Aisha saintil Dupont

Glove- Chapter 2

Glove startled awake a few hours later, feeling something strange. She felt warm for one and second someone was with her. She opened her eyes and glanced around and let out a soft sigh of relief as the past events came back to her. She was in Doc’s weird place. Hell for the life of her she couldn’t even really say where she was. Little light seeped into the room for all the windows had an inch of crass covering them. She felt something stir against her foot and looked to her left seeing Pup was sprawled on the couch his head on the other side of her. He sighed softly in his sleep making a smile curve her lips. Careful not to wake him, she slid off the couch and began walking around the place seeing she hadn’t taken the time to when she had first arrived. It looked like an old abandoned club, the stage still there though now it was crowded with cardboard boxes. She decided to go outside take some air, and analyse all the recent events. She slid the door open, blinking a few times at the blinding sunlight. She closed the door halfway and leaned on the wall to the left. For the first time in months, she felt safe enough to lower her hood completely in public. She ruffled her hair, the front of it reaching her shoulders while the rest was braided and went all the way down to her lower back. She pulled the braid out of her sweatshirt and let it dangle down over her shoulder. Raising her arms above her head she let out a soft yawn as she stretched her back. As she slowly lowered her arms, she heard a noise down the alley, much like a can being kicked. Raising a brow, she turned and tilted her head glancing in the noise’s direction before she was suddenly yanked back by her braid and slammed into the wall face first.  Luckily enough she had braced her hands up, her face stopping mere inches from the brick wall. Pain shot from her hands and her head and neck as her assaulter twisted the braid tightly in his hands forcing her to stay facing the wall. She then felt him press against her body firmly, keeping her in place. Lightly scrunching her nose she tried to make out his smell, but strangely enough came up with nothing. The attacker must have known for at that precise moment he leaned in and ran his tongue slowly along her earlobe before he nipped it and whispered softly. “Didn’t I tell you to go away? Why are you here? “.Glove couldn’t help but close her eyes as a shiver ran down her spine. She inhaled sharply and bit her bottom lip as she tried to shove Saw away from her. He pressed his hard body against her, squeezing her against the wall as his grip in her hair tightened, to her surprise making a soft sound escape her lips. ‘’Mmm like that don’t you? ‘’ She blushed deeply and this time she elbowed him in the side. Hearing him inhale sharply, she smiled satisfied knowing she had at least wounded him slightly. No sooner had she formulated the though that he pulled her off the wall by her braid only to slam her back in it. ‘’ Don’t test me seheru Ishtar.Now talk. We both know you can. “ she shook her head vehemently and tried to pry away from him again. She felt him yank her braid back slowly only to smile and let out a grateful sigh as she picked up Pup’s sent. Weirdly enough, he truly did smell like a dog. No. Not a dog, but something wild, a mixture of musk and earth, a comforting smell. “ The fuck you doing?! ‘’ he yelled at Saw and Glove suddenly stumbled back, only to whirl around, finding Saw pinned against the wall across as Pup held him pinned by the collar. She couldn’t see Pup’s face but Saw’s expression when from murderous to one of a cocky smile as his gaze moved to hers.  His eyes baring into hers, so deep she felt he could see into her soul, he mouthed the words ‘’ It’s not over’’ before he shoved Pup back. “Don’t ever touch me “He said, his tone so cold she couldn’t help but shiver. Pup let out what weirdly enough sounded like a low growl. “Don’t touch her again.” With that, the blue haired boy turned around flashing Glove a smile before he placed his hand in hers and led her back inside. ‘’ Come on Glove, breakfast is in.” She nodded once before she followed him in, glancing behind her one last time only to see Saw had vanish from the alley.
