Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (10)

Scene                                                  WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY

   42                                                 FLAT OF THE CLAIRVOYANT MARIANN - the SPACE in        
                                                                  which   Madleine is - MEET

                                                     Soul of the selfmurderer
                                            "Certainly you will be right, dear Madleine, you were always the cleverer. And 
                                             you promise help to me?"

                                            "Yes, you get help of the soul of his about all beloved mother, but does not 
                                             bother them with any questions, we have it currently hard enough also without 

                                            "While Madleine was fetched back, Christopher RF on the ground found lie in 
                                             that small space. When he got him laboriously awake, the actor struggled 
                                             after air and the orderly reached for the oxygen device which stood just not 
                                             pure coincidencially in this space. Since the clients of the magic women more 
                                             often struggled sometimes after air. Indeed, before amazement about the 
                                             results and not like RF which was demanded too much with his body in 
                                             variously regard: the seeming advantages were there, but the internal effects 
                                             catastrophically: Immune system strongly groggy, he beyond all measure 
                                             sensitively and this aerial need became also dangerous. After Christopher had 
                                             helped, he brought the man to the parked car and called Madleine on mobile 
                                             phone which appeared surprised very fast."

43                                           INSIDE - PASSENGER AREA - MEET

                                            "You can say me, why you me not normally get has come?"

                                            "If you know Madleine, can be that you have had the best wire to him earlier, 
                                             but they him to you now in: he breaks down with every little thing and we do 
                                             not know yet what takes part in his body generally, he suffers from 
                                             breathlessness like an old man and certainly we have to laugh the next night 
                                             also nothing, so I would say sometimes: a little more thoughtfulness would be 
                                             already right!"

                                             RF had listened very well to all disagreeable truth and took care of version.

                                            "Could argue your both somewhere else? Fantastically that now I know where 
                                             come on I am: look young, have, however, the whole mistakes of an older 

                                                     Madleine `s voice off-screen
                                            "To think: if one had known it earlier, but what then? Unfortunately, the 
                                             situation  has developed in such a way, we will have to pay attention just 
                                             always to you and there will probably also be a small Inhalator him, then this 
                                             is the slightest problem. It does not become dull guaranteed."

                                            "Madleine was not put on to macabre jokes, however, said itself: with a track 
                                             gallows humor this had to go on."

                                            „Is sorry me, I could not know which will become a little harder it than 
                                             thought, no reason to become depressive.“

                                             While Christopher went, RF saw without passion from the window. This 
                                             developed to a nightmare and he hoped sometime to awake from this.

                                                                          (very quietly)
                                            „Drive please to RF `s sister, we would have there an idea which needs of the 
                                             conversion, because I have anyhow certain details of the screenplay in the 
                                             head, one can try out at least what. Why it should not work, moreover, she 
                                             should already see like he looks now.“

                                             If she had waited for a reaction of RF, it did not come yet.

                                             Marianne F. the RF very much loved, would she recognise him without next?

                                            „If you know, Christopher, a thing is to go to ruin in panic, to let go. The 
                                             better thing is: what can I do now to tear the oar around? Yes, there are 
                                             some  young men who look level at the moment like he, maybe she will also 
                                             suppose, he is only one of these doubles. But a sister will always recognise 
                                             the brother, you also do not believe?“

                                            „We are there immediately, he can already consider what and how he teaches  
                                             her carefully, she will hold it for a joke and put to us everybody Three before 
                                             the door if she makes this generally on.“

                                            „Marianne was not always easy to take, artistically transferred: yes, but she 
                                             cannot be also lied with pleasure. RF considered few minutes what he could 
                                             do. Was his voice then still the same for the sister or had also changed them?“

    44                                       OUTSIDE - LIVE BEFORE MARIANNES - MEET

                                             A still young woman opened to them surprised, saw the young RF. One 
                                             could   not take offence it at her if she did not fall to him immediately around 
                                             the neck.

