Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (8)

Scene                                                       WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

 23                                                        INSIDE - SITTING ROOM in RF `s FLAT NIGHT

                            „What only got rid with me, at all thus a creepy dream?“

                             Meanwhile she had switched on all sources of light and her terror cannot be overlooked, 
                             the man enclosed them with his strong arms, before she could slide to ground.

                            „If a rotten experience must have been for you, Madleine.“

                             Madleine said no word, held to him only one small mirror before the face.

                                                                                           (unbelievingly, as startled as they afterwards)
                            „We are both overtires, is not at all possible.“

                             As to confirm this around himself, he ran of space to space, got together to himself all  
                             mirrors which he could find, besides, his hands flew over and over again to his face, to 
                             closer and wavy become hair. Madleine heard him a time cursing, then it heard nothing 
                             more, went him look.

                             And found him broken down before a head-high mirror in his bedroom.

                             Madleine reached immediately for her own mobile phone and called a friendly married 
                             couple, this time also to the magic arts turned, however, in the main occupation both 
                             doctors, them they would also not let down.

                            „Have now no time what to explain, comes so fast you are able, to this address.“

                             Then she helped the man who can be released apathetically from his clothes and lay 
                             down on the bed, can be covered and anyhow at all could not touch what had 
                             happened with him: To be 31 years old, might class be for any other man, but he had 
                             settled down just professionally and now this?

                            „Do not think that I give you the guilt, everything can be explained anyhow.“

                             The eyes closed to him and Madleine looked at him rather anxiously than enthusiastically.

                             One rings in the door and Madleine it hurries in the hall, opens.

24                                                         INSIDE - HALL of RF `s FLAT - NIGHT

                             Man and Mrs. Anderson, just those called over friends, like-minded people, however, 
                             before all things urgently required doctors, embrace Madleine at first warily, then strikes 
                             them that the woman in the whole body trembles.

                                                                                                             Pieter Anderson
                            „Already come, so badly these will not be girls, already, or?“

                             Madleine cannot collect itself.

                                                                                                             Marie Anderson
                            „What is this generally for a police detachment in the town and even before his front  
                             door?  One has only left alone us when we our official identity cards pointed.“

                            „Not now, I say You everything after.“

                             Everybody three goes to RF.

25                                                         INSIDE - BEDROOM of RF - NIGHT

                            „The doctor who came by curiosity now to the hobby of his wife sees for the first time  
                             the man private whom he could admire up to now as a 60 year-old actor. This young 
                             man should also be exactly this actor?“

                                                                                                              Pieter Anderson
                                                                                           (is surprised)
                            „If I did not see whom or what I see and if I was not persuaded of the fact that Madleine 
                             to us pulls no leg.... Well, then we want sometimes...“

                             He unpacks his aid and examines the man very thoroughly, then stands up.

                                                                                                              Pieter Anderson
                            „Then loose, girl, while I supply him, you can already get many cloths and a bucket with 
                             water, this becomes a thrilling night.“

                             While he is occupied, Marie Madleine presses in the bath to search the requested and to 
                             get here.

26                                                         INSIDE - RF `see bathroom - NIGHT

                            „What has this to mean now, Madleine? Now does not say me, he wanted to get himself  
                             in this state.“

                             Madleine shakes the head.

                            „I had warned him very well, it got out of control: only he has only fantasized, then 
                             sweated and has cried and then that appeared to young face which he also has now and 
                             of course he also is in the body of a man, 31 is.“

                             Madleine reaches for the cloths and goes again to the bedroom.

27                                                         INSIDE - BEDROOM of RF - NIGHT

                             She is surprised again how fast her friends work, he still created it to fix the man of what 
                             she takes note startled.

                                                                                           (without understanding)
                            „What does this have to do? Are we not too third of man enough around.?“

                                                                                                              Pieter Anderson
                            „We do not know yet how he will behave. Because he already broke down when he got  
                             to see only his rejuvenated face what you mean, will happen with the rest, see here.“

                            He uncovers the body of the man and she recognises the amusing body of the man again 
                            who wrote film history already at other times: this sight led to the fact that women did not 
                             know how to been before enthusiasm, one entitled to him as the most attractive English 
                             actor of all times and what of the hymns were even more.

