Mohd Salman

Into the dreamland

Due to tiredness and illness,i felt asleep on bed when next morning i
awake,i found that my body was lying.I confused i want to touch my
body but it was like transparent to me.I horrified,i don't know what
was going on then my mom came to my room and try to awake my body.When
my body not awake she felt unconscious.I was crying "i am here,i am
here" but there is no effect for my crying.Knowing that i have dead
she weep bitterly.I was there like invisible because i become a
spirit.I was invisible for them.I can't do nothing.No one can't hear
me,I was alone. My family was going to bury my dead body.I was crying"i am here,i am here"but that was fall flat.I become a spirit,I can't touch anything and i can't talk to anybody.I travel all around my home so anyone could see me.But after buried they forgot me.I listed in dead people.I wandered like a ghost.There around i could see human world but there was another world where dead people live.I could fly in air and i could go anywhere.No one couldn't see me.I felt alone nobody to help me.I was weeping bitterly suddenly my mom awake me from dream and she rebuked me for long sleep.I was wondering that i was dreaming.
Mohd salman India


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Mohd Salman.
Published on on 05/30/2011.


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