                                            „I do not inform theatrical students, however, privately, for it I have no time.“

                                            „It is about a fact which is not to be explained so easily.“

                                            „Also not in the front door?“

                                             Madleine shook the head, touched the sweaty hand of her friend stronger and 
                                             meant Christopher, he may wait in the car, that did nothing rather than this. 
                                             Nevertheless, Marianne let in himself still soften, she asked.

      45                                     INSIDE - SITTING ROOM of MARIANNE - MEET

                                            „I do not have a lot of time, the police has informed me, something with RF.“

                                             RF saw the worry in her look, it hurt him to see them so sad.

                                            „Permit that I speak with the police, then this visit of you is not necessary 

                                                                          (pricking up the ears)
                                            „If I have been wrong. They are both of the police and want to inform me  
                                             carefully of something?“

                                            „By what do you recognise your brother?“

                                             Marianne sat down shaking on a chair, started to cry bitterly.

                                            „Nevertheless, thus does not go, Madleine, they recognises me neither by the 
                                             voice nor by any flaw.“

                                            „Flaw, possibly in the face? You make jokes, they were taken from you 
                                             everybody, you will have to resign yourself to the fact that your sister cannot 
                                             even recognise you again, is also too absurd what has happened.“

                                                                          (taken aback)
                                            „Who are you? Is this here a practise of students, mine, you would have to try 
                                             out what? Then I will complain, you can count on it.“

                                             RF also started to become nervous again, the air became scarce to him with 
                                             excitement, Madleine held out the small device to him fast, laboriously 
                                             breathing he found to himself. He did not want to lose his sister what do.

                                            „Of course your brother is not dead, he is changed only "easily". Have you 
                                             hidden something in your flat from the eyes of her brother, so that no second 
                                             person could guess the hiding place?“

                                            „Quite simply, he leaves me in the last visit a screenplay there, I should see 
                                             pure  there sometimes, it still lies at the same place because I had no time for 
                                             it. Their friend will not find the hiding place, he is not my brother.“

                                             RF went purposefully to one of 6 shelves, did not consider long and pulled 
                                             out the screenplay, the sister solidified, looked at him thoroughly.

                                            „I hope, now, finally, you know that he is it, but maybe it requires even more 
                                             different proofs. What have you said only him and no one else from the 

                                                                          (almost desperately)
                                            „Allow to feel well, Madleine if she cannot think that I just no double am.“

                                             He automatically went to a book, folded it forwards and pulled out the last 
                                             letter of his mother. At that time the sister had observed him when he 
                                             deposited him there. Now, finally, with a happy scream she fell to him around  
                                             the neck, cried once again.

                                             Madleine noted how he swayed, Christopher had meant this: he was not 
                                             loadable and she did not want to be reflected at all from what would have 
                                             happened if his sister had not recognised him any more. She pulled RF 
                                             quickly over to the Coatch, the sister looked at them confused.

                                            „Since when he is so easy to lash out, I know him differently.“

                                            „This is clear to me. Since has happened few days ago about which we do not  
                                             know how one should call it.“

                                             The lie went for her quickly from the lips, then she knew whether wanted this 
                                             woman to believe in extrasensory things, in meetings with souls?

                                            „To me becomes hot again, when becomes, finally, better.“

                                             Madleine and Marianne brought him to bed and watched over him. These 
                                             few hours had become too much for him, fear and upcoming desperation set  
                                             in  motion something in him what already knew Madleine and feared: the 
                                             violent fever what should also stop the next hours. How many excess powers 
                                             should he still use up? Did he have which generally? Madleine asked 
                                             Christopher in.


                                             Madleine nodded and he helped both women.

46                                           INSIDE - BEDROOM of MARIANNE - MEET                                      

                                             RF could recognise Marianne still few minutes clearly, before he became 

                                            „If this did not want to expect of you, forgive me, that I....“

                                            „There is nothing to forgive, becomes only quickly healthy.“

                                             Though in the ears of RF, Christopher and Madleine this well sounded, but  
                                             they had been the last time only in readiness and a sick person who only 
                                             pretends his illness, he was level not.

