Dorsey Baker

Birthday Cake

Jolix has just left the bar after having a few drinks.  He's driving.  Thunder explodes in his ears
like the shot from a massive gun. It is beginning to rain heavily.
It is now 3:AM.
Its raining so hard he can barely see to drive.
If it keeps raining like this; he'll have to slow down or pull over.
As he drives, distracting thoughts enter his head; thoughts
he wish his brain would'nt allow-
Its May 25th-
Its his birthday.  Today, he's fifty-five.  When you're twenty-one.  Fifty-five seems so
far away!  But after forty, it seems like birthdays
come more than one at a time.  Without really trying you get here so fast!
This is one birthday Jolix is'nt celebrating-like he celebrated all the others.
He's gonna celebrate it more quietly and more peacefully this time.
He needs to concentrate on his driving-rainy mornings make driving
more dangeroous!
But this time of the morning there is'nt much traffice.  He is a good driver and he
knows it.  So many times he's driven half drunk and half asleep before.
His windsheild wipers always bring him back to alertness.
After what seems like just a short time, the rain subsides.  Its only misting now.
When he gets home he won't call anyone.  No family.  No friends.
He.ll just park the car.  Go inside. Find something to eat.  Eat and go to bed.
But just as he pulls into the driveway, he sees his girlfriend!  She's standing
there and she's holding a birthday cake! 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 04/26/2011.


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