Joseph Trance

It Makes No Sense

It makes no sense that He came into the world.  It defies logic and reason.  The world hated Him.  They mocked  Him, crucified Him, beat Him.  They rejected what He said and who He was.  But still He came.  It makes no sense that He loves us.  We sin.  He knew we would and we do.  Still, He came and died for our sins.  It makes no sense that He would put away His god-ness.  Who would do that?  Give up all of God-nature to become limited...human.  It makes no sense that God the creator of all things...the end all and Be-All, would give that up.  But He did it anyway.
It makes no sense. 
   He defies logic.  He defies our way of thinking.  He defies our nature, and it makes no sense.  How can He love us?  How can He when we sin and question and defy Him?  How can He stil have open arms, call us back to Him, care about us and do all the things He does...when we do all the things we do?  It really doesn't add up...doesn't stand to makes no sense.

   But I for one, am Thankful...truly.  At this time of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for this God who makes no sense.   I am thankful for His unending Love that defies logic, reason, legalism.  I give up my doubt and dare to belive that He is TRUTH.  I defy my own nature and reach out by Faith that His Word is the only real TRUTH, and that this God who defies all reason...this God who makes no sense...truly exists.  The Love of God is beyond our understanding.  His ways and His nature are a mystery to us.
   Because in this broken world, this world of logic and reason and darkness...he is the only thing I can truly count on.  I makes no sense...but I know it's true, and that's the only thing that does make sense.  Thank you, Jesus.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 11/24/2010.


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