Meike Schrut

Broken dreams (19)

Sgrumie left quietly the area, in order to go into their generous dwelling. Dwelling was still under-floated: you belonged the house, it asked ourselves after arrival of the guests out, these may their floor in peace to leave. Because it tended there to do among other things also the following:

It included itself now, took an extensive bath, which did it otherwise only in open waters, afterwards ate it for a very long time and somehow everything in disorder. Also she drank beverages indiscriminately. And everything only, because it felt rather uneasy. She had never seen counted on it Ralph real to experience what he did as and why. The man, who her once of all humans at most admired and had admired, then however hated and despised, indifference did not try to train her on, it succeeded oneself. By writing the film script, she was written also their Grind of the soul. Naturally it did not concern anything it, which it did in its private life, why it did it and did with whom it which. It called it with itself RF number 2, because RF - partners of Madleine - represented the number 1 for it: calmly, faithfully, well looking, vocationally successfully, all what RF number 2 could not be for the moment. It went nervously back and forth, their unrest increased from minute to minute. Then it seized as from a sudden intuition a quite delicate ornate worked article, swore and threw it by the closed window in the free. The small statue, which represented the goddess Isis, flew beyond the balcony somewhere in the area. Those very strong woman drove itself unfortunately by the hair, laughed at one time as mad, so that it knocked strong. She called only: ” Leave me no matter around sky will the next hours in peace, who stands there before the door!” It was one of their security personnel, which had been sent by Madlein, since one needed Sgrumies assistance. The safety man decreased/went back thus unsuccessfully to Madleine, bowed themselves pedantically and reported, the lady for it had asked, one may leave it in peace. “You only around, there is bad it rumbles to ask it now for somewhat.” RF if Madleine looked surprised on, then it saw to Ralph, which varied some more, because he wanted to come as from a heavy dream again to itself. “To which did you want to have Sgrumie here?” Madleine felt the hostess as coolly, nearly feelingless, perhaps but more put behind, than one could suspect. It did not help the tired RF number 2 to put again it had determined that it strange to say still froze, there needed it around to run. “Sgrumie has perhaps ideas, which one could do next, it knows this island like no other person.” Madleine flax nodded and went over after Sgrumie seeing, became however before the door of a guard stopped. “I make myself concerns around Sgrumie.” On the other hand nothing was to be said, to Madleine listened at the door. Violent crying penetrated from the inside to it. “Everything in order, Sgrumie?” Crying grew silent, Sgrumie now nevertheless opened. “Now, as one takes it: I do not know, what with me it is loose I feel….” “Nevertheless not guiltily at the death of Marianne?”

Unnoticed by the two women, Ralph had come and said this sentence ice cold. For it Sgrumie did not have debt, but if she had not written, one would not have. Now, which one thinks evenly in such a way, if one wants to find a responsible person, who is responsible at the edge however only. “I did not force humans to read the bad film script through it did not need also to come, over....” “However one does not write film scripts, so that they are not read, that you exactly knew. And you must have likewise suspected, as I me feel, if such sentences occur in it how: To ruin” the face in some way - all the same whether by mask or other distortion (scars, marks etc.) - resembles a crime.” And as you write here: “This role was like that beside it, one could it only as placement error designate, it was not bad, it seemed it to be, although it is not ill, he seemed only its own despair outward to carry to want.” Many details, many assumptions in a sentence, but they fit all. Why?!! As you are added, better: why you think of me?!”

Sgrumie regarded Ralph suddenly very calmly, as if she would have waited all the years for this instant. He had spoken, as however looked too hasty he now: rather annoying as despairs. Then however, the more he their uncanny peace received, became the more furious he. “Can nothing, even the death of Marianne excite you not?” Sgrumie looked as pleadingly for permission to Madleine, this nodded. “Your death was nearly foreseeable, their illness progressed so fast, there could her no more physician help, but it wanted, that you despise it, she did not want feeling your compassion, as I with your figures, which you represented again and again, never compassion wanted, it had however done.” Sgrumie stared it, it stared itself both on and it concentrated only on its blue eyes, errs to idea only on came up in it that became green to him eyes very much better conditions, why however? Its face expressed only dangerous ice cold weather, when it said to Madleine: “Everyone knew it or played suspected, one me some marvelous scenes, I not understand could not, why Marianne itself not more to control liked. But one should already have confidence to each other, if one is on as an island as these, or.?” Sgrumie ran it now damp the backs down. Did Ralph suspect, over which acted it on this island or he said only something on blue vapor? It vibrated the head, no, it could it neither know nor suspect. Ralph however understood its head vibrating now wrongly. “Confidence do not have you thus all, if I am with you together? Which have I bad done, which one does not preserve me actually, but treats rather like an infant?!” Madleine frightened as also RF, Sgrumie stepped on Ralph to and meant now the only correct to do, by giving him a strong slap. Before 2. could follow, which should only make clear to him, as very much he thereby was to be felt sorry for, reached he fast for its arm. Ever in the private life a woman had given it a slap, in addition he had naturally never let it come, it to these or that cause would possibly have given, but generally women had been possibly also only courageous neither so brazen nor then impudently or enough. Before the two different 2., would have been all all this, it might to take the money now calmly something have felt, if he.....

But Sgrumie felt only something amusement in itself ascends. It had not sacrificed their all spare time for force training to stand over for a man opposite without resistance and thus had the man strangely enough much to exert, because their strength was not inferior its. Nearly easy it solved from the grasp and said themselves, looking past at it, because it wanted not to bear its view and could:

“Nobody treats you like a child, you by all is honoured and admired, loved and used, your child needs you at most, that has you apparently forgotten…” “As I could.” It held Sgrumie somewhat more carefully, their strength impressed it nevertheless slowly, when it separated from its hard grasp, played their muscles a little only. It smiled at it timid and it had opportunity to regard their eyes more near: blue wonderful eyes, its so similarly, too similarly. “Behind that Smoke screen can work you in the next days, so for a long time you want, what you want and also to find, so much you like diverson.” Sgrumie wanted to depart, when Ralph still said: “I'm sorry, if I.” The strong woman turned herself, happened on him and reached for his hand, with which he had before still held her minutes. “Everyone understands, what you at this moment oppressed and everyone would like to help, so that you can begin a new life. But you must want it also.” Their voice had sounded somewhat excited, so much it also to prevent wanted. Their feelings came up in it, than them had considered it possible, but it a woman at its side would have wanted stronger, were just as strong as he? Their voice caused exactly what had probably intended it rather unconsciously: it, emotions of its respective interlocutor were not unknown to who, drew entangles the brows highly, hesitated only few moments and took it then nevertheless into its arms. Rather carefully, because he did not know, how she would react to it. It closed very pleasantly affects the eyes, leaned to it. It was sure itself that it was that, which wanted it better: it wanted it, no matter whether it felt still restrained by their occurrence, its crude kind or its appearance. Madleine and RF had withdrawn themselves naturally already, Madleine drew a deep breath liberating. Even if Sgrumie in its lines had written much of it, how much she did not understand him, which next time would already show, changed in as far…



Note: it must do unfortunately - hopefully only temporarily - without PROMT and does not know not whether the translation program is just as good Babel fish. Ask to excuse from there errors, it cannot affect.







All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/05/2010.


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