Aisha saintil Dupont

Glove- Chapter 1

Glove ran till her lungs burned and she had to double over, coughing and heaving , leaning a hand against a brick wall, bracing herself as her head spun and she saw blacks dots dancing before her eyes. Panting heavily, she glanced around, her mercury eyes trying to recognize something familiar in the area.
She was lost. She had no doubt about it. Then again, could one qualify as lost when they didn’t know where they were from or where they were going? Taking a deep breath, she raised the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, masking her eyes as the black hood dropped to her button nose. Letting strands of red, black and white hair fall over her features, as she hunched her back slipping her hands into the pockets of her jacket and began walking down the street. She kept her head low and slid along the walls trying to pass as unnoticed as she could though people tended to pretend they hadn’t seen anything when it came to her. People were always uncomfortable around what they affectionately called hobo’s. Maybe it was the smell, or the way they dressed, she on the other hand knew that most people avoided eye contact afraid they would be asked for spare change, which, let’s not lie, most hobo’s used for drugs or alcohol. At least in this area they did.
Her stomach let out a soft growl in protest to the meal she had just lost and she raised her head, her nose twitching ever so slightly as she took in the different smells. Another thing she had noticed about her weird sense of smell is that she was able to split them individually, making her able to focus on one particular smell and follow it. Maybe she was a k-9 dog in another life she though with a corner smile as she sighed softly, her stomach growling more insistently as her hunger grew. She seemed to be able to stuff a truckload of food in her stomach all the while being hungry again a few minutes later. She discarded that fact as easily as all the strange things that seemed to happen to her. Glove figured she had a fast metabolism, considering she was freakishly tall, standing at six foot three, her figure slim, the kind most women spent days throwing up everything they ate to get.
She kept walking till she finally reached a dark alley, adorned with a few dumpsters. ‘’ Perfect.’’ she whispered softly, having found another haven of peace. She slipped into the alley unnoticed, which was easy to do since no one paid attention to a young punk look-a-like homeless girl. She fit her slim form between two dumpsters, the stench not phasing her one bit as she had grown accustomed to it.  Leaning her back to the wall, she slid to the floor, bringing up her knees with a light sigh. For now she would ignore the protests of her empty stomach and try to rest, her body just as tired as it was hungry. Pulling her hood lower, she stuffed her chin in her collar and leaned her forehead on her folded arms, resting them atop her knees.  She slowly dozed off, shutting out the incessant sound of cars and passersby.
She must have been asleep for a maximum of three hours when her body jolted her awake, making her gasp softly as she opened her eyes. The night had become quiet she observed, figuring it must be around the time where ‘normal’ people would be long asleep for work.
She raised her head slightly then blinked letting out a startled cry as she saw a pair of over worn black and red Doc Martins before her. Glancing up, her eyes widen as she took in the form of the person glaring down at her. ‘’ Who are you and why are you in my alley? ‘’ Glove swallowed slowly and quickly looked down hiding her gaze. The man before was freakishly tall, even for her, he must have been at least six foot five. He had a lean figure though when she looked up at him she had seen his muscular form under a long leather jacket. A boot rose and nudged her leg, making her squish herself back against the wall. ‘’ I’m talking to you. ‘’ The man said in a rather threatening tone. She shivered lightly, his harsh deep set voice making her feel like a child being scolded. She scrambled to her feet, pressing her slim body back into the wall as much as she could, as she balled her hands into fists, not to hit, but to hide the slight trembling. She had run into a few street punks before. Most of them were harmless but some where filled with so much anger; they would lash at the first person giving them a reason to. Keeping her head down, she stared at his boots and shook her head. ‘’No what. Wait..You can’t talk? ‘’ He asked, surprise evident in his tone. She could talk, but did she want to? Hardly. So she simply nodded in agreement. She heard a soft growl and next thing she knew she was yanked by the gruff of her jacket. She tried to shove him off but he barely budged, his much, much larger form dragging her down the alley as she tried to kick and punch at him. With a deep rumble which she guessed was his version of a chuckle, he hoisted her up and draped her over his shoulder. ‘’ Tough little one are you?’’ He said the question sounding more like a firm statement. She continued squirming and wiggling about, biting down on her bottom lip as she didn’t want him to call her bluff.