                                            Christopher remained with RF which became slowly embarrassing. But 
                                            Christopher made clear to him that he may see now only forwards and if now  
                                             also the sister can help, it would go forward for him.

                                            "Who remains lying already by necessity on the bright day in the bed, as if he 
                                             dealt nothing else? RF could not know which happened in his body an 
                                             amount.  Not only the face and the external cover became younger, also the 
                                             internal organs and what the person else so has to show. During the hours at 
                                             which he suffered new cells, apparently too many formed in wondrous 
                                             manner constantly.

                                             Marianne and Madleine went of maintaining there in the sitting room around 
                                             himself, the atmosphere with the sick person became too sad to them to be 
                                             able to catch clear thoughts.

47                                           INSIDE - SITTING ROOM of MARIANNE - MEET

                                            "And he gets the fever constantly because of...?"

                                                                          (shaking the head)
                                            "No, because of nothing at all, he does not have to do inexpressible fear have 
                                             been pending that you do not perceive him as your brother. Moreover: what 
                                             runs off in his changed body currently who can know this. Yet my friends, the 
                                             doctors are not have a therapy ready. Christopher can even observe and 
                                             improve the conditions on him, maybe he becomes never again quite healthy."

                                             Marianne got up, went in the room to and fro and struggled the hands.

                                            "Of course I help him and you, how?"

                                            „Let this please work on yourselves what I mean. He goes well without his  
                                             work before the dogs, so it would be if we make all plans during the day 
                                             tomorrow. All the same whether we can work in some studios, outdoors, 
                                             inside, scenery or what, otherwise. If he is occupied, he is made behave 
                                             rationally and we will take drugs. Sounds maybe mad, but his desperation 
                                             also touches from his idleness. Do you have the materials with which 
                                             Christopher RF `see face can allow to grow old? Christopher is a makeup  
                                             artist and orderly, latter, however, only besides.“

                                                                          (is surprised)
                                            „Sounds really mad, however, goes only if he is tomorrow better on it.“

                                                                          (more happily)
                                            „Then I do not see for RF any more so black.“

48                                                   NARRATOR
                                            „Evening and night ran in such a way as the day passed: RF did not come yet 
                                             again to itself and Christopher took care alone of him, he himself could also 
                                             get by sometimes several days without sleep.
                                             Madleine always planned when it went beside RF to bed of overlooking the 
                                             present 2nd man. Did not make sure of course, yes, she felt and needed this 
                                             security also for beside her recumbent man who was hardly without fever at  
                                             the nights. It was irritating very well, because she had feelings of course. Even 
                                             if the skin of the partner was hot, shone with sweat and he moved quietly 
                                             sighing to and fro. She heard Christopher curse.“

                                               INSIDE - BEDROOM of Marianne - night

                                                                          (is surprised)
                                            „Since when one hears you cursing then sometimes, Christopher? 
                                             Nevertheless, is mostly the rest in person.“

                                            „Try you sometimes to lay drips if the skin is so firm as with an elephant, every  
                                             normal person does not have somewhere fat, he, however: firm meat, 
                                             muscles, just that what woman likes so: well-trained.“

                                            „If one sees it in such a way, you may be right. Why now absolutely still drips?“

                                            „I must come along to get his immune system to the running, understand. He is 
                                             like a great carriage without a lot of oil and almost without petrol, but will say 
                                             you a little.“

                                                                          (played offended)
                                            „I am not stupid now also, knows more over cars than this 4 wheels, exhaust 
                                             and steering wheel have. Can one not wait till tomorrow early, then he can 
                                             take everything thus to himself without you must torment him?“

                                            „Could understand if you had pity on a weakling that he is not at all, I will 
                                             have  to change to him the envelopes on occasion, with sputter against the 
                                             fever he would have lighter had it, here you get no needle by, already a 
                                             wonderwork what you have created there.“

                                            „I can only hypnotise and have failed there apparently very much, but I have 
                                             not created this miracle of man.“

                                             She rose, threw a dressing-gown and helped the orderly to renew the humid 
                                             envelopes and they were occupied very long with it. About 4 o'clock the actor
                                             was finally free of fever and had fallen asleep they dead tired.

