Sidrah Zaheer

Blackie the Cat Helps a Pretty Little Bird

Once there was a nice cat whose name was Blackie. He was very sharp and curious, always wanting to embark on a new adventure every day. He loved playing outside in the garden with little flowers and trees around.

One day it happened that he discovered a little box from which a squeaking sound was coming. Blackie’s ears straightened up quickly to find out what was making such noises from inside the box. He went on to move the box upside down to see what noisy thing lies inside it. There he found a little bird trapped inside the box.
Looking at this tiny little bird, which was tearful, he quickly guessed that she must have lost her way. Without adding to her agony of being lost, Blackie jumped at an opportunity of helping her. He asked the bird, “How did you get here inside the box and where is your home?” The bird was so much worried that she thought Blackie will not help her, but instead is trying to talk her into a trap after which he will eat her. In her nervousness, she did not reply but tried to fly away. But her real problem was that she had lost her way home and did not know in which direction she should fly to for reaching her destination.

Looking at the little bird being so nervous and confused, immediately Blackie thought to himself, how stupid I am, I should console her first and assure her that she is safe. He said so to the little bird, but she did not believe Blackie. She thought to herself that he is trying to falsely comfort me so that I put no fight against him and that way he will easily kill me. She started to move away and fluttered here and there. Blackie felt a bit annoyed by her not responding to him, even though all he is trying to do is to help her out.

He said to her, “Fine little birdie, you think that I am only pretending to help you, but that actually I will eat you, then why not I prove you right. Or I can show a bit of a mercy and prove you wrong instead. But for that you would have to listen to me.” The little bird finally got this into her head and she stopped behaving so restless and asked Blackie, “How will you help me get home when I don’t know the direction I should fly to? I am not sure that my family even knows that I got left behind.”

Blackie thought for a moment about what the little bird had just told him. It was really a difficult situation to find out where she lived and to help her reach back home safely. But he knew that if he would also show uncertainty about the situation, the little bird will have no other chance of survival away from her home. So, he quickly came up with a plan and said to the little bird, “Don’t worry little bird, I have an idea. I will go to my friends who are mostly aware of the whereabouts of any family birds as pets that will help us find your home.” The little bird said, “But I am not a pet bird, I don’t live with humans. I have my own home in the trees and I live with others of my kind.”

Blackie was again annoyed a bit to hear her say that because the little bird did not tell him the whole situation even when he had asked her at first. But keeping his calm, he asked her to sit down for a while and relax. He said, “I will go and get some fresh water for you and then you have to tell me about why you flew out of your home and reached here, so that we may in some way undo the whole situation.” The little bird had no option but to agree to what Blackie had said.

So Blackie went inside to get for her some fresh water. He thought to himself, why don’t I inform Amna, she would know what to do about the whole situation. So he went to Amna and started meowing and she noticed that Blackie wants to say something. She then petted him and he went running to the outside of the house with a little bowl of water. Amna realized that Blackie wants to show her something. She followed him into the garden.

There was a pretty little hummingbird that was lying there with her heart throbbing so fast. Amna sighed at the pitiable state of the little bird and realized that it is a bird migratory season and mostly birds fly to the west side from her house. She looked at the trees that were there and saw that many of the hummingbirds were sitting there for a break on their way to their next destination. She took the little bird in her hands, gave her the water from the bowl to drink and then picked her up to take her to the trees so that she can return to her family and fly away with them.

Blackie felt so relieved that at last he had been able to help the little bird meet her family and she would be able to fly happily back to her home. That way Blackie continued on his tours around the garden playing with the butterflies and roaming round the trees in search of getting his next adventure.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sidrah Zaheer.
Published on on 03/30/2011.


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