Robert Fischaleck

Our passion is understanding

the smell of roses
had cast a shadow in my dreams
and kept me searching
for what I thought it means.

everywhere and everystep
the shadow clutches
a hunch of song
but noone that it touches.
and no recognition.

Then silence made me fall asleep.
Another dream
another way to see.

Sometimes the rustling of the leaves
sometimes the roaring thunder
did frighten me , asleep.

I never heard the song.
But every morning
I found the footprints
right beside
it made me wonder
is this, my thirsty call and ponder
reaching out to meet someone.

my guessing game remains
my wings at time withstand
the storm and ache
trees whisper buds of patience
the world rolls by
a tapestry of thousand knots
each step, a deeper silence
each wish, a deeper joy
but none to ask, and no one answers.

One day someone did knock
I didn't even know there is a door.
Someone said something
but the knocking sound inside.
was so familiar,
that I actually began a conversation.
it hasn't been finished yet.
the topic is life.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Fischaleck.
Published on on 06/05/2010.


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