Mary Amulya Ammulya

A Good Friend

Leaning back on chair a moment from the day's stress of coding and debugging, looking through glass window the visible stairs empty and silent aheading towards corridor.Taking a deep breath joe closed his eyes as burst of relief on opening his eyes he saw steve standing afront of him.
"hi....plan to go out" relaxingly asked joe.
"yep would you like to join" responded steve leaning himself on the desk
"hmm.......i think i should" loosing his tie said joe Moving themselves towards the exit they opened the door by showing their ids. Stepping down from empty corridor joe looked back at the window thru which he peeped a while ago finding his cabin empty and silent. Seating themselves in cafe they started having the hot chocolate coffee observing the people around.
"What do you think about these people around?" questioned joe
"Iam thinking about the table four..." said steve with a witty smile looking at table 4 which is behind joe.
"!table 4...." exclaimed joe and tried to turn back to know who is on table 4.
"wait dont look back .... she is looking at us" said steve turning his eyes towards joe.
" goodness.....she ?"said joe brining smiles on his face. joe found steve started blushing secretly peeping at the lady....he started loosing the tie like an suffocated ant in an insulated room.
"stop staring steve..its so embarrssing looking at her.. what she would be thinking of you " whispered joe sipping his coffee.
"Jesus she smiled ....." whispered steve smiling back at her saying hi by gesture of his hand.
"!oh god you dont even know her..."stressed joe with whispering voice gently beating table with his fingers.
joe's mind filled up with various thoughts and felt like a fish out of water dealing with a situation like this steve seating afront to him imagining about the one whom he never knew and trying to making an contact with silent language. joe was desperate to see the lady but feared of he being becoming an disrupt between two evolving medias.
"do you beilieve in first date......" said steve smiling at the lady.
"no not at all and its true" said joe frustratingly with his final sip of coffee
"waiter " called steve raising his hand The mexican waiter stood afront of us with in a second with apad and pen to take an order.
"well what is best in here...." said steve staring at the lady behind
"chicken sandwich" said the mexican lady holding her pad and looking at both of us with a doubt
"well two sandwichs please" said steve again looking at the lady
'Iam not hungry steve... i think we should go now" said joe with irritating voice
"pleae joe lets finish of the sandwich we will leave" said steve drawing back his hair
"sandwich or lady" said joe peeping in to steve's eyes giving a pleading look steve gestured him to stay back.
"well in that case ... i need to look at my friend's admirer" said joe readying himself to turn back.
"!oh no joe.. she raised...... i think she is coming towards us" said steve triming his hair and lowering his eyes making images with his fingers on table
"!really ....." said joe preparing himself to introduce to her
"here are the sandwich sir "said an masculine voice from feminine gender the mexican waiter covering the lady completely from steve's sight.
"thank you..." said steve with desperate voice The mexican waiter placed the order afront of us the mouth watering sandwichs with abottle of chilly sauce. After placing the order she moved to kitchen.
"where is she? " questioned steve with curious voice
"she left...?" turning himself suddenly said joe and watched the table 4 empty
"oh no she left joe...." throwing his back on chair said steve with frustration in his face.
" so sad i cannot make guess also how she looks" said joe turning back to steve withlow voice.
Having the sandwichs steve started describing the lady to joe her eyes ,hair and her smile as though he know this lady from many years and making blind guesses how she would as a women he love ad places they can explore as both. joe hearing his conversation felt as he missed out the glance of her and he started feeling he may never understand this as he has never seen the gorgeous lady.All through way back to office steve was describing thje lady which joe has never saw joe all through the way felt himself unfortunate.
"Ok back to work.." said joe seating himself in his chair switching on the monitor.
"yes.." said steve with an loosing voice After working for 2 hours more joe leaned back again on his chair and started peeping thru window the empty steps on silent corridor. He suddenly became alert looking at lady in sky blue dress with a radiant look in her eyes.
"!Leena..? with an astonishing look in his eyes whispered joe Smiling back at her joe got up from his seat and opened the window .
The lady stood other side of window started talking to joe with smiles and tender words sharing between them. Finally lady left with a tender kiss on the cheek of joe. As she disappeared from corridor joe sat back relaxingly on to his seat smiled at steve who started walking towards him in very curious and hurried manner. looking towards the corridor which is vacant and empty peeping outside thru window he said taking a deep breath " is that the same lady right..."
"u mean lady in cafe?....." said joe with surprising look
"yes damit.." said steve with desperate voice
"she is leena.." said joe seating on chair relaxingly
"u mean u know her " said steve with astonishment and forcefully sat near joe's desk
"yes she was my first date..." said joe with a pride in his look as he felt he achieved something which he thought is lost.
"joe you devil... you really a nutty creature" said steve bringing a witty smile.
Both shared a good time and laughed at their own stupidity of crossing over the things. How steve was foolish about person whom he dont knew and joe was insane about the lady he knew but felt not aware off. After having a nice time about the day they had and gave good night shake hand and left to their homes. while steve in his car returning to home got a call picking up the call he smiled in himself and said
"Well Leena did he call you" "yeah .... thank you so much steve" said leena with pleasing voice
"i was thinkng about him after our first date.. but he never turned he was so sweet in his talk ..." said leena with bounty happiness.
"any thing for you my friend..."said steve relaxingly turning the car wheel
"This saturday night he wants me take out....thank you again steve" said leena with thankful voice
"not a problem.. have a nice time" said steve with welcoming voice Addressing good night to each other they carried the sweet memories.................  


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mary Amulya Ammulya.
Published on on 06/28/2010.


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