Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (14)

Scene                                                           WHERE - EXACTLY WHERE - TIME OF DAY
 67                                            „While RF drove off in some excitement, follower had happened in the 
                                                   theatre: once the incredible case of the female fan who had taken the life 
                                                   supposedly because of RF led to meetings of other fans who felt similarly. 
                                                   But: there was neither an official grave with coffin or urn or, otherwise, a 
                                                   place for the women who wanted to remember there. The theatre and 
                                                   also the film studios where RF was to be found was thus an approach 
                                                   point for those people who did not manage the past well and gave to the 
                                                   star the guilt, although he did not have unambiguously. Now Ralph was 
                                                   able to do absolutely nothing for the fact that he looked now like the 
                                                   older RF and was mistaken, besides, however, "occasionally" he was still  
                                                   he himself. Though the police was surprised when one had here more 
                                                   company than in the flat of RF before, however, still a supervision order 
                                                   existed, now one pursued the wrong man, also in the job.

                                                                    INSIDE - HALL in the THEATRE - MEET

                                                   Ralph after the test with him in one of the first rows before the stage.

                                                               Ralph `see voice off-screen
                                                                       (puts out of tune)
                                                 „If is anyhow no funny situation. To discuss audience, yes, but not thus  
                                                  with the tests and not this unobtrusively his wishing people with her small 
                                                  microphones what there is here splendidly?“

                                                  Also his colleagues got the restlessness, however, tried to concentrate 
                                                  upon  her work, an older colleague came up to Ralph, then stopped short.

                                                 „You are so incredibly similar to Yourselves, you and RF that one often  
                                                  does not know whom one has now before himself. I accept, you know 
                                                  what makes the police here? Are there announcements in the anniversary 
                                                  of her death again?“

                                                  Ralph lifted repulsing the hands, looked a little bit messy, the telephone 
                                                  call with RF had made him rather even more nervous. Well was that he 
                                                  had  to observe now only the work of the others or wanted to tune 
                                                  himself. Clear his activity still gave to him pleasure, but if alongside 
                                                  restlessness originated, was incriminating.

                                                 „RF appeared to something out of breath, was not recognised as a RF, 
                                                  now  he was a young actor whom one perceived as friends of Ralph...
                                                  Nevertheless, Ralph decided to disappear with RF in his big day room 
                                                  when they were just detained by that detective superintendent who left 
                                                  once the photos in RF `s to flat.“

       68                                                         INSIDE - one of the HALLS in the THEATRE - MEET

                                                                DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                 „Do you permit, my MESSRS. F. and....? I believe the young man to 
                                                  know, however, does not come just now on his name.“

                                                  RF grinned mockingly, devise fast a name?

                                                 „Ralf van den Bergen, in the last academic year in the college for arts.“

                                                  The commissioner nodded thoughtfully.

                                                                 DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT
                                                 „Now, because we have now the problem: Their name is Ralf van den  
                                                  Bergen, before me Ralph or who it is: RF? For which artist must be 
                                                  searched now? I think, we can solve all that very easily. They simply give 
                                                  me your identification maps, we try out them in the doors to your day 
                                                  rooms and we have at least the certainty that we do not search for a man 
                                                  whom I see now before myself. Our specialist for unbelievable cases has  
                                                  cleared up me: in the circle of the clairvoyants and foretellers the rumour 
                                                  handles, RF is 30 again, is thus?“

                                                 „Would I not have to have got to know from it first? Nevertheless, reminds  
                                                  very much of a great fairy tale.“

                                                                 Detective superintendent
                                                 „Good man, I see you both want to refuse to let try out your identification 
                                                  maps? Then I would like to ask you both on the district without sensation.“

                                                  Ralph did not get around any more to clearing the situation on, however, 
                                                  asked to be able to call up.

                                                  Detective superintendent nodded calmly.

                                                                 Detective superintendent
                                                                       (in a flat voice)
                                                 „Stays empty to you both to call your lawyers in, although I do not 
                                                  understand the sense, call whom you want and currently you have of 
                                                  course  more than one phone call freely. Expect you both in one hour on 
                                                  the district.“

                                                  He said goodbye for the moment very politely and Ralph RF shook a little 
                                                  bit crudely.

