Morgan Fletcher


Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Aurora, who lived in Crystal Cradle palace in the town of Miaoujenay (Meow-ja-ney). She was supposed to be a queen, but she was too young to be one. She had servants and maids and she acted like a queen, but she wasn’t allowed to attend meetings or make rules.
Five years later however, she was old enough to be a real queen. She had a tournament to see which cat could be the king. In the finals, there was a young cat about the right age and an old cat that looked as if he was about to die. The match was wrestling and the young cat won.
The two cats married the next day. They had twin kittens that year and then another the next. Alexander was a medium-sized kitten with bright green eyes. He was brown with a black left ear, and had three small black lines from his nose to the top of his head. Alex was also a medium-sized kitten, with dark hazel eyes. He was a dark ginger colour, with a black diamond under his chin, and a white tummy.    
        Aroma was a small kitten, a year younger than her brothers. She had light brown eyes that danced with a mischievous fire. She was black, with brown on her chin and a white splotch on her right back leg.
          At first the kittens were too young to go exploring, but they grew fast. As soon as they were able to, they went everywhere together - except for the palace. Except for eating and sleeping, the palace was off limits. They wanted to explore the palace, so they made a plan to eat their breakfast and go outside, and then go back in. They followed their plan and snuck upstairs.
        They heard a creak and were suddenly very scared. The door opened and a big guy came out. He looked down at the kittens and they looked up at him. They stayed there for a second, mewed, and then ran down the stairs, into the kitchen, through the hall, and through a door. Through the door was a chair.
        Alexander was a cat with lots of knowledge, and he said that the chair was a throne. They could see why. Their mother and father were sitting on it. There were guards in front of the throne, and in the hall leading towards it. Aurora and Fritz smiled when they saw their children. The guards saw them too and let them pass. They got licked clean, ate their supper and went to bed. Just as they were falling asleep, a burglar named Jaques grabbed the kittens. He stuffed them in a bag and ran out of the palace. The kittens were scared. They bit and clawed the bag, but it was no use because it was a thick material, and their claws had just been cut.
      Jaques took them to a palace and opened the door. It was a huge palace much bigger than Crystal Cradle, and it was called Rat Rooms. The front door was 10 feet high and 10 feet wide, and was made of solid oak. The kittens were taken down ten flights of stairs and put into cages. Jaques’ faithful bulldog guarded the kittens, but, being a dog, he was taken for walks every few hours. When the dog, named Zebby, was gone for his second walk, Alexander found a secret passage. He told Alex and Aroma, and jumped down. Alex and Aroma followed, and got down just in time, because Jaques had returned.                     Down, down, down they went before landing in a hay bale. They heard footsteps above them, and they knew that Jaques was looking for them. All of a sudden the walls started closing. Alexander told his siblings that the area that they were in was called the invader trap.
       “Oh no!” Alex and Aroma screamed.
       “Calm down, there’s the exit,” Alexander said, pointing to a hole in the ceiling above them. The passageway that they were in was only about 1 foot and 3 inches high, so the kittens could reach the hole. They scrambled through one by one, and came out on the main floor. Aroma jumped in the air and landed on Alex.
        “Why did you do that? You’re so annoying!” said Alex, standing up.
       “It was your fault!” said Aroma, glad to have caused some excitement. “You jumped on me!”
       “Did not!” “Did to!” Did n…”
      “Break it up, break it up. We have to get out of here, and with you two yelling, he’s going to hear us!” whispered Alexander, frantically looking around.  Just then, the bad guy came around the corner.
       “Run!” yelled Alexander. They didn’t need to be told twice. They ran as fast as they could back to the palace. Jaques was killed by the guards and given to the cats for supper. The supper of roast bad guy was very good.
       The next day was August 3rd, Alex and Alexander’s 4th birthday. Aroma was still 3, but she already knew as much as Alex. There was a big feast in honour of the kittens’ birthday.
       That night, after the feast, they went exploring. Eight blocks away from the palace, a big bulldog grabbed Aroma.
      “Help!” she screamed. Alex and Alexander ran after the dog, which they identified as Zebby, but they couldn’t keep up. It was Aroma for herself and her knowledge.
       Zebby took her to Rat Rooms where she and her brothers had been taken the day before. When they went through the doorway Jaques’ brother, Jean, grabbed Aroma.
      “I’ll make you pay for what you did to my brother,” Jean said, menacingly. “First you, and then both of your brothers, and no one can stop me!” he sneered at Aroma before adding, “come, Zebby.” The dog obediently followed until they came to a metal door the same size as the front door. Zebby sat down to guard the door with no command issued. Jean opened the door using a silver key with lots of teeth.
       On the other side of the door was a chair, and at first Aroma thought they were in the throne room. She quickly changed her mind, because she had realized that the chair wasn’t a throne, it was an electrocution chair! She had seen one before, in Alexander’s picture books. Jean was looking at Zebby, and Aroma saw her chance. With a hiss, she scratched him, and bit him on the finger. Jean screamed in agony, and threw Aroma out the window. She would have surely died if she hadn’t managed to move over in order to land in a pile of hay.
        Luck was with Aroma, because when she tried to get up, she could! However she was sure that she had twisted her left back leg, because it twanged painfully whenever she stepped on it. She kept going, and one block away from the spot she was captured from, Alex and Alexander found her. They had a really hard time getting sobbing Aroma back to the palace.
        Half an hour later they reached their mother and father. Aroma explained all that had happened through sobs, and Fritz put little Aroma on his back. When they got to her room, he put Aroma down, and Aurora phoned the doctor.
       The doctor came over and X-rayed Aroma’s leg. He said that it had a big brake in it. Aroma asked how long they would put the cast on for, and the doctor replied, “Three months, and you will have to stay in bed for one week.” Aroma was given crutches and a wheelchair.
      The week dragged on as Aroma lay in bed looking at Alexander’s picture books, but finally it was done, and she got out her crutches. She was so slow that Alex teased her and said, “A turtle could beat you in a race.”
      “Don’t be mean, it would take you awhile to get used to crutches too,” Alexander scolded. However, Aroma agreed with Alex. She turned around, and slowly made her way back to the palace. She got a book, and was just sitting down to read it, when

