Sandy Lindahl

We should just stay Home

So we decide to go fishing.  We go over to the shop to get our boat, will clean it up in the morning and go fishing then.  As we’re backing it into the driveway the parking brakes on the boat trailer lock up.  Not a big deal.  Seems to only happen when you are backing up a hill.  In the morning the one of the bait wells doesn't work and the ladder on the back is falling off.  The local hardware store doesn’t open till 9am so we decide today is more of a practice going fishing day than an actual going fishing day.

Itchy goes to the hardware store and the checkout gal locks up the computer.  Now she is about 60-65 years old and can’t figure out how much change the guy should get in front of Itchy.  So Itchy pipes up and tells her, she doesn’t believe him and actually gets out paper and a pencil to figure it out long hand.  Then it’s Itchy’s turn and she shorts him 20 cents, he tells her and again she doesn’t believe him.  It takes him a little bit but he finally convinces her.  He comes home just shaking his head.

We fixed the boat, wax the stripe on the side of the boat and get the fishing gear ready.  I look up on the computer what kind of fish were going for, what kind of tackle we should use, what kind of bait and how to hook the bait.  So we try out the poles outside to see if they all work.  It’s been awhile since we used this stuff.  Itchy takes three fishing poles outside, he comes back in the garage laughing and says maybe we shouldn’t go fishing today.  His first cast was perfect, the next two he managed to wrap the fishing line around the power lines.  So I go outside to watch this fiasco and decide to give it a try.  The pole I choose doesn't work so well, or maybe it's the caster.  I managed to catch Ted and Linda’s palm tree across the street and I quit when I hit my car.  Now we haven’t even made it out of the yard yet.

Next is how to catch sand fleas and fiddler crabs, that should be fun.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sandy Lindahl.
Published on on 11/23/2010.


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