Joana Angelides

The year is 2203

People doing almost no work more manually, everything is done by machines and vending machines. Well, almost everything.
Ninety percent of the adult population is engaged in inventing such machines and vending machines and construct.

The remaining ten percent are busy, keep communication up.
After all, should the further development, and management and information are kept in flux.

Housework such as heard in this millennium in the realm of fairy tales and legends.

Is our already cute female robot 210th with the type number We have it from the catalog for ministering robots, division budget.
There was a small debate between my wife and me. I was able to prevail in this case, however, finally. She wanted a male robot with black hair and dark eyes, the type number 209, but I liked the blond, blue-eyed female Type 210 better. This resulted from the fact that this type had such a sweet streamlined extension of the back and reminded me once again to our first female domestic help Type 201, which unfortunately had a short total loss. She washed my back up one morning and came accidentally under the running shower.

We had to do without a warranty replacement, as the Type 201 was not approved for wet rooms.

My wife threw a short hand then type 201 in the metal press and I have a wistful look after.

Our kitchen is fully automated and controlled by time clocks.
To point 8.ooh morning is the coffee ready and the door of the oven opens and fresh bread to slide out onto a wire rack. Our new house robot then takes with her charming fingers clamp the roll and deliver it to the breakfast table, to the already arranged plates and bowls. In her large eyes blink twice and also twice she nods her head. At noon she raises additionally both hands and turn the palms outward, a distinction must finally be yes.

In the original version had delivered the two buffers on the front that had installed a sensor in order to avoid the edgy to furniture pieces, two flashing red light, but which has screwed my wife out. It makes them nervous. A pity, she reminded me of something.

Whenever a dish or plate to the ground falls and shatters, triggered rolling through the noise, a small vacuum cleaner out of his compartment under the sink sucks the pieces on greedy and crushed them like a garbage disposal and transfer it thereafter by his long hose the drain.

Our budget includes robot then equipped with long eyelashes eye patches and says with a synthetic, but make absolutely, nasal voice:
"Sorry indead"

All domestic workers are "very British".

The robot series 600, are for the garden and pool cleaning of French production.
In particular, the gardener always reminds me of Paris and a Travestishow. Maybe because he always easy to walk the left hand and raises his head to and fro. But perhaps I am imagining the only one. It is perhaps also the small metal container, which the gardener with tools and pliers, always worn over the shoulder. It reminds me of a small bag.

My wife thinks it's a shame that there are no more drivers. All cars are now computerized. She recalls stories told by her grandmother, who has done it again by her grandmother, that especially the Italian and French drivers were very charming and had whistled rather frivolous songs. So, my driver would make a whistling just nervous. I also like frivolous texts better when they are sung.

In my office computer, besides me only one service technician who is responsible for all computer and computer in the house.

The doors open when you approach automatically, the elevator responds to verbal command and is also automatically transferred to the individual floors.

His synthetic voice is emotionless and has never grumpy or tired. Only once in all the years it happened that the voice faltered a little and it sounded like hiccups, as one of the last robot in the Type 500 a box tipped over with champagne and it broke some bottles. The liquid flowed into all cracks and joints and the lift stopped at once. We had to be freed by the service robot.
And so it was just that the elevator mastered the rest of the service is very poor, with some twitching and jerking and the voice occasionally wavered.

The voice was still two days something quieter and more hesitant, but after a service in the General Nachstunden it worked again without complaint.

I managed to get assigned to my office for a female robot Office.
I opted for the Type 301, with blue eyes and blond hair plugged. I have chosen him from the catalog and made sure he had a certain similarity to Type 201, we had to be scrapped, unfortunately. Especially so down the line from the back ........, good! I'm a creature of habit.

Since my wife rarely comes into the office, I have not removed the two flashing lights on the front bumpers. I think it is functional.

I call him "Barbarella" to establish a bit of personal relationship.

Well, this female robot Barbarella welcomes me every morning now with a friendly voice, which I have programmed himself.
So send today. I walk into my office through the door and there is self oscillation Barbarella and extends his left arm around my hat and coat to make and receive.

She turns around and goes up to the cloakroom. In this light their lamps buffer and remains in good time be it.

Then she turns around and strums with the long lashes and shining at me with her blue eyes.

"Good morning, she slept well? May I serve it to them? "A sweet voice. But I will hinaufschrauben after a few bass notes to make it even to make a little more feminine. It sounds better and is doing just well ..

"Yes, Barbarella, please!"

She then turns around again and goes to the little kitchen in the office and then presses a few buttons. I imagine it to me only one, or a little shaky since the middle third of her body back and forth? Should I correct this, or maybe I like it so?

She brings coffee and unintentionally touches the picture of my wife from the desktop.

"I'm sorry!" She bends down and appears unfortunately to the glass and it shatters.

"I'm sorry!"

Well, this does not sound very sincere, yes, must be due to the sound card, it is certain emotion.

The days are always the same, no highlights, but even without friction on the functional settlements with the help of the various robots.
The incoming mail is left out of the pneumatic tube, already open and provided with the entry stamp. The letters dictated to me come automatically from the printer to my right, and signed by me and then disappear at the top drop opening of the desk.
The majority of the correspondence expire at the above e-mails and will be stored.

If one night left the office, then you can switch these helpful robots using a switch on the back of the robot or on the desktop as easy and they still remain in this position until the next morning.

Unfortunately you can not use this Precedes on the private life.
There, you can indeed Maid Type 210 and the gardeners and auxiliary robot, series 600, leave via the switch on the back, which is not with my wife and can not be applied to my mother.

We are working on a new series as I could learn from a secret document from the ministry. It is said to have given many years ago, attempts to inflatable objects. But the research was then adjusted to pressure from the women's organizations.
The literature also was drafted and is only to get hold of.




All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joana Angelides.
Published on on 07/15/2010.


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