                                                 „Do you have the goodness to clear up me, why I can work now 
                                                  apparently again not completely? Can keep only around a magnificent 
                                                  nonsense, extrasensory does not fit thus at all here, although.....“

                                                 „Ralph remembered his first day together in the small round with Marianne. 
                                                  With the young man which looked similar to him when he was just at that 
                                                  age he had held for a joke, because in magic and other mysterious things 
                                                  he did not believe than realist. However, he had joined in not to offend 
                                                  other, that which believed in transmigrations and the like more. There 
                                                  could not be a gentle God for him for certain reasons also.“

                                                 „I already think that you need to give no trouble yourself because of your 
                                                  and my work, today in the evening you will stand on the stage if we could 
                                                  clear at the police.“

                                                                       (more relaxed)
                                                 „What, actually? You cannot make to me really before that you yourself  
                                                  are RF which was 60 years old before days. I could be liked this because 
                                                  I absolutely have sense for jokes, but if the police robs here of the nerve, 
                                                  this goes definitely too far. So what is wrong?“

                                                 „If it has already said you or to explain tried, I could not think in the 
                                                  hypnosis before also so right, however, it have happened things between 
                                                  sky and earth which showed up me a little deeper in than ever before. 
                                                  You are stuck too much in Here and Now, as that you could simply fancy  
                                                  soul meetings. Madleine has opened to me a gate which I soon want to 
                                                  cross again, and it is only to get advice just short with my mother.“

                                                                       (a little persuaded)
                                                 „Nice thanks for this idea of you, we must hurry up who pack of girl and 
                                                  go then to the district and the time sits also in the nape, so now please no 
                                                  more nonsense, understood?“

                                                  RF lifted the shoulders, was not his problem if the other man was not to 
                                                  be persuaded. Travelling in the past by means of hypnosis had been 
                                                  looked  also as mad, but too many facts spoke for the fact that the soul of 
                                                  a person simply after the first death does not disappear in Nothing.

                                                 „When both men asked the women to accompany them on the district, 
                                                  anticipated Madleine that she would have to pay attention from now on 
                                                  even more what she said whom. Marianne and them sat down behind in 
                                                  the car, both men in front, everybody remained silent first, RF smiled a 
                                                  little enigmatically and Ralph played about a little with the steering wheel 
                                                  as if he Can travel around thus his irritation about this pointlessly expel."

       69                                                         INSIDE - PASSENGER AREA - MEET

                                                 „It is clear that you feel cheated in your working hours, Ralph, but you two 
                                                  both are to blame yourselves, you had the identification map, besides, and 
                                                  if something had been, one could have issued behind some declarations. If 
                                                  was a big mistake to annoy the detective superintendent. But, 
                                                  nevertheless, now here no rash movements of the hand with the steering 
                                                  wheel, would like to come with pleasure unscathed. Is this feasible for 
                                                  you, Ralph?“

                                                  Ralph answered nothing, concentrated instead of this more upon the 
                                                  journey and his movements of the hand became also quiet.

                                                                   Ralph `s voice off-screen
                                                 „I do not drive a car the first day and if what happened to us, then you to 
                                                  the believing On the other side would not be also possibly further sad, 
                                                  because after a life there is indeed different still on top? So to speak, as a 
                                                  reward for all this what one has performed here thus or has missed? I 
                                                  would like to live rather still quite a while here and now.“ 

                                                                    Madleine `s voice off-screen
                                                 „Nevertheless, wants to peruse to me first of all what has to mean e-mail, I 
                                                  could never start with the sender "Sgrumie." something.

                                                                    Voice of "Sgrumie" off-screen
                                                 „The favourite Madleine. Because my so-called day of death should be a    
                                                  year since once again or also not - the newest of me gives the most 
                                                  different days for my departure of the world, here: no, it does not hold for 
                                                  a bad joke. Had definite reasons for my lies and my feigned death. The 
                                                  illness was real, but I have found out there a wondrous selfhealing which I 
                                                  apparently owe to a very gentle being from the other world. Even I 
                                                  believed, my last little hour would have hit, then, however, I swore to all 
                                                  what is holy to me: if to me my life is extended, I put my forces one for the 
                                                  person who was the favourite to me: RF, for that was always important to 
                                                  see well from, now, hence, he may be immortal whether he likes this, I do 
                                                  not know, he will look 30 years old for all time. Ralph? I could not deal 
                                                  with the man really, because he is declined the spiritual world even very 
                                                  much, will have his reasons for. Do not think please that you owe all 
                                                  surprises to me, I sit here calmly on my very lonesome luxury island with 
                                                  Internet and all knowledge what one needs and does not need again also 
                                                  at all if one can allow to just be all fours.“