Aurora burst into the room.
       “Oh Aroma, the doctor just phoned. He said you might have bone disease as well as a brake!” she said looking as if she was about to cry. “He thinks straw might have gotten into it when you fell.”
       The next day at 10:00am, Aurora and her kittens arrived at the doctor’s office. Within ten minutes, Aroma was called. The doctor’s office was in a small building, and was built with bricks. It was a solid building, but it looked like it would fall down at any moment, because the bricks were all cracked. Also, in a strong wind the building would sway. The doctor sighed as he looked at Aroma.
      “I just got the results from the tests we did last time,” he told Aroma, “and unfortunately, you do have bone disease. You will have to stay at the hospital for three weeks.” Aroma was in a state of despair. Right after the doctor’s appointment, Aroma was transported to the hospital.
       While Aroma got the bad news, Alex and Alexander were running to Rat Rooms, to get revenge on Jean. They pushed open the door, and soon found the room with the “throne” in it.           Alexander had guessed that Jean would be in the room, and sure enough, he was right.
      “I’ll bite him on the bum to cause a distraction, and then you can push him out the window,” whispered Alexander. Alex nodded, and they carried out their plan flawlessly. The kittens were just walking out the door when they heard a thud, and then a growl.
      “Well, the thud was from Jean, but I think you forgot about Zebby in your plan,” Alex said, terrified.
      The brothers ran down the ten flights of stairs two at a time, with the bulldog right behind them. They jumped down the hole where the cages had been, and scrambled up through the trap door, just in time to meet Zebby again. They swerved around him and ran to the palace, which was locked. It was then that they remembered that their parents had gone to the hospital with Aroma, and wouldn’t be home until suppertime.
     The kittens ran to the hospital and saw Fritz’s fur poking out of room 200, so they walked up the hall and went into the room.
                      *        *        *
      Three weeks later, Aroma was carried home and put to bed in her room. Every day she would silently watch her brothers playing outside, and would wish that she could do that again sometime soon. After another  long, painful week in bed, Aroma was finally able to go outside, but she was so weak that she had to push herself in her wheelchair and watch her brothers play. Not long after, all three kittens were kept inside. At least Alex and Alexander can roam around, Aroma thought bitterly. She was kept in her parent’s sight at all times, except at night.           
         The reason that the kittens had been kept inside, was that a tornado was due to hit at any time. As Aroma was having bitter thoughts, the tornado hit, and the guards ran inside to escape the ferocious wind.
        “Attention guards, please take the cats into the 10th chamber. If we find the need to, we will take them further down. This is going to be the fiercest tornado we have ever had,” came the crackly voice of the human king over the loudspeaker.
       “Children, come here. You are in charge of Aroma, Alexander,” shouted Aurora, giving out orders. Alexander grabbed Aroma, her crutches and her wheelchair, and followed the guards to the dungeons. Aroma whimpered, and jolted her broken leg away from her brother’s tight grip. “Sorry,” said Alexander.
       “That’s okay, but I don’t want to go to the 10th chamber. It’s cold, wet, dark and scary. Well…. that’s what Uncle Simon said,” whispered Aroma, shuddering. Uncle Simon was an uncle that had been accused for stealing, murder, transporting stolen goods, and smuggling. He had been thrown in one of the cells in the 10th chamber, and before he had been taken to be hanged, he had told Aroma about his experience. That was the last anyone heard of Uncle Simon.
       Afterwards, the Miaoujenay animal police discovered that he actually hadn’t committed the crimes, and shouldn’t have been hung.
      “Well, it’s better than dying in a tornado,” Alexander said firmly. When they reached the 10th chamber they found that it was EXACTLY like Uncle Simon had said. Cold, dark, wet and scary.      
       “Where are mom and dad?” Aroma asked Alex, who had just entered the chamber.
       “They’re with the guards to see if we have to go any lower,” he answered. Reading the look on Aroma’s face, he said “So far we don’t have to move, because the tornado is only at the main floor.”       
       Alexander had made Aroma a bed out of the driest straw he could find, and told her to go to sleep.
      “What about everyone else?” Aroma asked Alexander.
      “We will be fine, we’re perfectly healthy,” he replied. A few minutes later, Aroma was sound asleep. Aurora and Fritz entered the dungeon an hour later, and Alexander got ready to pick Aroma up, when