                            „I know very well what you mean. Every artist experiences ageing own body in quite  
                             different manner, but in other direction....“

                             Marie looked tensely at Madleine `see face as Pieter which had to begin to calm the 
                             recumbent and to hold him possibly of it from to consider itself now closer not to force 
                             up the fever even more.

                            „You do not want to have known this?“

                            „I have got to know him as a 55 year-old man and would never have held for possible 
                             that within the hypnosis time can happen. Why should I rob him intentionally of his 

                             Of course there was on it no answer, Marie and Pieter anticipated both that Madleine 
                             had already loved the man, before he looked like 30, a little more recently than they 
                             themselves now.

                                                                                           (heading off)
                            „If your both nothing has against it, I look something around him, but it would feel well  
                             if now and again sometimes somebody saw after me, I can find at the moment though no 
                             rest, but this will probably soon change.“

                             Pieter accepted, left alone Madleine with the man first of all.

                             RF came something to itself, perceived very well that he could not move.

                                                                                           (in a hurry)
                            „You did not have to answer to me my questions, you cannot help me certainly also a lot,  
                             I only want to know: why I must lie so.“

                            „Pieter, the doctor who took care yours is of the opinion not to move you further on, it is 
                             so first of all the best and surest.“

                                                                                           (laughed wrong)
                            „I would be sure hardly in your present from the window jumped.“

                             He saw in Madleine `s face that exactly the wrong reaction was and he yielded.

                            „Has something happened with my body.?“

                             He felt no pains, but if he had stood under shock, he would probably still come, then, 
                             however, it would be a time for it. He did not long for pains, however, after an 
                             explanation of his changed face. Shadowy pictures appeared exactly from that year 
                             when  he looked original so and he gave a loud groan quietly and desperately.

                            „You were not injured, give you no troubles and I will get the doctor who will give  
                             something to the reassurance to you, I create it thus not only with you, thus not.“

                            „Of course Madleine knew the history of the year 19.. . To her the cold sweat resigned, 
                             she did not want to look in the inner life of RF, not at this moment.“

                             Madleine got Pieter which also gave the medicine against the upcoming, too violent 
                             excitement which the man took after some hesitation to himself and sank in a not very 
                             restful sleep.

28                                                         INSIDE - SITTING ROOM of RF - NIGHT

                            „So, Madleine, after he will probably find some rest, you lie down and we three take 
                             turns. I have asked Christopher here, not only orderly, but also have hid and what is the 
                             best: he will conjure RF during the next days a mask rightly which is worthy of notice. 
                             Might go for the first time, until we have found a better solution. Now to the friends of 
                             the police what we do there? They will think, a younger man lives here, would have 
                             killed RF anyhow and removes.“

                            „No, you joker, not under the eyes of the police. And the detective superintendent has  
                             let   the photos which you can see there on the table us personally either here, or 
                             forgotten simply away: these messages have to go from the interworld come where IT is 
                             to be found. The police is already occupied with the case and also the department for 
                             unusual cases. Because RF is just thus an unusual case, we must find for his other 
                             appearance just a very clever explanation.“

                            „And it would be?“

                            „Is level just out of a clear sky appeared like the supernatural messages if this do not 
                             swallow, we let RF under Pieters supervision just in a police lab take blood and then his 
                             identity is cleared. If the best is though. But RF is not momentary so completely at the 
                             height and even if he is this then again, the press will rush at him like the vultures on the  

                             Madleine lay down in the bedroom of RF on a narrow couch and fell asleep almost 

29                                                         INSIDE - BEDROOM of RF - NIGHT
                            „The persons present to which they watched and also for those who slept it became a  
                             long  heavy night with many tears, exhaustion and reproaches.“

                             Madleine woke about 2 o'clock of morning when she quietly heard something. Of 
                             course:  RF always tried to control itself to suppress his feelings and his pain.

                            „One where YOU are I need somebody.“

                             Madleine jumped up, calmed him, took a humid cloth and cooled with it his hot 
                             forehead, continued with it as long as, until he came something to himself.