The moment Glove entered the room she had an uncontrollable need to sneeze. Problem being that the moment she started she couldn’t stop. Pup raised a brow as he turned to look at her. “ You ok? “ he asked slight concern in his tone. Glove nodded, her eyes watering at the smell which assaulted her nostrils. Perfume, and lots of it permeated the air and her fine nose had a difficult time getting use to it. Looking at Pup, she pointed her nose and waved a hand before it showing something didn’t smell good. He stared at her a moment before he let out a soft laugh and leaned in whispering to her ear. ‘’ Boots…Doc’s current main squeeze..She likes perfume. A lot.” saying so, he scrunched his nose and crossed his eyes making a soft chuckle escaped her. He pulled her in, bringing her to a door that led to the back of the stage and into a surprisingly large kitchen area. Doc, Staples, Saw, Lava and Kusha were all seated around a large wooden table.  In Doc’s lap was a young woman who if it wasn’t for her abuse of make-up would have been strikingly beautiful. Strangely enough the thick black eyeliner and blood red lipstick seemed to dull her beauty. She had shoulder length chocolaty curls framing her delicate features, bright green eyes that stared her down as the girl whom she guessed to be Boots gave her a disdainful look. “ THAT is the chick ? “ She said in a half snort half mocking tone.  Glove not used to being talked down to found herself slipping behind Pup’s comforting frame.  He lightly squeezed her hand and she gave the girl a glare before she simply turned and waved at Staples and the twins. Pup pulled her to a seat between himself and Staples as he gave Saw another glare, which the tall raven haired man simply acknowledged with a satisfied smirk. She lifted the hood of her sweatshirt and placed it over her head, peering at the people around the table from underneath. Boots kept giving off soft giggles as Doc’s hands more often then not slid under her dress and disappeared, the brown haired beauty making a point of squirming each time, earning a roll of eyes from the twins. Stapples and Pup were off talking about some party they had been to and apparently one that was coming up. In the same breath Glove learned that we were Saturday and that everyone seated at the table had the intention of going. Well everyone but her, she glanced down at her clothes and chewed on her bottom lip for that was all she owned. Feeling a pair of eyes on her she looked up to find Saw’s gaze fixated on her, a mocking smile on his lips yet so much anger in his eyes she couldn’t do naught but turned away and pretend to pay attention to Stapples and Pup, Catching her gaze, the blue haired boy stood up and brought her a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and breakfast potatoes. ‘’ Here sorry forgot, do you want coffee? The guys bought a box this morning”. Glove smiled and nodded as she mouthed thank you and added sugar and cream to the steaming cup Pup brought her.  She tuned out the conversation and began stuffing the food into her mouth, only stopping to take a sip of the scalding hot coffee. As it suddenly grew quiet she looked up only to see all eyes were on her. With a blush, she put down her fork and licked her lips as she looked at Stapples questioningly. The lime haired punk chuckled before erupting in an all out laugh. “I have a feeling your appetite will never fail to amaze us. The only one to eat like that is Saw here. “At his words she glanced over at Saw but quickly looked down as he was still starring at her. Boots gave a small snort and brushed her hair back. “You eat like you’ve been starved, careful you might get fat.” At that Glove raised a brow before letting out a soft chuckle, the astonishment on everyone’s face growing. ‘’What’s so funny hobo? “Boots said offended at her reaction. Glove motioned for a pen and paper and was handed both by one of the twins which after a quick glance she saw to be Lava. Everyone seemed to await her answer as she wrote before she held up the paper. “I am not like you. I don’t need to starve myself to be thin. I eat what I want when I want and never gain weight. Guess I’m just lucky like that.’’ At the end of the sentence she had drawn a mocking smiley face. Kusha let out a laugh as Lava shook his head. Pup clapped her back and Stapples nudged her side. ‘’Ooo she got bite. “ . Doc had remained silent though a smile danced on his lips. ‘’ For a mute, she sure can give it to you “ He said in an even tone as Boots slightly blushed and scoffed before she stood u and walked out of the kitchen all the while muttering. ‘’Don’t see what that dumpster squatter has that’s so special…’’ Doc shrugged before he stood up and followed her out. The room went quiet before once again Stapples chuckled and playfully punched her shoulder. ‘’ I really like you now, can’t stand that bitch” Saying so, he moved Doc’s chair with his right foot before he raised both legs and propped them on the chair as he chewed on a straw. Seeming to be thinking he then turned to Glove. “ wanna come to the party with us tonight?” Blinking, she glanced over at Pup who nodded then at Lava and Kusha who as always nodded in unison. She chewed her bottom lip blushing slightly as she tugged on her sweatshirt lightly, earning a mocking snort from Saw. Pup turned and glared at him before he looked back at Glove “ We can surely hook you up with