Next thing she knew, he turned left and slid open a heavy metal door she hadn’t even noticed was there previously.
Glove squinted getting used to the dark place. Before she could make anything of it she was suddenly dropped down. She fell unto a low couch letting out a soft groan as she hit her head against the hard back. Reaching up to rub her throbbing head, she heard him clear his throat as he sat down on a single couch and stared at her. Grateful the darkness hid her blush at being observed so, she stared back at him, though she did it from underneath her hood , hiding her silver swirls from the man. ‘’I’m Doc. What’s your name? ‘’ He said making her jump slightly. Even as he spoke softly, his voice sounded like a deep rumble. She stared at him blankly not knowing what to answer before she motioned for a pen and paper.  He gave a nod in the direction of a small coffee table. The table must have been beautiful when new; a deep mahogany color now stained with cup stains and cigarette burns. Looking over it she saw a ball pen and a receipt for some Chinese restaurant. Glove had to scramble on it a bit before the ink finally appeared on the paper. ‘’ Glove’’ she wrote before she leaned forward handing it to him quietly. Taking the paper, he smirked as he leaned over and picked a lighter off a matching coffee table next to him and lit a few candles. “ Nice to meet you Glove.” He said half a second before what seemed like an army of men walked in. Her eyes went wide as she saw at least a dozen punks walk in. Each one had stranger colors and hairdo’s then the next. She wasn’t even going to start on the tattoos and piercings, seeing they were poster boys for what most parents wouldn’t want their kids to be like.
None of them seem to notice the slim shape huddled on the couch as they spoke loudly, some getting playfully rowdy with each other. ‘’Yo what’s up Doc’’ some guy with shoulder length lime green hair which was shaved on one side said with a light snicker, causing the one called Doc to roll his eyes though a smile curved the corner of his lips. ‘’Hey Staples, what kind of shit y’all caused now? ‘’ Doc said with a raised brow. Glove couldn’t help but blink at the name. Staples. Really?  Then again she wasn’t in a position to speak her name being Glove at the moment. Though she could see why they called him Staples. His face seemed attacked by one. He had two nose piercing, at least five on one brow, two spider fangs and two snake bites on his lips and she wasn’t even going to try and count the ones in his ears.
Suddenly she saw a pair of back shitkickers climb over the back of the couch, followed by a pair of black cargo pants and a black t-shirt with the words ‘Preps must die’ on the front of it. She slightly raised her head as the figure slid on the couch and went to sprawl on it when she let out a soft squeal. The figure jumped and fell down the couch with a loud thud, a messy short mane of electric blue hair with black tips. ‘’ What the fuck…? ‘’ The guy glanced up and blinked In surprise. Glove had time to study his features as he stared at her in shock. He had eyes as cerulean blue as his hair and a slight indent in his cheeks that gave off the fact he must have dimples when he smiled. He had a nose ring attached to a chain that went to one of the many earrings adorning his left ear. He was wearing a spike collar with a short chain which she found herself wanting to yank just for the fun of it. ‘’ Uh...Doc? There’s a chick on your couch.’’ Doc glanced down at him and lightly shook his head. ‘’No shit?! Thank fuck I have you then uh Pup? “ he mocked before letting out that low rumble of laughter again.
Pup got on all fours and placed his hands on each side of her legs before he tried to look under her hood. She shied away, curling up even more on the couch and looked at Doc. Blinking, she realised she hadn’t taken the time to look at her mysterious assailant. He had a braided Mohawk, perfectly centered and as black as the night. Black aviator glasses covered his eyes and he had spider fangs that curled under his square jawed chin. Wearing nothing but a tight sleeveless black shirt under his jacket, it allowed her to see why he had been able to pick her up so easily. The man was a wall. Granted a chiselled one, but he looked as though he had been carved in a rock. Leather pants, tucked into his doc martins completed the outfit as he remained seated, his right ankle resting on his left knee as he had an elbow propped on the seats armrest.
