Sonali Roy

Colour of Love

The earthly paradise
Where one's breathing is in
Its full swing
Without any mockery of
The fevers and frets of life;to its full contentment,
Where nobody to interrupt,
and no one to cry!

The rose smiles
On its heart's joy,
With its innocent covering
Of peace and romance,
Making the heart spell-bound
With its fragrance
And unuttered rhyme sound,
Which awakes the beloved coy
And makes the stony hills bow
Filling them with
Sensation and thrills.

The nightingale singing
Beyond the well-versed enchanter
Soothes the heart
Gifted by nature's
And instinct ringing
Which may stop the author
Imposed on new verse composing.

Love too has its own colour;
On love's approach,
Peace,success-everything comes
One after another.
Love comes from the core of the heart
Breaking the chart
Of bondage and rules
By the human race,
Always busy in race;
In money-cart
They become restless!

Love is friendship,
Love is sacrifice,
And God's gift nice
Beyond the earthly price
To make the life devine
Caring a fig for
Everyday's nod.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonali Roy.
Published on on 04/06/2010.


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