something. Either from Doc’s playthings or hell that man seems to always have money when we need it, we can find you something. But only if you let me and Stapples choose.” Glove was about to nod when Kusha slammed his palm on the table. “ Oh hell no. Vava and I are going to choose, we have better taste, plus I think I already know what will fit her…like a Glove.” He smirked as his twin nodded in agreement adding “ Pun intended” They all began laughing, well all but Saw who suddenly seemed pissed off as he stood up shoving his chair in before he walked out of the kitchen slamming the door behind him. There was a collective pause before Lava or Vava as he was affectionately called, and Kusha stood up and walked around the table. Each twin slid on one side of Glove making her shrink lightly in her seat. “Come on, stand up.” Kusha said as he chewed on is left lip ring, the only thing differentiating the twins. Hesitating at first, Glove stood up, standing a good head over the twins. Both boys shook their heads though a smile danced on their lips. “You should be a model, lord know you seem to have the bone structure for it”. Kusha started only to have Vava finish the sentence as he added “We’d have to get you a good shower and then we can see if you’re truly model material rising from the filth”.  Glove blushed at that last statement and nodded at the sound of a shower. Seeing her reaction Stapples stood up with a chuckle “Come on Pup, we’ll leave tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum with Glove here so they can transform her into their own personal bollywood doll.” The comment earned a laugh from Pup as the twins playfully glared at Stapples as they each took one of her gloved hands and started pulling her towards a metal door. Opening it, she saw steps that led to the basement and began walking down as Kusha led the way with Vava closing the parade. As they made it downstairs, Glove’s mouth all but dropped at the luxurious setting. The walls were drapes, quite literally. The walls were adorned with black, white and purple drapes covering them from ceiling to floor and all around. A black leather lounger and couch stood on one side, adorned with silver and purple pillows of all shapes and sizes. The floor had a white faux fur rug and a large black candelabra hung from the ceiling projecting a soft glow to the room. A long mirror sat in the far right corner, one of those large oval, full body view dark mahogany mirror. A small coffee table sat in the far left corner, two white carved chairs on each side, the same setting being found on the other left corner of the room. “Pretty isn’t it “Said Vava with a smirk before he took her hand and dragged her toward one of the long flowing white silk drapes. Pushing it aside he revealed a black door and opened it to a large lush bathroom. The floors were black glass tiles and the wall was made of broken mirrors, small speckles of light reflecting everywhere in the room. A soft blue bowl type sink protruded from the wall, all pipes hidden and faced a large blurred glass panel which she guess the shower was. A large lion claw tub sat on the right of the shower and she gave it a longing look which Kusha quickly caught. “ Not tonight darling, but I promise you’ll get your soak in soon enough” He then turned and opened the blurred glass panel and pressed a few buttons before water suddenly began trickling down from the ceiling. The room quickly filled with steam as Vava, who she hadn’t even noticed had left the room walked back in with a large towel and a few products.” This is for your hair, shampoo, and conditioner” He said as he waved each bottle in turn. “This is body wash, face wash, luffa and body scrub. Enjoy “. With that they both left the bathroom closing the door behind them. Glove glanced around still amazed before she began peeling off her clothes. She let her sweatshirt and sex pistols shirt fall to the floor before she untied her boots, kicking them away and slid out of her faded jeans before she slipped off her gloves. Looking at her naked self in the mirror, she turned around with a soft sigh. Could’ve done with more breasts she thought as she cupped the medium sized mounds in her hands and turned to look at her behind. She never quite understood why her body was so toned and firm. Her stomach hard as she traced the lines of soft abs. She flexed her arms showing strong biceps and did the same with her thighs. She gave a soft sigh and began upbraiding her hair, all the while continuing her criticizing assessment. As she detangled her hair lightly with her fingers, she slid under the hot stream nearly moaning in delight. She stood like that for a moment before she snapped out of it and began lathering her hair with shampoo. She did it twice before she decided to do it a third time just to make sure. After rinsing it all out, the water was now running clear down the drain and she lathered on conditioner letting it sit in her hair before she made use of the scrub and luffa, a soft scent of cherries permeating the air. She rinsed everything off once she was done and stepped out of the shower wrapping the towel around her frame. She tried to peek in the mirror but the room was filled with fog making her scrunch her nose as she tried to wipe at it. A knocking suddenly sounded on the door, making her jump and clutch the towel. “Hey, its Vava, are you done in there? “ She went to answer