Pup kept trying to look under her hood until she let out a soft growled and slammed her palm on his forehead. The blue haired boy fell back blinking in shock. ‘’Ayyyy that’s not cool” She was about to flip him off when Doc lightly patted his shoulder with the tip of his right boot. “ Stop stalking her can’t you tell she’s weirded out by all of us creeps? “ Pup snorted and was about to say something when Staples re-appeared. ‘’ Yo Doc ca-,,,WOA THERE’S A CHICK!! ‘’ He exclaimed an utter expression of shock on his face. ‘’A chick? Where? ‘’ Suddenly Glove found herself surrounded by nine guys all looking down at her, each one more outrageous then the next. She closed her eyes wishing them away as she brought up her knees and folded her arms over them, burying her face in. ‘’ Awwww she’s shy’’ One mocked before she heard him yelp. ‘’ Dude I didn’t do shit ‘’ he muttered before all of them started speaking at the same time. A loud whistle was suddenly heard and everyone went quiet making her raise her head in curiosity. Doc was now standing up , shaking his head lightly ‘’ Can’t you guys see your crowding her? ‘’ She let out a soft relieved sound as they all backed away. Well all but two. Pup sat on the floor before her and leaned his head on her legs. She froze at first then relaxed seeing he was simply sitting there and who was she to complain. The other one who didn’t move was another freakishly tall guy. He had long black silky hair pooling around his features and down to his mid back, a single white strand falling over his face. The kind of hair most women would kill to have, or simply to touch. She slowly looked him over, seeing he was dressed much like Doc, though his pants were skin tight and his jacket reached his knees covering what seemed to be a bare torso. She looked up without raising her head and took in his rough features. He wasn’t the kind of handsome that most women drooled on, but there was an aura to him. A charm. His jaw was square and his lips full. His nose was straight and he had high cheekbones. She looked higher and gasped in surprise. His eyes were almond shape and one could tell he had Asian background. But that wasn’t the reason of her gasp. This man had her eyes. Well not quite literally, his being outlined by a soft purple glow, but he had mercury silver eyes just as she. And those eyes were glaring at her. Not just glaring, there was pure loathing in it as if she had done something like killed his mother or kid or something. She blinked and looked at Doc questioningly. Doc raised a brow but remained quiet as he seemed to ponder something. Seeing he wasn’t going to do anything, she straightened herself and finally raised her head her eyes glaring back straight into his. The man raised a brow a faint glint of amusement in his silvery eyes. He suddenly leaned down, towering over her and stopped mere inches of her face a dark look in his eyes. She held her breath. For what? She didn’t know, but something about him made her simply want to glare back at him, though she usually was one to seek peace. He suddenly grabbed her right hand and yanked it up. Her glove was halfway off, making her blink, she hadn’t even realised she had started taking it off and tried to pull her hand back. “ Go. Away. “ he whispered softly next to her ear. Her eyes widened with shock as a strangely pleasant shiver ran down her spine at his soft husky voice. She slowly swallowed and found herself about to answer when Doc finally intervened. “Really Saw? Scaring the new kid? Back off.” The one she now knew to be Saw released her hand with a shove and a glare. Pup caught her with a hand on her lower back as she nearly tumbled off the couch at the shove. ‘’ The fuck Saw? ‘’ the cerulean haired boy asked as he helped her sit up straight. Saw simply glared at him before he turned around sharply, his silky hair sliding over his shoulders and down his back like a pool of darkness.  No one made a sound until they heard the heavy door slam shut then they all looked at Glove, who in turn was staring at the door in shock.