                                                 „Madleine was not pleased with this e-mail at all. All only one bluff?  
                                                  Sgrumie had joked around with people, had she lied and cheated and now 
                                                  claimed even still to have managed RF `s conversion? Now immortality 
                                                  was  really the joke... Indeed this was also not possible biologically. 
                                                  Furiously crumpled up Madleine the sheet and also did not pay attention 
                                                  further to Marianne at whom she looked surprised.“

                                                 „You would like to say me what was for a sheet?“

                                                 „I would like to speak with pleasure with you of it, but not now.“

                                                  Madleine took a pencil, unfolded the sheet once again and wrote on the 
                                                 „If throws quite an other light on this story, will have to discuss without  

                                                  Marianne perused to himself the note and before she could look at the 
                                                  other side, Madleine to her took away the sheet, tapped briefly with the 
                                                  finger on her mouth... What she had not noted, exactly at the moment 
                                                  Ralph  saw to the back. No, the traffic was not dull, but he went so 
                                                  certainly, just in the right tempo, it everything amused him  suddenly  and
                                                  there the also fun here prepared for him.

                                                                   Ralph `s voice off-screen
                                                 „If an exciting history must be if nothing is men, woman's junk for us... So 
                                                  much I also admire women, I must not want to look behind all her secrets  
                                                  as well as them not behind all our.“

                                                  With a mocking look he searched on the parking bay before the police 
                                                  station an opportunity to leave the carriage, a brand from the machine 
                                                  moved and joined to the women and RF who waited at the entrance.

                                                 „Do not make thus a low-spirited face, nevertheless, Marianne and 
                                                  Madleine must also do not worry, loose then.“

       70                                                         INSIDE - POLICE STATION - MEET

                                                 „You were too early no minute or too late with the detective 
                                                  superintendent   who treated the women very obliging he allowed to bring 
                                                  coffee and cake, the right time was for it. RF and Ralph, however, he 
                                                  examined himself thoughtfully and then appealed to an assistant, that may 
                                                  bring him the specialist for unusual trap. Madleine and RF briefly 
                                                  exchanged an odd look when Ralph looked to Marianne, she lowered the 

                                                                    SPECIALIST FOR UNUSUAL TRAP
                                                 „How nicely that we sit here peacefully together, my rules. I also see 
                                                  Ralph, surprisingly, yes, it would have to be Ralph if I go after the eyes. 
                                                  Thank you, for the rest, for the surrender of the identification maps which  
                                                  you are got back after end of the investigations of course.“

                                                                    Ralph `s voice off-screen
                                                 „Then this might become critical, in any case, for me to rest me hardly time 
                                                  once again briefly, me will make fresh also no more go. Hopefully one 
                                                  comes at least early away from here.“

                                                  His look went remarkable-unobtrusively by the clock on the wall...

                                                  The Specialist for unusual cases looked to Madleine which looked at him 
                                                  very openly, the others looked irritated or nervously or in bewilderment 
                                                  into  it.

                                                                    Voice of the Specialisten for unusual cases off-screen
                                                 „The woman is known to me very well: Madleine, one of the uncrowned 
                                                  rulers concerns what the meeting with the other world. She talks so 
                                                  informally with the souls as if are all that her friends, I will direct my word 
                                                  first of all with priority to them.“

                                                                    Specialist for unusual cases
                                                 „Worth Madleine when the detective superintendent was there in that 
                                                  evening the photos left, RF still just looked like Ralph, they could have 
                                                  been uniovular brothers. Now, however, has entered a little bit what I 
                                                  cannot explain myself: why has he become so young?“

                                                                    Madleine `s voice off-screen
                                                 „Now of course I could tell him that a mistake has occurred me, but this is 
                                                  right, just in such a way as the words of Sgrumi are right. Unusually this 
                                                  present of a soul, but possibly that it is true.“

                                                 „I know that particularly Ralph holds all those people for overexcited 
                                                  spinners who listen in to the tape recorder voices from which 
                                                  unambiguously voices of the deads come. He will have his reasons and 
                                                  with  the help of his family history I anticipate more than I know. It lies to 
                                                  me far to offend him, but consolation can absolutely come if one is a little 
                                                  more religious than he. I have thought first, a mistake has occurred with 
                                                  the hypnosis me, but it may sound arrogantly if I state freely out: „I make 
                                                  no mistakes.“ The subject is too sensitive to handle laxly with it. The soul 
                                                  of  RF `s mother made this unusual, but loading present to him and I give 
                                                  absolute faith to this soul, she is genuine and pure, she was an artist and 
                                                  will strike certainly again as an artist in the next life.“

                                                  Madleine saw not to Ralph over who had become pale with the subject 
                                                  Consolation not only, but itself also in the armchair moved a little bit 
                                                  nervously, to him the subject was terribly antipathetic On the other side, to 
                                                  the Specialisten apparently not...