Aurora said
     “No, Alexander. Leave her there. The tornado is over.” She also told him that the tornado had reached the 8th chamber before petering out.
     “Go to sleep leeetle keetteee cots,” said a guard that was standing at the entrance of the dungeon. They obeyed and went to sleep.
       When Alexander awoke the next day, Aurora was already gone. The cat guard told him that Alex and his parents were rebuilding the palace with everyone else that was already up, and that he should go to. The kitten was about to leave, when he remembered Aroma. He looked around the dungeon, but couldn’t see her.
      “Keetee, it’s okay. Leetlest keetee was teeken
by your paareeents two hours ago, and she is sleeping outside,” the human guard added.
       ″Mew,″ Alexander called as he raced up the stairs. He jolted to a stop so that he didn’t crash into the wall. As if out of the blue, there were no more stairs. “The 8th chamber!” Alexander gasped.       
        He had good reason to gasp, because he had only ever seen the completed palace, and then the stairs just disappeared, and around him weren’t sturdy castle walls, but dirt walls. It was as if the top part of the castle had disappeared! Alexander looked up, and saw Aroma far above him, curled into a little ball. He looked around hopelessly, wondering how to get up, when he found that he could dig his claws into the walls. Slowly he climbed up the wall, and ten minutes later he reached the top.
       There were bricks strewn everywhere, and people and animals were running this way and that, but finally he spotted his parents. Alexander asked what he could do, and was sent to work gathering items to make bricks. 
       Later that day, Aroma woke up. She quickly remembered what had happened, and wanted to help rebuild, but she knew she wouldn’t be allowed so she went back to sleep.
        With hard work and determination, 2 months later the palace was rebuilt.

                               *       *       *

       “Aroma,” Aurora called. Aroma went over to her mother, and she continued. “It’s been three months, remember? We have to go to the doctor’s office.” Aroma climbed onto her mother’s back, and   they arrived at the doctor’s office a few minutes later. The doctor did some tests and X-rays on Aroma’s leg, and when the results came back he smiled and took off her cast. “Well, good job Aroma, everything looks fine,” the doctor told her.     
        By the time they got back to the palace, it was 8:00 at night. Alex and Alexander had been put to bed by Fritz, so Aroma crept silently into her bed. She was relieved that her leg was better…so very…happy.
       “Aroma!” She slowly opened her eyes, and saw sunlight pouring into the room. Somehow she had managed to fall asleep, and it was morning! “Aroma?” she looked up into the smiling face of Alexander. “I heard that your leg is better, glad to hear it.” Aroma thanked him and ran outside, the wind playing with her fur.

