Sonali Roy

Ode to a Helpless Lover

Ode to a Helpless Lover

Please come to me,
And touch my heart
With your cruel love
Like that of a passionate bee.
Come and see
Thy mad beloved
With your own eyes
Of the vicious sea.
Give to me
A passionate glance,
Like a gentle dew on the grass,
Which is a troubled soul's key
To unlock its windows
Of depression and agony
And to give a selfless love to thee.
O, my dear!
Please come and talk to me
That I bind myself to thee
Like a root to a tree.
O, the king of my heart!
Please dry up the cheeks
Which are everymoment flooded
By the tears free.
O, the shy boy!
Don't cover your face please;
But let me see your eyes
That I am standing before your knees.
Give up the things cowardish
And be a man
To unfold your heart
For avoiding an escapist
That you may love me
For ever and ever
And never say "good-bye",
For I reside in you
Like a blooming lily
That would not be a flower
For your decision silly.
O, my heart's joy!
Keep thy eyes to mine
And my hands to thine
To give the long-cherished love
Of flower and honey
That I may give to thee
The hours and days sunny.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonali Roy.
Published on on 03/21/2010.


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