                                                                     Specialist for unusual cases
                                                 „If something true can be in it, but RF has consciously lied about his 
                                                  identity, he must hold the police not for silly, in consideration of that what 
                                                  attacked to him I want to look away sometimes on behalf about that. 
                                                  Now, however: is RF really RF or still someone else? Wants to allow to 
                                                  ascertain this with pleasure, then you are everybody dismissed.“

                                                 „Of the Specialist RF and Ralph sent together to the lab over where one 
                                                  would make some tests which would ascertain then unambiguously the 
                                                  identity for good.“

      71                                                           INSIDE - LAB - MEET

                                                  Both men acted very differently with the blood decrease and other things. 
                                                  Ralph did not let make a note of it as him all that annoyed, joked with the 
                                                  young woman which took care of his blood, while RF went a little bit 
                                                  oversensitively to the thing near: he closed the mouth tight the eyes, until to 
                                                  him made sense as had to be incredibly embarrassing before the women. 
                                                  Madleine grinned a little bit gloating, Marianne drummed nervously on a 
                                                  tabletop what Ralph noted.

                                                 „Cannot be, I have compared not only the fingerprints and also other signs 
                                                  everybody with each other: the signs of Ralph agree up to the smallest  
                                                  with  those of RF, biological miracle is still boasted.“

                                                 „Does know very exactly that I have never had one more brother, so what 
                                                  is this here?“

                                                  The assistant lifted regretfully the hands.

                                                 „I have just carried out the tests and it is no doubt possibly.“

                                                                      RF `s voice off-screen
                                                 „When I looked both other R `see, I believed myself to spin. Am I here in 
                                                  a bad fanciful crime film in which too many Clone could walk around and 
                                                  do everybody in the insanity?“

                                                  It used nothing: the identity was held on once more on identification maps 
                                                  which the men should lead now in the theatre and in the private life with 
                                                  themselves. Ralph doubted whether was under these mysterious 
                                                  circumstances a work possible, time for the preparation remained to him 
                                                  enough, but whether could he really switch off after him learn to know of 
                                                  his twin who never ran to him as a child through the way, now, however.?

                                                 „Ralph did not get to drive the carriage to the theatre, this time Madleine, 
                                                  beside itself drove RF, they chatted pleasantly on all possible things, 
                                                  Marianne looked at Ralph a little bit uneasy: he had closed the eyes, was  
                                                  to  be moved to no conversation, his face fossilizes. RF and Ralph should 
                                                  stand together on the stage, while they did this, both women stayed in the 
                                                  canteen, there it was very pleasant for them, almost comfortable.“

72                                                                 INSIDE - space of RF in the theatre - MEET

                                                  Ralph stayed according to the image with RF, the space was slightly 
                                                  smaller  than his more own, but a little comfortable.

                                                                       (in a good mood)
                                                 „Why are you so monosyllabic, Ralph? It was a magnificent thing to stand  
                                                  with you on the stage.“

                                                  He did not know how much mental strength had cost to the old people to 
                                                  concentrate only upon the text on the stage, in the way, how he could play 
                                                  and wanted. Ralph was to be driven more than once been just about in the 
                                                  car from the skin and to let out his lack of understanding on Madleine, but: 
                                                  was what able for it? She looked to him too deeply in his soul, without he 
                                                  had to say something and he not always understood why he her attention 
                                                  on himself moved. He did not like it that it was for this peculiar, but also 
                                                  attractive woman an open book in which she read just as one likes or also 
                                                  not. Well that Marianne remained silent there.

                                                 „We better go to our women, they will want home, to me is not, in any  
                                                  case, after a party to divines.“

                                                  He looked at RF which looked fresh and high-spirited, but internally just  
                                                  as well as he doubted the values which the lab had found out....