                            *      *      *

         It was a rainy day in August when Alex and Alexander turned 5. The human chef cooked a marvellous feast, and everyone in the village ate together inside the palace. Aurora had given them new collars, and Fritz had arranged some events for all the village cats to play, but because of the rain, the festivities had been delayed.

Aurora called the two cats into the throne room, leaving Aroma to play with the human children.
       “Boys,” Aurora said quietly, it seemed to them, almost sadly. “You need to realize that you are 5 now, and I was 6 when I got married and had you two, and 7 when I had Aroma. The events your father has arranged are events that all the cats can compete in, but the royal female cats will wait until the other events are finished, and will compete in specially picked events after. The top two cats…”
       “Will be our wives!” Alexander exclaimed, cutting in. “We will have to move to different palaces!” cried Alex, horrified. “Yes boys, but the worst of the news is that some of the female cats that will be competing come from places out of town,” Aurora told them softly. “So?” Alex said, a puzzled look on his face.
       “So? That’s a main palace rule! Except for festivities, cat’s from out of town, royal or not, can’t enter another town!” Alexander cried. They all sat on the throne deep in thought, until a knock on the door brought them out of their dream-like state.
        “Mom?” It was Aroma, poking her head through the doorway. “Dad says that we will start the festivities now, because the rain has stopped,” she said timidly, seeing the threesome’s glum faces.        
       “Thank you Aroma,” said Aurora. “You can go and ask your father for some fluff, so that you can go and buy some treats, and if you wish, you may watch the events.” At that, Aroma’s eyes lit up.
        “Thanks mom, bye,” she said, and bolted out the door. “Dad! Dad!” Aroma yelled, running around a corner. “Guess what! Mom says that I can get fluff from you, and watch all of the events!” she told Fritz breathlessly.
        “Okay Aroma, here’s 6 fluff, go have a good time,” Fritz said, laughing.
       “6 fluff?” Aroma gaped, astonished. “Wow, thanks dad” she said, recovering. “See ya!”
       “Bye,” replied Fritz, and at that she was gone. The stadium was a huge dome that had been used for dog shows at one time, but was then converted into the cat tournament holder.
        Aroma found a seat in the first row with her name on it, so she sat down and took a program from an owl vendor.
      “Those programs are normally 1 fluff, but seeing that you are royalty, just take it,” the owl said in a wise sounding voice. Before Aroma had a chance to thank him, he had hurried away to find another customer. All at once, the lights in the stadium went out and an announcer said over a loudspeaker, “Ladies and Gentlecats, birds, frogs, snakes and mice. I present to you…The Royal Games!” The audience cheered at the top of their lungs, and the announcer said “Here come the contestants,” as some cats filed into the center of the stadium. “From the left, here is…Mince, Pete, Mittens, Mickey, Nadia, Tiger,

Griffin, Tigerlily, and Jake!” The cats stood in lanes numbered from 1 to 9. “The first contest is…the obstacle course!”      
        Jake and Nadia tripped several times, and were eliminated because they were the last two to finish.
      “The next contest is…pole vaulting, and seven cats are left.” The announcer stated. Pete got 3 feet compared to Mickey’s 8 feet 3 inches, and was eliminated. Aroma was completely absorbed in the events until she heard a vendor shouting “popcorn, hairballs, flossywax.” Aroma stuck out her paw to stop the vendor, and saw that she was a lioness.
       “I would like a hairball please,” Aroma said shyly. She loved hairballs. No, these weren’t the hairballs that cats cough up; they were little squares with peanut butter and marshmallows. Also, flossywax is like cotton candy, except that it’s not fluffy, and it’s shiny.
       “I will give it to you for half a fluff,” said the lioness. Aroma handed her the fluff, and ate her hairball.
      “Mmmm,” mumbled Aroma, licking her lips.     
      “The third event is…the 15 metre sprint!” the announcer told the crowd, attracting Aroma’s attention again. Mince, being a fairly big cat, couldn’t run as fast as the others and was eliminated. “Five cats are left for the fourth event, and we will continue after this 15 minute intermission,” the announcer said as the lights turned on.
       Aroma hadn’t explored much, so she decided to find a place where she could buy popcorn. She walked past the ″Glow rings″ stand, the ″Spider″ stand, the ″Mon-o-Matic, ″ and ″The Picture Perfect,″ before she finally saw a stand that said ″Food and More Food. ″ Aroma saw a Rhinoceros taking orders when she got in line. Suddenly he shouted “Joe, 2 chips, 2 dogs. One just ketchup one just mustard.” A fat squirrel brought the order in a few minutes, and the couple that had just ordered, (two turtles) turned to Aroma. “We really aren’t supposed to be eating fast food, so if you don’t mind, would you take 3 fluff?” the male turtle asked
       “Well, uh, you see…uh, I…”Aroma was saved from saying anything more when the lady turtle interrupted.
      “You will take the fluff? Good,” she said happily. Aroma had by this time regained her composure, and replied
        “Thank you, and have a nice day!” The couple walked away, and Aroma stepped up to the stall.  
        “What do ya want?” the vendor asked, a bit rudely.
      “Excuse me, do you have popcorn?” Aroma asked.
     “I suppose that since we do, you’ll want some?” The vendor said dryly. Aroma nodded and the rhinoceros shouted out the order. She paid 3 fluff and got back to her seat just as the lights dimmed and the announcer said, “The fourth event is…musical chairs! The winner faces the second cat out, and the fourth cat out faces the third cat out. The first cat to be out is eliminated. The crowd roared, as the contestants took their spots by the chairs. The music, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star began. The cats jogged around the chairs, listening for the music to stop. Mickey won, and Mittens was eliminated. The final order from first out to winner was: Mittens, Tiger, Tigerlily, Griffin and Mickey. The announcer roused the crowd again when he said “It will now be the semi-finals! The first of the two semi-finals is Mickey vs. Tiger in…the maze! The cats have to work their way through the maze, while also finding their tiles. They each have to find four tiles with their names on it. Ready, Set, Go!” He announced the whole event, because he could see what was happening, and the audience couldn’t. It was close, but in the end Tiger won, and Mickey was eliminated. “Now it’s time for the other semi-final,

