Robert Fischaleck

I'd rather be a flower than a stone

ok, the stone lives longer
used as weapon might be stronger

I hope I won't forget
because when thrown
to catch a stone
You must be swift
and if it's heavy
it is hard to lift

a flower is easely picked up
and with joy
admired like a toy
I hope I won't forget
when all the seasons
place their bet

I'd rather chace them as a flower
'cause rain feels like a shower
and sunshine makes it bloom
cloudy even leaves some room
I hope I won't forget
and if the smell is recognized
the bees will find it
no harm and no disguise

I know, a flowers life is short
it might be just in time
but every flower tells
of fragrance no stone smells

this life is harsh without the flower
and everybody knows of such a power
ok, the stone is stronger
survives the rivers
much, much longer
But all the sages say
stone put out in the sun
the water will not stay

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Robert Fischaleck.
Published on on 06/12/2010.


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