and bit down on her tongue before she walked to the door and opened it. Both of Vava’s brows shot up and he gave a low whistle.” You sure know hot to cleanup good.” Glove blushed and picked up her clothes only to have Vava reach for the bundle in her hands. Glove shied away as he nearly touched her hands making him frown lightly “ Just sending them to the cleaners” He explained making her feel guilty as he probably thought she didn’t want him touching her stuff. She handed the bundle carefully before she slid the gloves back on earning a confused gaze from Kusha as Vava made his way up the stairs. “What’s with the gloves? “ He asked simply earning a light shrug from Glove. Sighing, he motioned for her to come over. “So, seeing the length of your hair, it’s a good thing we got you ready now, seems it’s going to take forever to do.” As he spoke, he took her elbow and let her back to the lounging area. “Don’t worry no one will be coming in.” He said before he dragged a white chair and set it before her. “Sit” He ordered so sternly she sat before even realising she had. Clutching the towel nervously, she watched as he walked to the couch and looked at her before moving a bundle of various cloths. For the next ten minutes she sat there in silence as he’d look at her then at something pensively only to shake his head and put it back down before he finally let out a soft gasp. “Oh thank the gods I did not know we had that!” Lifting what seemed to be black latex small enough for a child, he motioned for her to stand up before he held it before her and nodded. “ Boots is going to be green with envy tonight, all eyes will be on you.” He said softly as he smiled satisfied. “Ok off with the towel, on with the dress!” He exclaimed making Glove clutch the towel slightly tighter. Rolling his eyes, Kush leaned in and poked her nose. “Darling, I like men. Sure I can appreciate the curves of your luscious form but I still prefer having a strong bodied man in my bed. “With that Glove let out a clear laugh startling the silver haired boy, causing her to stop and bite her bottom lip. Raising a brow he leaned into her. “You sure you can’t talk woman? “ Glove bit her lip and averted her gaze as she nodded softly. Kusha stared at her a moment before he shrugged softly “ Your choice “ He said making her tilt her head as she wondered if he somehow had guessed she wasn’t really mute. Not wanting to attract more attention on the subject, she let the towel fall to the floor and stood in her naked glory in the middle of the room. Kusha gave her a once over a smile curving his lips. “Well aren’t you quite the blessed one, I’d kill for your leg darling.” He shook his head before he pushed the dress into her hands. “Come on, the dress won’t wear itself you know.” Blushing, Glove took the dress and began slipping it on, struggling as she reached her thighs and the skin tight fabric clutched at her skin. Letting out a soft sigh, Kusha slid behind her and with one pull forced the dress to slide up and over her firm butt. He helped her slip in her arms and began tying the laces at the back as Vava walked in. “ I found the sto…ckings.” Vava slowly said as his jaw dropped and he stared at her, making her squirm slightly as she tugged at the bottom of the dress. “” Good gods woman, you’re going to need an escort tonight.” He said as he walked around her. Wondering what the fuss was about she pointed at the mirror making both twins let out a firm “No.” She blinked and tilted her head, Vava chuckling as he explained. “Not until we are finished love.” With that said, Kusha finished with the laces and made her sit back down. Handing her a pair of fishnet stockings that stopped mid thigh, he motioned for her to put it on as he disappeared into the bathroom. By the time she finished, he had walked back out with an array of hair products.” I’m going to let Vava work his wonders and start getting ready myself.” He said kissing her cheek before he walked out. Vava smiled at her as he slid behind and gently began detangling her waist long hair.” Kusha is the stylist, I’m the hairdresser. I’ll make Boot’s curls fall flat in jealousy to the ones I’m going to give you.” The next hour was spent getting her hair pulled down way then the other, getting slightly burned by the curling if she wasn’t asphyxiated by hairspray. Glove was ready to fall asleep when Vava lightly nudged her shoulder. “I’ll do your make-up while the curls set in ok love” He said before he pulled another chair before her and searched through a bag for what he could use causing another half hour to pass by as he tweezed , painted her nails black and did her eyes and lips. Standing up, he removed the rollers from her hair causing her blood red mane to cascade down her shoulders in an array of thick silky curls. She looked up at him questioningly and he nodded though he kept a hand on her shoulder. “Shoes first then we are done. “ He said as he reached below the chair and pulled out a pair of caged leather boots. Glove bit her lip at the heels, not because she wouldn’t be able to walk in them, but because she was already towering over most of them without heels on. Tugging at the dress again, she let him slip on the two inch heels and strap them to her feet watching the intricate patterns the leather straps made. He patted her leg letting her know he was finished and she stood up walking towards the mirror with uncertainty.