Griffin vs. Tigerlily in…wrestling! A square 4 metres long by 4 metres wide has been marked out in the sand. The first cat to go out of the square is eliminated. Ready, Set, Go!” Tigerlily fought hard, but

Griffin ended up winning. “We will have a 5 five minute stretch period, but please don’t leave the stands, folks,” said the announcer.
       The lights turned on and Aroma got up to stretch. It was then that Aroma saw Alex and Alexander watching from 10 rows behind her. She smiled at the fact that she had a better seat.
       After the five minutes were up, the announcer got to work again. “Now, ladies and gentlecats, the finals!” The crowd roared, and Tiger and

Griffin stepped onto a brick platform. “This last event is a courage test. Exotic animals will be placed under the cats, and the platform, as you can see, is only big enough for the two of them to stand a few inches apart from each other. When the animal beneath them makes a sound, they will get scared. The first one to jump off loses. The first animal is a wildebeest. Ready, Set, Go!” They went through a wildebeest and a hippopotamus before coming to a lion. At the lion,

Griffin jumped off, and Tiger won. “Ladies and Gents, I give you your winner…Tiger!”
       Tiger was a small cat, with white paws, bright green eyes, and a brown coat with black stripes. She had a white tummy, and a white chin. She was presented a silver medal that said: Winner of the Royal Games-Non-Royal entry.
      The lights turned on again as the announcer said “After another 15 minute break, we will start the Royal Games-royal entry.” The crowd cheered, and most animals left the stadium to find something to eat. Aroma looked over her shoulder and saw that Alex and Alexander hadn’t left, so she walked over to them.
      “Hi guys. Isn’t this great?” she asked.
      “Well, yeah, but we can’t really focus on that right now. You see, the top two princess cats in the Royal-Entry games are going to be our wives!” Alexander said.
      “Oh…I wish that it didn’t have to be royal cats all the time. I mean, did you see Tiger? She was so beautiful!” Alex said softly, gazing into space.
        Aroma said goodbye to the others, and went back to her seat, just as the lights went dim. “And now, ladies and gentlecats, birds, frogs, snakes and mice, I present to you…the Royal Games!” At that, the contestants filed onto the stage. “From the left, here is…Sarah, Felicitas, Pounce,

Sydney, Ariel,

Victoria, Spangelo, and Allison! The crowd yelled the loudest that they had yet. “The first event is for speed…the 15 metre sprint!”
       A big, brown English Mastiff had been hired to work the shotgun for the start of the events. He raised the gun and fired, and the cats started running. Ariel was too perfect to run. She was all orange with a black stripe running horizontally across her head, and her fur was immaculate. She finished a full 2 minutes after the other cats, and was eliminated. “The next event is for endurance…7 laps! They will have to be fast and have good endurance, because the last three cats will be eliminated.” The shot was fired and they were off. In the end Felicitas won, and

