Meike Schrut

Where even the innocence dies...

(2. Part for „Schindler `s list“)

Not only the soundtrack was sad here
The fact that one must automatically cry
Or would have totally got frostbite on own heart.
I have missed it sometime
When the red disappeared, nevertheless
How differently I would have wished it there!
He should also have had a child, he whom one must call fine:
Enormously in human form!
His woman - in the film
What did she get then, she wanted to see it?
If such a man woman and child or even one earns
Of course it was not about it.
Has thought to my own child
How it was in 1993 - my full first year with son
1 year old he should become, in 2010: 18 years old.
Children in the shown year of war often did not have this luck
Separate by father, mother, granny, grandpa
Hidden, concealed at impossible places
One turns from the look.
Can one forget what one saw once?
Details I once edges out probably has
Desperation, need, and death
Earlier was so everyday.
One saw lists many
Every line for a person stood
He was determined for the death
However, his list life them brought
And all those which followed them
From generation to generation
On that would never like to be forgotten.
He? As an Amon Göth?
Also had to compare too much
And ascertained: it is not easy
To deny itself
To change, certainly did not go now really.
Away all tender, shy, miraculous
Nevertheless, one does not see eyes, the colour in black white
One anticipates only, the ice cold much stronger than blue
Here was
One is not able at all
Compassion feel - here with him
It is shared with all opponents absolutely.
As own (film) death him overtook.?
If one could already come on the idea:
„Unfortunately, too late!“
He (R.F.) looked so much older than during other years
For me
Does not want to see this film so often
- without advertisement: fantastically - however:
Beside the history which was quite badly enough there
Because true -
Even if I already saw the film shortly after origin year
Nevertheless, it can happen again
The fact that me pushes off whom I saw there as that.
Indifferently, macabrely for me in his gesture (before the mirror) as
(The emperor will still kill afterwards so fast hardly even
He allowed to live first!)
I would already like to see him in such a way, as from other roles:
Really softly and fantastically and well and: because of me
Infinitely sadly, thoughtfully and what I know then still.
To put villains may also be quite hard enough
To look at them then, is almost intolerable.
Since here a laughter was only malicious
Real feeling: disappeared, what of course was an intention.
„Yes, too really?! What has been absent physically had to be absent:
Thus I may never again see him - it does not want.“

Remark: Written, after I have seen the film "Schindler`s  list" in 2010, in a different light as ever before, not only what concerned Ralph Fienn's role, also what I found out about Oskar Schindler` s  real life recently: there should not have been that famous list in the kind? If I do not believe rather. Masterpiece is this film still and Fiennes quite real entrance in all this what made him famous, even if I have hated him in this role.

However, in the lines of the 2nd part to the film I assume of course from the fact that there has been this list thus, as in the film one goes out from it. Homage for Ralph Fiennes? Partial, yes, because he was so many-sided and is and certainly will still be. And: the real daughter of Göth broke down when she saw Fiennes in the role of her father, must be real enough, for them: unfortunately...
Fame is always a two-edged history? 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Meike Schrut.
Published on on 01/28/2010.


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