Stopping before the mirror, Gloved gaped at the girl standing in it, the girl gaping back at her. She raised a hand to her red long curls laced with black and white stripes and the girl did the same. She studied the girl in the mirror slowly, trying to find any trace of the one Boots had affectionately called dumpster squatter. The girl that stood before her had a flawless olive complexion adorned with thick bouncing red curls that fell long below her shoulders and framed the delicate features of her face. No foundation had been used, but Vava had done wonders with the black kohl lining her eyes, making the almond shaped form even more pronounced so she would look more Asian than she already did, the black liner circling her eyes much like those of an Egyptian. Her lips were painted a red matching her hair and eyes which seemed to pop out at the effect. The dress was a wonder to itself as she ran her hands down her sides slowly. The black latex cloth hugged her curves, her breast well rounded and held up by the tight fabric. The dress covered her shoulders and collared her neck though it didn’t cover the area between her breast and neck revealing a sweetheart neckline which revealed the top of her mounds. A corset cinched at the waist and she turned around only to see the back was completely open all the way down to the soft curve right before her behind. The corset was held by laces that criss-crossed on her back, being the only piece of cloth covering it. The dress remained skin tight and stopped barely an inch after her butt, making it barely decent as she mentally reminded her self to be careful when she sat, not to flash anyone who would be standing in front or behind her. The stocking started about two inches below the dress, at mid thigh and the fishnet went all the way down to disappear into the shiny leather boots. Vava appeared beside her, arms folded over his chest a smirk dancing on his lips. “I’m good uh? “ He said with a cocky grin before he gave her a slap on the ass making her jump and squeal lightly. He chuckled and motioned to the door. “Ready for your grand exit? “ Glove shook her head making the curls bounce around and chewed her bottom lip. “Oh come on, they are going to love it. “ He said softly as he gently pushed her towards the door before he opened it and walked before her. Stopping at the top door he winked at her before he swung it open. “Be ready to be blown away boys!” He exclaimed before she hesitantly stepped forward, her hands folded before her as her gaze was on the floor. After a moment of silence she looked up to find Stapples, Pup, and Doc starring at her their mouths gaping in surprise. Kusha stood by the door, next to Vava arms folded over his chest as a smirk danced on his lips. “When your all done trying to catch flies, I think you’re making the young lady uncomfortable.” As though he had slapped them all, the three heads collectively turned to look at Kusha before the three men erupted in cahoots of whistles and claps. Pup, dressed in a pair of tight leather pants adorned with a black fishnet shirt and shiny black boots adorned with buckles that reached his knees, was as always, the first up as he walked to her and took her gloved hand and made her twirl around making her giggle softly as her blush deepened. “Good lord Glove, so that’s what you were hiding under all that filth. I’m so your escort tonight”. Pup said before he was shoved aside by Stapples who had his green hair falling to one side in a sleek straight do, a black buttoned up shirt held at the neck by a tie matching his hair. He wore black loose fitting pants and leather crocodile skin shoes with a green buckle on top. “No no, she’s coming with me, plus don’t you have that girl what’s her name, oh right Trisha waiting on you tonight?” He said with a feigned innocent smile. Pup glared at him and sat down a light pout curving his bottom lip. “Cockblocker” Was all he said causing a general laughter in the room. Doc rose, wearing his usual long black soft leather jacket over, well over nothing apparently as under the jacket his hard chiselled and broad chest was all she could see. His pants were just as tight as Pup’s and disappeared into similar knee high boots. Taking her hand in his he leaned down and kissed her knuckles. “I believe I’m the one who caught that fish. Making her, mine to take. “All rolled their eyes as Glove blushed and Kusha made a point of breaking the silence. “ I’m sure Boots will love that.” Doc side glanced