Dorsey Baker

The Emotional Life of Aggression

Like a pitbull, man has aggression that must be let out!  Every time he tucks his tail
between his legs he becomes more emotionally fragile.  Man was meant to express
feelings of  aggression. Like a buffalo on the range taking charge.  When man is prevented from
letting this emotion express itself, man suffers mentally.  Alex is in a state of confusion. Because
of past experiences, he can feel but is not allowed to express his aggression.  His mind is flooded with
brutal and graphic images.  His body is trembling from the weight of negative and aggressive emotion.
He dosn't like what he sees when he looks at himself.  He'll open the patio door,walk out on the patio,
and become a hawk!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Dorsey Baker.
Published on on 05/09/2011.


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