                                                                                           (hardly audible)
                            „I must get up around.“

                             Of course Madleine understood the embarrassing situation, shook the head because 
                             she knew, Pieter had also made provision there: for it the sick person did not need to 
                             leave the bed and awkwardly and with highly red head she explained it to him.

                             RF was not to be calmed, it begged formally to release him, until she gave way and 
                             already had a hand of him freely when Marie came in addition and prevented that she 
                             also solved the 2nd hand.

                            „Now is not that what I think, or? What wanted you to reach with it, Madleine? Should 
                             he  be moved at this night quite half before bewilderment? What has happened, 
                             apparently one cannot cancel any more.“

                             Marie made sure that RF could not understand them, turned to Madleine, her in the ear 

                            „Yes, I also see, he is very young suddenly again and even more attractive than before  
                             days, but how will he take this himself? We must wait, to the fever away is.“

                            „Now the fever already rises with the slightest strain and excitement of him. NOW we 
                             two can do exactly this what is maybe the only possibility, to him help to understand 
                             how he looks: neither injures, nor mutilates, on the contrary: Good-looker is a stranger if 
                             one so sees.“

                             Marie went to ask her man for advice, returned with him. Pieter nodded.

                            „Nicely, but.... there is no your responsibility, will get stuck on Marie and me if he breaks  
                             down the 2nd time.“

                             Pieter bent to RF, briefly made sure that he had woken up almost completely and 
                             informed him what he would see same. Besides, he observed him very exactly.
                             RF nodded and the women saw a moment aside, not from shyness and shame, rather 
                             because of fear.

                             Pieter was strong enough with his 43 years, solved all binding of the man and put him for 
                             few moments on the legs.

                             RF swayed in the arms of the doctor like a sheet in the wind, briefly considered itself 
                             around the eyes then rather before exhaustion than before fright to close.
                             Drawing a deep breath Pieter laid him again back in the bed and agreed to the women.

                            "I have no notion what he has got, in addition he is general in too bad constitution. If he 
                             has a fever during the next hours and it still rises maybe, me immediately call, yes, Marie?"

                             Marie promised to do this, Pieter lay down something, while Marie and Madleine saw  
                             after the sick person.

                            „RF had been able to have a look really briefly, however, intensely, anyhow his sight did 
                             not surprise him at all what had he expected? Why only should his face become 
                             rejuvenated? How all that could happen, now, nevertheless, made no difference, no 
                             reason for the other people to spare him.“

30                                                         INSIDE - BEDROOM of RF - MEET

                             Marie controlled during the next hours of the beginning morning the temperature of the 
                             man and found out pleased that he was about 6 o'clock nearly without fever, however, 
                             Madleine asked, she may move him on top of that to remain lying.
                             One had removed the binding to him everybody, the women dozed off occasionally and 
                             sometime awoken RF completely.

                            „Feel me astonishingly well, may be no mistake if I get movement.“

                             A little bit uncertainly he rose from the bed went only slowly, then a little more quickly 
                             and felt almost with every step finer.

31                                                         INSIDE - BATHROOM of RF - MEET
                             More still: cheerfully, buoyantly he smiled at his reflexion in the bath, until to him it 

                                                                                                                  RF `see voice off-screen
                            „Clear, for me and the people who are at the moment around me this may be quite a  
                             normal sight what, however, if I go from the house and this I have to do sometimes.“

                             Madleine appeared in the door of the space, grinned.

                            „Now you look more recently than me, bewilderingly not?“

                             She saw how to him became apparently briefly dizzy and held on him. Blushing she  
                             found out that he looked them still softly and exceedingly affectionately.

                            „What will you do now, RF?“

                                                                                           (laughing, real, happy laughter)
                            „What do you probably mean what I must do first of all? Me shave, I look ghastly. 
                             Notice  just: is still a little dim to me, do you help me?“

                             She looked at him surprised, he believed seriously or what came through there in him? 
                             Then, however, she seized his handy razor, waited, until he had prepared his face and 
                             enjoyed each of his handles. Softly she went to him over the superfluous beard hair, her 
                             tongue glided playfully and between the lips out.

                             He had firmly closed his eyes, waited quietly, until it was ready, she had made actual not 
                             to injure him.

