Sonali Roy

A Complaint

“Love me, love,
And love me”-
Is your whispering,
Always bringing
Me closer to you,
Like the gradual happening
Of the moons full and new
In every fortnight,
As if the knight’s winning
The fort blooming
With the glowing hue
Of thrills
Those kill and go across
The hearts in thousands
Of bees murmuring
The words of love,
Loosing the nerve
At the first sight
Of the loved ones,
Longing for another glance,
Happening to by-chance
In some loneliest corner
Of the unearthy encounter!

Your lips are agree,
But can not prosper
For the heart’s silence
Stands as the bar
That mars the romance
Between you and me,
As like, some evils go between
The river and the sea,
Remaining unthrilled and helpless
Can but see
The king of the sky
Giving consolation only;
I can not help but rely
On the hands unseen
To draw you closer to me-
Not for the happiness momentary,
But for love for good
In this universal wood
Of love and peace,
As the binding of
A root to a tree.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sonali Roy.
Published on on 05/17/2010.


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