sheepishly and gave a light shrug.””My lost then isn’t it. Then who shall escort this lovely creature?” Stapples was about to answer when a low husky voice no one had noticed was there sounded in the kitchen. “I am taking her. “ All blinked and slowly turned in direction of the voice, seeing Saw leaned against the second doorway looking at them his expression blank. Pup immediately stood up and Glove lightly took a step a back. “Sorry Doc, but hell no he’s escorting her.” Pup said in a no-business tone. Doc looked at Saw and raised a brow. “We will all escort her anyways. And, since when do you like her Saw? “He asked frankly the question hat was already in everyone’s mind. Saw gave a light shrug, causing his black silky hair to fall over the half opened white blouse he was wearing.” My business.” Was all he answered before he turned around and walked out. Glove took the time to look over his outfit, the white blouse tucked in his belt at the front and falling down below his behind at the back. He wore another pair of skin tight leather pants and a pair of boots which her artistically unlaced at the top as they reached mid leg.
Someone cleared their throat and Kusha and Vava turned to her at the same time before turning to Doc. “We will join you later.” They said in unison before disappearing down the stairs leaving Glove with the three men looking at her. Doc shook his head as he sat down and yawned lightly “I never would’ve thought all that was hiding under that sweatshirt of yours.” He said with a light chuckle, getting an approving nod from Stapples and Pup. Not knowing what to do, Glove leaned back against the wall and waited for them to tell her what to do. As they waited, Boots walked in, wearing a skin tight cat suit that hugged her generous curves. Glove slightly envied the girls heavy set breast and understood why Doc couldn’t keep his hands away. Boots was gorgeous. Simple as that. She had this luscious hour glass figure one could only get from genetics or surgery. Doc leaned down the petite woman and kissed her deeply to the point everyone else in the room looked away slightly uncomfortable. Groping Boots ass, he pulled back and cleared his throat. “Ready to go ya’ll? “” He asked as Boots looked over at Glove shock evident in her eyes though she kept whatever she thought to herself. Pup and Stapples each moved to a side of Glove offering an arm each. With a soft chuckle she took both their arms and they walked out to the main room before sliding the back door open and stepping out of the alley. It was night outside and Glove gave a light shiver at the fresh air, causing both men to lean in closer to her. “We’re walking cuz it’s at the next street “Pup explained as they walked looking like Goth-R-Us was having a meeting. Glove could hear the industrial music long before they approached the club, a line up going around the corner and farther she guessed. Glancing at Doc who was walking in front an arm lazily swung over Boots shoulder, she blinked as the doormen parted before the door letting them in before everyone else causing her to look at Pup questioningly, who in turn gave a shrug. “Don’t ask; just enjoy “He said before they entered the club, the music assaulting her ears as the strong mixture of perfume, cologne, alcohol and cigarette made her scrunch her nose. They walked to an unoccupied booth in the back and she slid in after Doc, Boots and Stapples, Pup sliding in next to her after. They each ordered a drink, Stapples ordering one for her as she continued glancing around at the thick crowd dancing in the middle part of the club. Doc was busy talking to some man she had never seen, Boots nestled in his lap and Pup had gone off to find that Trisha girl Stapples had talked about. Seeing the two of them remained unattended, Glove quickly downed the drink and motioned for a refill. Stapples chuckled softly and shook his head. “Careful, might drink more then you can handle Hun” He said as he watched her down the refill, her fourth glass already. Glove blushed and set the glass down folding her hand in her lap. After a few minutes nature called and she motioned Stapples to wait for her before she stood up and glanced around. He stood and tilted his head “bathroom? “he asked as she replied with a nodded before he pointed her in the right direction. Giving him a grateful smile, she began walking there shaking her head as his offer to go with her. She was just going to the bathroom, what was the worst that could happen right?