                            „Which plans are planned, my extrasensory princess?“ 

                            „Is this not obvious clearly, "Hamlet" whom you could soon probably play? I have had 
                             the  idea to give up you to the police, because thus you are - excuses if I call this so - 
                             Nobody who dresses up with the face of the RF, without somebody anticipates that you
                             yourself are it. Your identity must be registered because of your evident age anew and 
                             you had a good wire to this person who came there with the strange photos, around.„

                             She saw how RF became deathly pale.

                                                                                           (excessively calmly)
                            „The person could really be from use.“

                            „Pieter and Marie will agree to me there if one can take yet no blood from you, the  
                             papers which are in your possession, the fingerprints that everything should reach for  

                            „Great as everybody wants to spare me, I have some phases about which I do not know 
                             what was wrong, but I would like to work the sooner the better.“

                            „We probably let this rather decide Pieter and Marie, no reason now what to rush. My 
                             friends will suggest to you a sensible programme which you should pass physically and 
                             psychically and I think, for it it is too early if you had to allow to help yourself while 

                             RF tried out a little his overriding dramatic art which reached from languishing- 
                             delightfully  to evil-nasty and back too suffering and practically almost tearful.

                                                                                                                  RF `s voice off-screen
                            „Want to see sometimes whether you offer resistance to me if I make the impression as if  
                             it went especially near me. The weakness? On it I give nothing, have probably 
                             disappeared, fortunately. And you, my sweet extrasensory beauty? I think, I allow to 
                             melt you a little there.“

                             She recognised very sudden in his face quite a certain uncanny suffering expression. And 
                             considered immediately whether the exactly calculated facial play was. From which film  
                             or stage play had he taken this perfect look in the private with in?

                                                                                                                   Madleine `s voice off-screen
                            „Damned and beloved guy, you will not bring me with your almost rotten tricks to the 
                             fact that I retune my friends they will not dance after your whistle like it one Ralf already 
                             acts. This ill shine in your eyes. He cannot be played and, unfortunately, yours to high 
                             fever was also very real at night. This must not really happen on occasion.
                             I would like to burst into tears, if it does not feel, however, you should not consider, not 
                             now. Hopefully it is no matter of time, until you break down before my eyes and I bet, 
                             this makes no difference to you just such a thing from, completely in such a way as if you 
                             practised details for a new role.“

                             She briefly glided to him over the brown hair, did not consider long, embraced him 
                             silently and kissed him for several minutes very passionately...

32                                                         INSIDE - RF `s  SITTING ROOM - MEET

                            „At the same time Pieter and Marie together with Christopher discussed the other ways. 
                             For them was clear that one wanted to wait first of all for how RF stood his time won 
                             anew and strength on a continuing basis and was as clear: there would be no stressful 
                             programme which would bring him to the edge of his loading capacity. He should 
                             undertake no world trip. Madleine covered just the table for the breakfast when it pulled 
                             Pieter aside.

                            „How does he come along?“

                            „He is still long not so far, however, edges out it and will try with all kinds of dirty tricks 
                             to tune You.“

                             Pieter had prepared even some sides which looked for Madleine like a sick person's  
                             act, he briefly nodded, she had properly supposed.

                             Common food ran taciturn, as if everybody was too occupied with her own ideas, what 
                             corresponded partially also to the truth. RF looked almost at everybody briefly and very 
                             examining as if he hopes for the following sentences: „Clear, go off and try you from.“








There are more things in heaven and earth .

Anyhow suitably partially with "Hamlet" borrows.Who could be now RF? I am too timid around which to write. If one can turn back the time of the life to an honoured actor in this described manner, why I should not at least try it then. Unfortunately, there is not this time machine yet.

In the Greek mythology good-looker is the symbol or the God of the beauty and the vegetation and one of the lovers of Aphrodite (or her Roman correspondence Venus). He is described as a wonderful youth.

Because I work in this experimental story a lot with exaggerations of all kind, symbolism also, several interpretations are absolutely possible, because who is real or better like RF: who can know this already?

However, in the German version with Wikipedia one does not say good-looker, for me it reads on in English very drolly.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/04/2009.


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