Someone cleared their throat and Staples suddenly stomped his boot on the ground loudly making everyone jump and look at him. ‘’Cockroach’’ he simply explained with a light shrug. As if that was their cue everyone began talking as she was introduced to four other men, each stranger then the other. She nodded but if asked, she wouldn’t be able to remember their names or faces as her gaze moved back to the door.  What a strange man she thought, before Pup suddenly reached up and yanked back the hood of her sweatshirt. “Dude! Your hair is awesome!” he exclaimed. Glove instinctively lowered her head, her fiery red hair pooling down unto her face with strands of white and black mingling into it. She chewed on her bottom lip as Pup ran his fingers into the strands. “Who did your hair? “ He asked as he continued playing with the tricolored strands. Glove shook her head in response and shied away from the boy once again though this time Doc didn’t intervene watching the scene with an amused smile. ‘’She doesn’t talk boy.’’ He simply stated giving Glove a wink.’’ Oh…my bad. ‘’ He suddenly blinked and looked at Doc ‘’what’s her name? ‘’ The others quieted down as Doc chuckled. ‘’ Apparently her name is Glove.’’ Pup tilted his head as he seemed to think about it before he nodded smiling ‘’I like that, Glove. Well nice to meet you I’m Pup ‘’ he then leaned in and kissed her cheek to her surprise, a soft blush forming on them. She nodded in acknowledgment before her stomach suddenly let out a growl of hunger, making her blush deepened. The other’s erupted in a soft laugh as Doc called out two boys that seemed like twins. They walked forward, weirdly synchronized, both boys having green eyes and silver hair, which was pretty strange considering they looked of Indian heritage, their skin a dark brownish color. They were about Pup’s size something close to five foot nine and had a medium built. Both were wearing white shirts with cut sleeves and black faded skinny jeans the ensemble complete by a pair of black and white converse shoes. As she looked closely, she realised one had a lip ring on the left side and the other on the right, the identical twins looking like complete mirror images of each other. ‘’Glove this is Lava and Kusha, Guys can you go to the pizza store get the lady something to munch on? ‘’ They both nodded in unison before she could even try to understand which was which. They then turned around again in time and walked out. She wondered if they always did everything at the same time, before Staples suddenly let himself drop into her lap, finding herself stuck behind Pup and the armrest and crushed underneath Staples. She let out a light muffled sound of protest to which Staples replied by a bellowing laugh. At his laugh, Glove couldn’t help but smile and hesitated before she reached up and ruffled his lime hair. He laughed some more and reached up ruffling her hair in turn. ‘’ I like her Doc not like that bi- ‘’ he was suddenly cut off as Pup pinched his side causing him to jump. ‘’Hey dude the fuck?!’’ Pup gave him wide eyes and shook his head as he glanced lightly in Doc’s direction. Seeing he was busy talking to someone, he leaned in and whispered softly but loud enough Glove could hear. ‘’ She’s the new squeeze now…shush’’. Staples made a gagging sound then winked at Glove who simply stared at the two wondering who they were talking about. Pup chuckled at her confused look and explained softly ‘’ Boots… you’ll meet her soon enough. ‘’ He scrunched his nose as Staples quickly added ‘’Sadly..’’ . If this was supposed to help, Glove only found herself more confused. She finally shrugged and glanced towards the door her stomach giving another growl. Where was her danm food? No sooner had she formulate the thought that the door opened revealing the twins with three large pizza boxes. One of them placed two on a table to which the rest of the men she had been quickly introduced to rushed to, elbowing and shoving each other playfully.
The other twin brought the pizza her way and placed on the coffee table ‘’ Here you Glove; I didn’t know what you like so I took standard pepperoni and cheese, is that cool? ‘’ She looked up at him and flashed a grateful smile as she nodded quickly. She bit her lip and tilted her head before she pointed him then drew a question mark in the hair. He smiled and nodded in understanding. ‘’ I’m Kusha.’’ She made a thumbs up sign telling herself to remember Kusha was the one with the left lip ring, making Lava the one with the right.
Seeing no reason not to, she opened the box and dug into the pizza hungrily. She tore two slices and folded them together before she began stuffing it down her throat only stopping to chew, swallow and breathe. Pup and Staples watched her in amazement, Doc glancing back her way and letting out a low whistle. ‘’ Never seen a chick eat like that, don’t you all watch your weight or something? ‘’ Glove glanced up between bites and raised a brow before she shook her head and shrugged. She never gained a pound nor lost one, no matter how much ate or didn’t eat. As she finished stuffing down that piece, she reached into the box taking two others, folding them again before she stuffed it in her mouth nomming with soft pleasure sounds. As she finished, she leaned back against the couch happily. She wasn’t full but with the looks they were already giving her, she wasn’t about to eat the whole thing.  She closed her eyes, and began dozing off but jumped as she suddenly felt something wet against her cheek. Her eyes flew open just to see Pup grinning at her. ‘’You had sauce on your cheek. So I licked it off ‘’ She blinked then blushed before she let out an inaudible laugh and hugged him to her. She liked Pup, he carried his name well, he truly was like a cute cuddly puppy.  He laughed happily before he scooted away and laid his head in her lap. She played with hair gently and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Aisha saintil Dupont.
Published on on 06/13/2011.


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