Joseph Trance

Nothing Else


The Lie of all sensation is that

 “Stimulation will satisfy your soul.”


Sex, Drugs, rock and roll

Touch me temporary

But don’t fill my soul.

Wins and sins,

Can make me grin,

But then, when spent,


there is a hole eternity wide,

and try as I might,

I cannot hide

From the Truth, “Not satisfied.”

After all that,

“NOT satisfied.”


And then, as I lay down my Pride,

And there is no place else that I can hide,

 A Truth arises inside of me,

 a Blinding Light that makes me see,

 Only Jesus can fill my soul,

Not drugs, or sex or Rock and Roll.


Knowing Jesus, His Peace, His Love

Lifts my soul way above

The earthly realm of stimulation

And the tempting Lie of all sensation.


Nothing but Jesus can satisfy

And That is the TRUTH that

Destroys the Lie.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 03/05/2011.


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