleep put off..

                        Finally, steaming coffee stands before him and he drinks him thankfully, because he 
                        thinks, he is especially strong, finds out disappointed that is not so. Ralf 
                        reads on bit by bit the letter...

                                                                     Voice of the letter writer off-screen
                      "You will have easily guessed, which film I to me - if I had him - 
                        only in cuttings would lead to the mind: Remake (why there must be so many remakes this 
                        must ask me, for example, nobody.) "sunshine"... to entire ones           
                        You yourself know film title. The female fans, there a scene even 
                        in any kind find erotic - and, believes me, I have the places in 
                        Forums with own eyes read - are either a bit off or 
                        have felt never real mental pain. If you know, how much 
                        Eroticism in my head has gone off? Zero, I am still 
                        Human friend and has there sometimes a very short history 
                        devised, which I will point to nobody, certainly also not to you. Scene, as it appears in a 
                        picture also on the videoplatform: he without  any things, so I have there rather pity, 
                        sympathy, even fear  around his health feel coming up. My friend meant again completely 
                        to be clever, explained to me, this is a method of torture. I have irritated 
                        to him replies: “I also know, that one itself not to the fun in the cold 
                        allows to put and in the real state he would have really frozen to death, 
                        fortunately, he still lives.” I have the scene only just once 
                        can see, nightmares, on it I do not feel like it really, he likes this completely 
                        find especially funny if he read these thoughts, but I trust on 
                        your word: do not load him with my written considerations. In that 
                        He has the history which I fancied after the respect of the scenes very much 
                        probably under the cold suffered and could have become absolutely ill. This 
                        if the best film is not worth, but what I write, should criticise him 
                        today I have written other and for in this letter enough.”

                      "Is the coffee not strong enough to you?"

                                              (giving a laugh)
                      "I do not know what you drink, otherwise, for coffee, but he is what for 
                       my small nephew."

                       Ralf observes Ralph unobtrusively from a side glance, Ralph is 
                       dog-tired, but seems contented and relaxed.

                      "I can only offer to you to spend the night here, overtires you had to do yourself  
                       not more near the controls place."

                      "Nicely, but I have the impression, you want me with it still completely  
                       sent by the contents of the letter change the subject, I should not and may read him 
                       or why do you look like a caught thief?"

                      "Ralf looks really fade, she wrote, in her history this and this would have happened, but now 
                       he knows again that she had notions certainly for a long time. Whether was this only a human
                       knowledge or intuition? Yes, he had really fallen ill afterwards and it had nowhere stood in the
                       press, but somebody would pompously write: “Film work has Ralph van den Bergen ill make
                       how it further goes.”

                       Before Ralf can do something else, Ralph pulls to him shaking the head the letter from the 
                       hands, notes briefly that also his hands easily tremble and is also not cold it in the space.

                       It lasts other 20 minutes, then has digested Ralph also the last sentence. He found nothing at 
                       all funny, turned white occasionally like a wall and interrupted the reading, caught only once 
                       the concerned look of Ralf whom he does not want to interpret.

                      "I know that you do not believe in the 2nd face, she has informed of it me afterwards and I 
                       have no notion what stands in the given story."

                                              (in a flat voice)
                      "I also want to read this story, does not want to hope that you have told her about it and...."

                      "You disappoints me over and over again, how long do we know ourselves?"

                      “Quite long, but sometimes I believe, you do not know me properly, as well as I can know 
                        you not properly.”

                                              (is disappointing)
                      “So much almost injurious mistrust? She knows that I am hidden and she is it also. But to
                        calm  around you: I call them and please them to mail the history of that really appeared  
                        illness or to fax. Thinks: she cannot be forced!”

                      "Does somebody force YOU then?"

                       Ralf is quiet about it. Ralph never forced him to something, but he had something in himself 
                       that it made almost impossible not to permit to him a little bit.

                      "Now, then does not make YOU me now urge THEM even today! To sleep here and  
                       tomorrow we see further maybe I can make you then not smell evil behind every incidents."