Wrong. No sooner had she formulated the thought that she was yanked into the crowd of dancers, unable to see anything but a mass of bodies writhing and dancing. She might be tall, but with the amount of people here, the thick smoke and flashing lights she barely could make out anyone. She looked down at the hand on her arm and followed it only to still and swallow the lump in her throat as she found herself staring straight into silver and purple eyes. Saw slid his hand down and pressed her body to his as his hand moved to her lower back keeping her firmly in place. Leaning in, he let his breath tickle her neck before he spoke slowly. “Aren’t you looking like quite the appetizer tonight”.
Glove shivered as she bit her lip and tried to pull back only to be held in by his stronger grip. “You’re not going anywhere seheru Ishtar” Somehow, something unlocked in her mind and she immediately knew what he had said, the language coming to her easily. She blinked and shook her head trying to move away. Saw was having none of it though and raised his other hand, slowly sliding it over the curve of her hips, his fingers moving up barely brushing over her breast before he wrapped his fingers around her slender neck. Applying little pressure, he forced her to tilt her head back before he leaned in and brushed his lips against hers. “Such a lovely temptation you are” he whispered against them, making her tremble ever so softly against him. Everyone around her was either too high or drunk to notice anything as he ran his hand around her neck and grasped a mass of curls tightly, making a muffled pained sound escape her before he captured her lips with his. Her eyes widened as their lips met before she closed them melting against his hard frame. Her fingers clutched at his shirt keeping him tightly pressed against her as her lips devoured his hungrily. Saw let out a soft possessive growl as he slid the hand in her lower back down to her ass, squeezing it before he pressed her against him hard enough she could feel the bulge in his pants. She couldn’t help the way her body reacted, pressing and moving against his till a soft sound escaped her lips as though her body knew his. Suddenly Saw broke the kiss and shoved her away, making her stumble back into a few people behind her who luckily didn’t seem to care. She looked up at him panting and flushed and most of all confused. He glared at her angrily and his hair fell before his face as he towered over her. “ Talk” He demanded and she almost did but caught herself quickly and shook her head. He let out a low growl and grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her hard enough her curls flew around her face. “What are you doing here? Who sent you?“ Glove let out a muffled whimper at the hold he had on her shoulders, his fingers painfully digging in. She looked up at him confused and his gaze seemed to soften for a moment before he kissed her savagely and shoved her away again this time walking away leaving her alone in the crowd.
