Gerry Shorey

Sir Dudley Whuppin


There once was an English Lord whose name was Sir Dudley Whuppin.  Now Sir Whuppin was a small and timid little man, but he had as friends two brave strong companions.  Now one day, he, Sir Whuppin, and his two brave strong companions were walking through Sir Whuppin's vast estate, when lo, they came across a poacher who was poaching Sir Whuppin's prize, prized partridges. 

Now normally, Sir Whuppin wouldn't have done anything about it;  but, because his two brave strong companions were with him, he, Sir Whuppin, went up to that cad of a poacher and said,"Poacher, you, you, cad, unhand those prize, prized partridges."

And the poacher said, "No, thou, can'st make me."  And with that he grabbed Sir Whuppin's arm and he flung him about, and he knocked the two brave strong companions to the ground and he threw Sir Whuppin into a high tree top and he dashed off with the prize, prized partridges.  "Ha, Ha, Ha."

Fortunately, or unfortunately for that cad of a poacher, the constabulatory witnessed also this event.  A patrol car gave chase and they picked up the poacher and brought him immidiately  to the callaboose.  A few days later there was a trial and after much deliberation the judge found the poacher guilty and sentenced him for ten years:  Not for poaching but for assault with a Dudley Whuppin.

My friend Greg when I was approximately eight years of age told me a joke about Dudley Whuppin. I embellished this story many times over. It is simply something from my child-hood. Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Gerry Shorey.
Published on on 10/06/2010.


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