                      “Ralph notices immediately that he has taken in himself with his “somebody forces you” and  
                       agrees, because they both have most near days freely, only some photo appointments where 
                       again of a lot of fuss would be made therefore: who is who, because they them saw since....
                       like twin brothers from.”

9                                                                   INSIDE - ROOM - At night

                       However, Ralf has really planned to "urge" his letter friend , he even wanted to have Ralph 
                       from the space what he managed.

                       Ralph also lies down, rolls himself, however, sleepless.


                      "Maybe I should walk across, nevertheless, still to Ralf?"

                       But another at least 1 half an hour will last, until he does this.

                       Ralf gets going the worldwide net. At dead of night, he knows, she will still reach and mails 
                       fast: ”Unfortunately, Ralph could steal to me the letter and get to know also from the history, 
                       “What happened to "Sunshine". ”, he does not believe in the 2nd face, but wants to read
                       them  with pleasure. Can you answer for this? If so, here with it on this way, the origin date 
                       changes by no means, he would get out anyhow the truth and then we both stand there silly. 
                       Merde, - to use your beloved French - all that, however: is also sorry me, I kiss you on your 
                       wonderful eyes and hasten you please. If the history still wants to read before him.”

                      “Ralf must not wait long. As if she had already prepared everything, he can read the text in 
                        less than half an hour and believes, he must drop dead: Origin date still before the
                        premiere?!  One had hid even from him Ralph `see cold, because she had been very violent 
                        and he read one of her texts in addition into French from the end of the year.....”:
                                  “Laisse l'homme qui doit jouer le glacé

                                   la prochaine année n'arrivent pas aussi encore la grande peine personnelle.

                                   Car si cela entre, cela peut rompre à lui le coeur pour le long temps, il ne sera plus  
                                   jamais le même et même ses larmes jouées semblent fausses, puisqu'il a déjà perdu 
                                   alors toutes les larmes véritables.

                                   Où toujours vous êtes aussi, leurs dieux doux et charitables, si aimez, détournent 
                                   chaque peine de sa maison.”
                        He remembered: when he had been present sometimes to her obscure meetings, it suddenly 
                        reeled through the space, spoke in French as if this is her voice from another life and what 
                        she took down afterwards almost illegibly, always turned out in one or other kind than true. 
                        Either she described something what had taken place and what neither stood in the press
                        nor could have been informed to her, or: she formed the words in such a way that an 
                        interpretation fell out behind always in your favour. This text, however.?! So clearly she had 
                        never expressed something!
                        When she wrote this, she could know neither that one would pour over him in a scene with 
                        cold water so long, until ice originated - this was the man who must play the icy - nor she
                        stood with his mother in connection which would not have trusted a stranger certainly so,
                        but  really her death had brought a lot of grief to his heart that other people would share,
                        might make no difference to him relatively. As well as he was turned now in himself?

                        Specially - mailed text in in French he slowly tears in 30 differently big pieces, this      
                        prediction  from.... still did not have to see Ralph. He wants to put the slip of paper in the 
                        paper shredder when Ralph holds on his hand and takes away from him the scraps. It 
                        becomes a more or less thrilling jigsaw puzzle work. Finally, he sticks together everything...

                      "Nevertheless, I could imagine it, how much you still wanted to destroy?"

                       Ralph smooths the slip of paper and reads the text on in French. In addition he must be 
                       trouble School-French what had not very felt well. He picks out a very good translation 
                       programme to himself annoyingly from the net and then can find out the text in in English.

                                  "Leave the man who must play the icy
                                   next year do not happen still big personal grief.

                                   Since if this enters, it can break to him the heart for long time, he will never again be 
                                   the same and even his played tears look phoney, because he has already lost all real 
                                   tears then.

                                   Where always you are also, her mild and charitable gods if it likes you turn away  
                                   every grief of his house."

                                              (halting, unbelievingly)
                      "Yes, she can have meant me and also the rest is right, but are you sure that this short text
                       was  not written in the end of 1999?"








All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 10/29/2009.


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