Mikayla Powell

Suicide Wishes

   A girl in shreaded clothing was drenched in blood, sweat and tear's. The cuts on her body bleed out leaving the green shirt she was wearing black. Her long blonde hair was stringy looking, spects of dust and dirt clingged to the strandes. Dirt covered her face and most of her body. She was gasping for breath in between sobs. THe girl just layed there sprawled out on the floor in pain.

   She stood up in the dark room that had one single four post oak bed with white sheets, and two pillow's. There were large white curtains covering the almost ceiling high window's that were on the left side of her. One plain oak desk that held a bible and a few paper's were scattered on the desk top and on the floor. The floor's were wood with many scratches in it. Near the window's was a lengthly dresser that held only a few clothes.

   The girl slowly sat up trying to block out the pain she felt within her and on the surface, but couldn't. Standing up she started to whimper loudly. They'll hear you. You should be less of a whimpy child and more of a warrior. Said the nagging voice, the girl has lived with her entire life.

"I can't. . . I can't," She whispered aloud "I can't"

She gradully limped her way to the mirror that hung on the wall near the door. Looking at her self in the mirror she had the sudden feeling to vomit. How disgusting. You disgust me and your self, how shameful.

"You're right. I am disgusting to look at, and I am shameful,"

   The girl started to take off her clothes carefully, making sure not to touch any of her cuts. Standing there naked, a shiver ran up her spine. Walking over to the bed she took off the sheet to hide her self. Going back to the mirror; turning around she started to cry again. On her back there was the face of the devil carved in to her back. Below the face and the hands that had the finger nail's of knifes. Was the saying "Only those who betray shall be punished for enternity". She understood well.

   Turning around, the girl took the sheet off her shoulder's and placed it in the crease of her elbows. Examining her cuts she noticed that the devil's words were carved every where. In some places it was just long deep slices that looked as though it cut bone or worse organs.

   Wipping her dirty wet face, she wrapps the sheet around her then walks over to the window's. The voice in side her speaks" You're right. The devil does have a good reason for punishing you, and it would just make even more sence to just commit suicide. Don't you think?"

"Yes. He gave me the second chance so i could serve him in the mortal world, but now that I have failed him it would just make sence if I killed myself out of pitty for myself"

   The girl sighed, opened the window she stood in front of with the magic that the devil had given her.  Stepping on the fram of the window the girl looked down at the ocean below. Rocks were randomly stacked on top of each other, waves crashed against them in anger. Below also was a little brown wooden boat, in the boat was the man that had shown her to the devil for help when she had been on the verge of death. Standing there staring at her with little expression made her angery. Since she was on the fifth floor it was hard to tell if he was laughing or smiling a big smile.

"GO AWAY!!!!" She screamed The man just stood there in his boat, staring at her. "I SAID GO AWAY!!! I HATE YOU, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME WH-"

"Foolish girl!"

   Turning around a women in a white greek like goddess dress and auburn braided hair looked down on her. Her vibrant ivory eyes made the girl scared, her voice was sweat, but stern. She had olive skin, the skin of a goddess. When she saw the girl coward in to a corner away, the women's red lips fell apart into a smirk.

"Are you scared?"
  She nodds.
"Good. You should be. I'm your inner voice, Falvein. I am your mind, i control you"
   The girl had her back against the wall teriffied.
"Why do you do this?"
"Darcila, i do this because you are hopeless. I really don't see what he saw in you to give you the power. I really don't"
"WHy are you doing this?
"I can, and you can say nothing of it"

   Within second's a wip was brung out and lashed against her body once again leave the sin of lying written on her. Darcila cried out, falling to the ground clutching her side. Falvein walked over to her arms crossed.

"Now do you want your wish to come true?"
She shook no.
"To bad"

   Replacing the wip was a silver axe with a silver handle. The axe part had a crescent on it, just when Darcila was about to ask about it, she dies.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Mikayla Powell.
Published on e-Stories.org on 02/11/2010.


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