Jens Marquard


Move your feet, everybody;
feel the heat, of this party;
take a seat, when you´re hungry;
feel the beat, you´ll get horny,
there´s no cheat, when you´re naughty,
you´re to meet with that shawty,
you´ll be neat, with much glory;
you´re in need of song poetry;

listen to the music, it´ll take you high,
wisdom of the lyrics, is recognized;
the system of the critics, will be denied;
the rhythm of the artists lets feel so right;

meet your friends then, you´re non-shy;
they´re to dance when you walk by;
clap the hands then, ask you why?
it´s human and without cry;

No-one does curse; it´s so much worth;
let´s find our earth, forget about church;
we´re to deserve the women with curves;
let´s start to imburse them the serve;

let´s enjoy our sojourn;
I´ve got a deep yearn;
I want to earn;
from what we have learned;
if everything turns;
we´re together for years;
we´ll forget our fears;
we´ll be able to gear;
let´s toast and now cheers;



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/17/2009.


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