Sydney, Pounce and Spangelo were eliminated. “Now it’s time for the first of the semi-finals,

Victoria vs. Felicitas!” The crowd was getting excited again, as the announcer continued. “This event is…pole vaulting.” Felicitas beat

Victoria by 2 inches, so

Victoria was eliminated. “Now for the other semi-finals. It’s Sarah vs. Allison and the event is…the maze!”
        You could feel the tension in the air as the crowd got ready to make their eruption of cheers for the winner of the finals. The announcer continued “The first cat out of the maze wins!” It was a foot-race to the exit, but Allison won by 3 tail lengths, eliminating Sarah. “Ladies and gents, I give you the finals.” The crowd cheered, but they were still holding back. “This last event is…the selling challenge. The cats must sell 20 flossywax to the 40 audience members that we picked out. The audience members don’t care who wins, and will therefore only buy some if they like how you’re selling it. Ready, set, go!” Felicitas forced a smile, but the buyers could tell that she didn’t put her heart into it. They bought from Allison though, because she was purely nice, and was trying hard.     
       In the end Allison won. “I give you the-soon-to-be-brides, Felicitas and Allison!” The crowd finally let go of the cheers and screams that they had been holding in, and cheered their lungs out. Allison got a gold medal that said: Winner of the Royal games-Royal entry. “I would like to call Alex and Alexander to the ring now. Allison will marry Alexander and Felicitas will marry Alex.”
        The brothers walked up and stood next to their soon-to-be-brides. Alexander and Allison gazed at each other happily, leaned over, and kissed. Allison was a medium-sized cat, which matched Alexander’s size perfectly. She had beautiful dark hazel eyes, and a brown coat with black stripes. She had a white tummy, white chin, and her 2 front paws were white. She also had a heart-shaped white spot on her nose, a black crescent shape over her left eye, and a white patch around her right eye. She lived in a different palace in their own town of Miaoujenay, and Alexander loved her immediately.
       Alex looked at Felicitas - and was quite scared. Felicitas was black with an orange stripe going all the way down her back, and she was a BIG cat. Alex, being a medium-sized cat like his brother, was 5 inches smaller than her. She had a completely white left ear, and her right ear was a ginger colour. Those things didn’t bother Alex. What scared him was not even that she was mean, but instead, the tiny pale white skull and crossbones mark slanted on an angle beside her left eye. To top it off, she came from a palace in Eaglesmere, 400 miles away.
      The four cats met Aroma and went back to the palace. When everyone was asleep that night, Alex went to his mother’s room. She had sensed that he was upset, and had stayed up waiting for him. The two cats walked quietly to the throne room to talk.
      “I don’t want to marry Felicitas,” whimpered Alex. “I love Tiger.”
     “I have seen Tiger before. She is a pretty cat, and she is very smart, but you know that marrying her would break the rules,” said Aurora.
      “Yes, I know,” Alex said sadly.
      “I will talk to your father though, and see what we can do.”
      “Thanks mom,” Alex said gratefully. They went back to their rooms, and somehow, Alex managed to get to sleep.
       The next morning, a meeting was held between the king and queen of Crystal Cradle and the king and queen of Silver Prison (Felicitas’ palace). It was agreed that Alex could be excused from marrying Felicitas, because she did not want to marry him either.
       He ran to the address that his dad had given him, and knocked on the door. Tiger opened it, and asked him what he would like. He sat down on the doorstep and said,
     “Tiger, I love you, will you marry me?” She gasped and said “Yes!”


                          *     *     *


        One month later, Alex and Tiger were married, and Aroma was the flower girl. A week after that, Allison and Alexander got married.
       Aroma was their flower girl as well. Alex and Tiger were going to move into a new palace once it was built, and Alexander was going to live in Allison’s palace with her.
        Once Aroma turned five, she would get married and inherit her parent’s castle. “I’ll be so happy,” she thought, as she drifted off to sleep.





                                         By: Morgan Fletcher
                                   Finished in Grade 7 (2007)



















I am currently 18, but wrote this story starting when I was 6 and ending when I was 10. Then I edited it and called it finished in 2007. Since then I have been wondering what to do with it. One day I stumbled upon this site, and here it is! It is pretty cool to see my work displayed in a public domain. I hope you enjoy my story. Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Morgan Fletcher.
Published on on 01/28/2011.


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