Glove felt a pang , her right hand raising to rest above her still fluttering heart. Why did this hurt she wondered. He had been nothing but hateful since she had arrived and seemed to hold something against her. She blinked slowly, swallowing the lump in her throat before she moved off to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and the girl looked back at her. Something haunted the girl’s eyes and her bright red lipstick was smudged around her lips. Raising a shaky hand she wiped around her lips still a faint red tint lingering on her chin before she walked back to the small lounging area. Sitting down next to Stapples who was completely drunk dare she add , she palmed her chin and glanced around trying to see the tall raven haired man who confused her so well. “Watchu looking at?”Asked Stapples, pulling her out of her thoughts. She shrugged in answer and took a hold of his drink, downing it herself. She had been with them for a mere two days and already felt right at home; then again they had made her feel that way. The only stain in the picture was Saw. Granted it was a stain she found utterly irresistible as well as highly irritating. Glove suddenly blinked and tapped Stapples shoulder for his attention. She then pressed her hands together raising them to one side of her face motioning sleep then wrote a question mark in the air.” When are we going? “Stapples asked, to which she shook her head and drew a box hoping he’d get it. “Where?” he tried this time and she nodded quickly. “Right you fell asleep on the couch last night; well we all have rooms upstairs. Doc owns the whole building, how I don’t know, but I get a roof and a bed so I’m not complaining” He chuckled softly his words a slur before he leaned back in the couch and closed his eyes. Pup and Doc were nowhere to be found and she had glimpsed the twins in the crowd earlier. Sighing softly she resigned herself to ordering drink after drink, the task easily done without a need to speak. By the time Doc re-appeared, this time Boots not with him, Glove was seeing slightly blurred and had a hard time keeping her eyes open. “Let’s go kids it’s a quarter to four” Stapples surprisingly stood up pretty quick and offered her a hand, which she gratefully accepted. She stood up, only to stumble nearly falling to the ground if it wasn’t for Doc and Stapples catching her. “Damn girl, how much did you drink?” Stapples asked with a chuckle she only responded to with a shrug. They slowly made their way outside, Glove stumbling every few steps or so as she rubbed her temples lightly, Stapples hand around her waist to help her balance. After she stumbled for the fourth time, Doc chuckled softly and picked her up bridal style. “Poor Glove, gonna have to learn to keep up uh.” She nodded lightly before she buried her face in his neck falling asleep. “You try and keep up…” She whispered softly in her daze. Doc raised a brow as he looked down at her then looked at Stapples only to see the man hadn’t heard anything. He wondered if he had really heard her speak, which was ridiculous since she couldn’t talk and shrugged it away attributing it to his drinking. As they arrived back in the building, they this time used the front door. Doc handed Stapples the keys and they climbed up the stairs to the third and last floor. Everyone called it the dorms, since it pretty much felt like one. Everyone slept on the same floor and each decorated at their taste. Doc was some sort of foster father for street kids and young adults. Many he had taken under his wing had gotten better, but many also were lost on the way. But Globe, he didn’t want to lose, there was something about that shy girl he couldn’t quite put his finger on. First she packed way too much muscle and those eyes, just like Saw’s. He decided he’d wait till she came to him instead of pressuring her. It always seemed to work best. “ Open Sky’s old room since he never came back” He told Stapples who quickly complied opening the door revealing a black and light blue room. The walls were painted black with light blue drapes over the windows and behind the headboard of the bed. He carefully laid the sleeping Glove unto the plush bed and took off her boots before he slid her under the covers, sending Stapples to fetch a glass of water. He then walked out and shut the door behind him and Stapples letting her to rest.
Her eyes slowly opened as she heard the door shut and she reached for the glass of water taking a long sip. She then stood up holding her head and opened the door looking up and down the hall. A few doors were opened others closed music blaring from them. She needed to pee, and badly and had no clue where to go for it. Seeing an open door she glanced in and let out a soft relieved sigh seeing Stapples sitting on his bed, his back to the wall as he flipped through a comic book.. She knocked on the door frame and was greeted with a smile. “What’s up? Didn’t we just put you in bed?” She smiled sheepishly and glanced around before she spotted what she was looking for. Taking a pen and paper she wrote down ‘bathroom’. Smiling he nodded “Turn right out of here and its three doors down the hall.” She mouthed thank you and kissed his cheek before she walked out and turned right. As she got to the third door she hesitated. Had he said it was after the third door, or the third door? She chewed her bottom lip before she opened the fourth door.
Her eyes widened as she quickly realised she had opened the wrong door. “ Can’t fucking kno…” Saw started as he turned around and spotted Glove, who in turn backed away from the door and slammed it shut before she ran down the hall. Letting out a curse, Saw moved away from the woman’s embrace and called out for her to wait but she was already gone. Why of all the times she could’ve walked in, she had to choose the precise moment where he had a woman’s legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her. The girl glared at him for stopping and gave a pout. “ What? Is she your girlfriend? “ She asked earning a glare from Saw. “ No."

( Authors note: I sincerely apologize for any mistake in the text. I haven't had time to proofread this part because of work. If you find yourself having an issue with that, let me know i'll re-edit it. Thanks you for your comprehension and hope you enjoy reading Glove! )


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Aisha saintil Dupont.
Published on on 06/14/2011.


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