                                                 „Madleine and Marianne dwelled on during them her coffee drank, also on 
                                                  occasion her thoughts, Marianne observed Madleine curiously which her  
                                                  music had with itself and a classic in itself took up by earphone:
                                                  Besides, "We Could Have It All" of Maureen McGovern, it happened 
                                                  something what acted Madleine, otherwise, very seldom: you rolled the 
                                                  tears out of sight. The same signs of Ralph and RF hard gave a hard time   
                                                  to her.

73                                                                 INSIDE - CANTEEN in the theatre - MEET

                                                  Marianne saw both men first come and Madleine prodded.

                                                  Madleine nodded

                                                 „I know, now I should pull myself together, because, finally, these are the 
                                                  men who must manage particularly it be a sort of twins to.“

                                                  RF came up of beaming look at Madleine, it embraced very stormily and 
                                                  felt with the kiss her humid cheek.

                                                 „Now, however, is not necessary, to us or I too regretfully, I have a 
                                                  famous and great man in my relationship and anticipated up to now 
                                                  something. I will not forget the image so fast.“

                                                  Ralph stopped short anyhow. His play manner had differed this spot 
                                                  slightly from his other ones, too much aggressiveness had been present, 
                                                  possibly that now RF meant, he has formed consciously so. "Faith 
                                                  Healer",  in which he played Frank Hardy again, that stood everything, but 
                                                  just not thus an excessive aggressiveness as he had taken them this time 
                                                  from the personal life with over. Fatal mistake rather than a reason for 

                                                 „It would be great if you tell me how you have just meant this.“

                                                                      Voice of RF off-screen
                                                 „Oh, yes, he still is convincing, has his voice had once more quietly in 
                                                  recollection, in any case, at some moments what he gets excited now so?“

                                                 „Because I played Frank Hardy one year ago myself, I could use yours as  
                                                  a model always very well. But so loud?“

                                                 „I had meant the excessive aggressiveness, not the volume, to me seemed, 
                                                  I should not have shown off so.“

                                                 „Then this is your personal impression, is able and becomes there nothing 
                                                  to say.“

                                                 „Of course Ralph could have the idea, RF wanted to flatter him either or 
                                                  had been despaired to to deliver now his honest opinion. Because Ralph 
                                                  was angry at the moment a little bit too much at himself, he began no 
                                                  discussion and went on his part softly with Marianne around.“

                                                  2 days later.
                                                 „Ralph fought during these days internally with himself, because he had 
                                                  prescribed himself for the moment for a while break, RF alone and 
                                                  Marianne worked visited without Ralph a part of her family. Now 
                                                  Madleine  was on the 3rd day according to the image for Ralph the right 

74                                                                 INSIDE - FLAT of RF - MEET

                                                  Madleine observed a little irritated and almost amused how he looked 
                                                  according to the right words to ask them.

                                                 „I know, you hold what I do, for a little bit simply, but I live on this activity 
                                                  which I consolation make a donation calls. Would surprise me now,  
                                                  nevertheless, very much if just you want to ask me to hypnotise you, all 
                                                  the same, for which reason also always.“

                                                                       (unpleasantly touched)
                                                 „I have tried to explain your looks to myself, however, could not find out 
                                                  yet what makes me thus for you interesting. To work Yes, in order a part 
                                                  of my life on, I think, thus an attempt would be feasible.“

                                                                       (is surprised)
                                                 „You should allow to make from somebody whose approach you know 
                                                  which you trust unconditionally. Do you mean, me would be likely to send 
                                                  a sceptic like you in another world?“

                                                  Madleine never had been able to count on it, his face looked carefully 
                                                  whether he permitted about one joke with her to himself. He looked not 
                                                  only quiet but also serious and tried to read in her eyes what he did not 
                                                  manage again.

                                                  She nodded.

                                                 „I need a while time, no days, rather probably 2 hours if you liked to wait 
                                                  as  long as?“

                                                  He agreed and she became engrossed in a part of her books to find the 
                                                  right way for him. Whether wanted he to undertake now a trip in his 
                                                  previous life or whether there remained only one attempt without success? 
                                                  She also needed time to gather enough, because up to now it had felt too  
                                                  much reverence. Thoughtfully she also looked those books in which she 
                                                  found photos of him which showed an informally smiling very much young 
                                                  man. What did he expect then from her?






All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 11/12/2009.


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