 49                                          INSIDE - SITTING ROOM of Marianne - MEET

                                            „Marianne had a look at the screenplay which left her RF once there. She 
                                             found those situations almost quite biographical when she read who has 
                                             rejected about which it was that one wants to film his private life. Excuse: is a 
                                             little thrilling. One could adjust the imaginative fairy tales and soul world 
                                             absolutely in the studio, partially. And RF as Heinrich VIII? Yes if he can be 
                                             made older by mask, also with wrong thick belly or it would become again an 
                                             almost slender ageing ruler who showed no resemblance with the original. But 
                                             that droll cardboard town which would get by only with German? Of course 
                                             not real Ralph Fiennes who would possibly have to be shown with another 
                                             actor looking similar to him... Since would the Briton parody himself virtually 
                                             himself or would he call it different? Marianne wanted reluctantly Ralph 
                                             Fiennes personally so that confront, because he would have the idea: “If I act 
                                             in an imagination film, I would have a look absolutely at the whole screenplay 
                                             and not only the part where I seem sometimes as by chance in it.“ Marianne 
                                             anticipated that the man had been written not at all by chance in, were level as 
                                             well as just certain indications now also directly were personal. Might one 
                                             name a living actor in an imagination film simply so or did not need there of a 
                                             direct arrangement with Fiennes?
                                             Amazedly Marianne sat down in the most comfortable armchair which stood 
                                             there in the room. The name too often appeared to her and it was possibly 
                                             surer to change immediately the name, because future spectators would fancy 
                                             her heroes, nevertheless, from case to case with another face. The „English 
                                             patient“ as not quite uncomplicated Vinc who gets problems with drugs?

                                             RF had joined as by chance to his sister and saw her depressed face.

                                            „Does have the feeling, you are occupied very much with some questions 
                                             screenplay concerning?“

                                             She nodded


                                            „Have the sure feeling to turn me in the circle. Here the name Ralph Fiennes 
                                             appears, are you not of the opinion that this goes a little too far? And: it 
                                             cannot have been written about you, you have a little in the hat with all kinds 
                                             of fairy tale being and in living on after the death you also do not believe.“

                                            „No, once these were only sketches which to me Madleine handed over, I 
                                             found, besides, quite funny to put to me Ralph Fiennes in a droll German  
                                             imagination-film small town before and: I saw him anyhow before myself how 
                                             he might have been quite surprised as an about 34 year-old. But this is written 
                                             only so there and you know, how another film figure has said it: „I am not 
                                             responsible for this what the people give in my book of themselves.“ Do not 
                                             have this word for word, only thus as an idea taken. And where from 
                                             Madleine  these sketches has from the year 2o...:keine notion.“

                                            „With „no notion“: believe yourselves no word. So much I still know, a young 
                                             thing took supposedly because of you the life, these lines of her come 
                                             because it gets dressed up in such a way to position itself before: RF could 
                                             mean purely theoretically even Ralph Fiennes? What only the man from the 
                                             women could make. Bet, even shrines exist in magic circles before which they 
                                             adore him like at that time in old Egypt the gods were adored. Today he 
                                             would  inform you: „The Fact that I such a face had no reason is for heroic 
                                             admiration, was never a hero and wanted to be privately never one.“

                                            „You make yourself ridiculous. And you talk as if had met you Fiennes 
                                             personally. Nevertheless, to me it completely makes no difference, why one 
                                             made RF from my real name. May be that you turn in the circle because we 
                                             know not really how and when one could begin with the shooting. Madleine 
                                             will certainly be glad if it heard arguing to us so. The first notes have also 
                                             originated from a quarrel or annoyance out. Witty remark, by the way, with 
                                             RF synonymous with Ralph Fiennes, feels me immediately greater and more  

                                            „And Marianne not even knew with these words whether he talked away so 
                                             or whether he felt really flattered.“







All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/06/2009.


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